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God And Devil World - Chapter 1112


Chapter 1112: Strength!

The beautiful Mech spoke coldly, "It was your man who moved first . I acted in self-defense . He deserved it . "

Hearing those words, the entire party of experts from the Superhuman Alliance became enraged . While Jerry was not some good soul, his character dubious at times, but he was one of them, and had hunted numerous zombies and Mutant Beasts before . Now that he was killed off, and the other party seemed nonchalant, they were definitely angry .

Lehman stood forward and barked out while staring coldly at her, "Ma'am, this is not China, but America . You just killed our man on American soil, if you don't give a good explanation, we will not let this go!"

Right at this time, the door opened, and Yue Zhong stepped out, his gaze icy as he swept a glance over the American elites . He then challenged them, "Oh! Are you not going to let this go? How so?"

Seeing Yue Zhong, Lehman and the rest of the heroes all felt their hearts freeze a little, their courage dissipating in a flash . This man in front of them was practically a god, able to destroy an entire country by himself . Even the strongest, Lehman, could be killed in a single squeeze .

Lehman gathered his courage, and barked at Yue Zhong, "Mr . Yue Zhong, this subordinate of yours, just killed someone from our Alliance, indiscriminately! You have to answer for that . "

"Answer? What kind of answer are you expecting? I know what transpired earlier . She did nothing wrong . "Yue Zhong stared at Lehman coldly, as he exerted a powerful pressure towards him, his killing intent oozing . "I had passed the order, anyone who dares barge into the room is deemed as an enemy, and they are to be wiped out directly . Lehman, you allowed your subordinate to act so unbridledly, what thoughts do you have? Are you intending to perhaps, assassinate me, and affect the relationship between China and America? Killing the leader of a country is a heavy crime, even if I were to kill all of you as punishment, Taff would definitely not say anything . Since that's the case, let me help America clear you guys up!"

Hearing those words, the experts of the Superhuman Alliance tensed up in fear and were on the verge of attacking him . The first to attack would usually get the upper hand, if they waited for Yue Zhong to make the first move, they would all be dead .

Right at this moment, there was a clear, tense shout, "Do not move!!"

There was a strange energy to the voice, and it completely immobilized all the Americans at once .

Then, an incredibly se*y and beautiful woman dressed in military attire appeared, followed by 20 subordinates who were wearing nanomechanical armor .

That beauty saluted Yue Zhong, "I'm Revy, I'm incredibly sorry, Mr . Yue Zhong . This time, it was entirely our fault . Please forgive our mistake . "

Yue Zhong swept the military woman a look, and fell silent, as he eased back slightly on the pressure .

By now, the backs of the experts were all drenched in sweat . If Yue Zhong truly meant to kill them, there was no way they could retaliate . Furthermore, they knew that Taff would not hold it against Yue Zhong, after all, the difference in strength was too great .

Yue Zhong was silent for a while, before speaking slowly, "Alright, I'll let it slide . I do not hope for a second time . "

Hearing that, everyone immediately let out a breath of relief . There was no way they could muster any fighting intent under that pressure .

Revy then ease up as well, "Of course!"
She then asked respectfully, "Sir, today's the agreed date, have you made your preparations?"

"I'm done, who is going on your side?"Yue Zhong laughed lightly, as Floxenia, Gao He and Hai Mei stepped out from his room .

"What beautiful women!!"

"Holy shit!!"

". . . "

When the heroes of America saw Hai Mei, their eyes brightened up and began to discuss in small voices . After Hai Mei transformed her bottom half to that of a human, she looked like an incredibly alluring and attractive beauty, with an air of elegance and grace that was not commonly seen in most women, thus attracting their gazes .

"Look! The little girl by his side is truly beautiful as well, seems like he is really a lol*c*n . "
"Wa, the reports were real! He even brought such a loli with him . "

". . . "

The experts caught sight of Floxenia who stood beside Yue Zhong, and their eyes flashed strangely, yet no one dared to say anything .

Even Gao He was eyeing Yue Zhong strangely, "There's no one who is perfect . Even the best of heroes in history had their shortcomings, who knew the most powerful person on Earth was a lol*c*n?! I wonder how history would remember and judge him . "

Floxenia heard all of these and she smiled mysteriously, grabbing Yue Zhong's hands .

Revy quickly kept her thoughts, and introduced to Yue Zhong, "The 5 on our side are me, Lehman, Elisa, Eliza, and Agardi!"

Yue Zhong swept them a look, noticing that the other 3 were those he had seen before . Only Agardi was new . He was a burly and ordinary man, without anything special and he was at the Type 4 realm .

Yue Zhong had a powerful perception since he stepped into the Type 8 realm, and could tell a person's strength person's strength and weaknesses just by looking . Of the 5 America had sent, Revy and Lehman were at the Type 5 realm, while Elisa and Eliza were at the Type 3 realm . Agardi was at the Type 4 realm, and other than Revy and Lehman, there were easily other stronger experts .

"Alright, let's set off!"Yue Zhong did not say much, instead, he led them out .

As the group left the lavish hotel, the Protector Battleship soared above them, covering the skies as it descended .

A bright beam shone from it, shining upon the group .

With that, the entire party was beamed up into the battleship .

"What an amazing battleship! Why isn't it ours?!"
"That was so cool!! That beam used to exist only in the movies!! I won't get sick of it no matter how many times I see it!"

". . . "

The heroes below stared at the Protector Battleship in awe and envy .

Every single ship was like a huge floating fortress, with the ability to wipe out a hundred thousand foes . If America came to possess such a battleship, their forces would definitely rise in power .

After entering the Protector Battleship, Yue Zhong led the rest into a room, as he said, "Revy, this is your room, before reaching the Bermuda Triangle, please stay here and do not run around . This Battleship is one of our China's top secrets . If you guys run around, I cannot guarantee your safety . "
Elisa asked unceremoniously, "What if we want to bathe and use the toilet?"

Yue Zhong chuckled, "Everything you need is right in here . "
"Thanks!"Revy nodded and led Lehman and the rest into the room .

Yue Zhong suddenly asked, "Oh right, Agardi, what kind of a person is he? What powers does he have? Why would you bring him, Elisa, and Eliza to the Bermuda Triangle? With the dangers there and their strength, it would be hard to protect them . "

Revy smiled coyly, "Mr . Yue Zhong, everyone has their secrets . It isn't too gentlemanly of you to ask . "

With that, she quickly shut the door, evidently unwilling to answer him .

Yue Zhong chuckled, before bringing Floxenia and the rest into the control room .

As he sat down, he asked Floxenia, "Nia, what are they up to?"

She blinked and raised her cheek towards him, smiling cheekily, "Brother, kiss me, and I'll tell you . "

Yue Zhong stared blankly, before sighing helplessly, and pecked her on the cheek, "Is this fine?"

"En, hehe . "She revealed a satisfied expression, before scowling, "Brother Yue Zhong, those fellows are untrustworthy . They're trying to lay a trap for you . "

Yue Zhong laughed out, "Trap me? They don't have that ability . "

At the Type 8 realm, his body was even invulnerable to laser beams and all sorts of poisons . Even if he were caught in the middle of a nuclear explosion, he would be unharmed . He could not understand how the Superhuman Alliance would be able to harm him .


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