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God And Devil World - Chapter 1111


Chapter 1111: Conflict in the Hotel!

The Mermaid Queen saw her countless subordinates being reduced to dried corpses and let out a shrill screech of anguish and sorrow, her eyes turning red in fury, "NOOOO!!!"

The blood rain was like a death reaper, culling lives wherever it touched . Corpses piled atop one another, and the entire region started to look like a slaughterhouse .

She stared fixedly at Yue Zhong and cursed, "Human! Your means are so vicious, our Sea Clan will not let you off!! We will kill you!! We will kill your race!!"

Yue Zhong turned to look at her coldly, and sent a force to shake her brains and knock her out, at the same time, a Puppet Rune was imprinted onto her, "It's too late! You will never see that day, just become my slave obediently!"

After that, when she woke up, she stood beside Yue Zhong and saluted respectfully, "Greetings Master!"

Gao He, who was still safe within her bubble, eyed the ravishing and beautiful Mermaid Queen, her gaze filled with envy, "What a beautiful person!"

Gao He was a pretty outstanding teenage girl herself, and she had been proud of her looks . However, in front of this Mermaid Queen, she was astonished at the level of charm and grace .

Yue Zhong swept the Mermaid Queen a look, and gave her a random name, "I have a female maid from the Sea Clan by the name of Hai Lan, you shall be called Hai Mei then . "

She responded with a gentle smile, and nobody could have imagined that just moments ago, she had been baring her fangs at Yue Zhong .

Yue Zhong then asked, "I want to know, why would the Sea Clan choose to attack Shanghai now, as well as the plans for the future . "
Having been controlled, Hai Mei was fully submissive, and reported all that she knew to Yue Zhong, "Yes! Master . "

From her mouth, Yue Zhong obtained valuable information .

After the world changed, the Sea Clan had many intelligent species among them . The royal clan was the Mermaid Clan, they were naturally gifted and intelligent, without the need for males, and could continue their line . Furthermore, their offsprings were all females .

Within the seas, the Mermaid Clan had proliferated the fastest, with over 100,000 members . Their vassal forces had reached over a billion .

The first mermaid of the seas had been termed as the Sea God, and she had a boundless strength and all sorts of abilities . At the same time, she controlled many of the ancient weapons in the waters . She had been submerged within the deepest recess of the oceans, cultivating arduously, while authority was left to the 2nd in command, the Mermaid Empress of the Seven Seas .

It could be said that she was the true leader of the Sea Clan, wielding authority over the hundreds and thousands of mermaids, as well as the tens of billions of aquatic Mutant Beasts .

This time, with the Sea Clan ascending onto land, it was an objective of the Mermaid Empress . She intended to send her forces to attack China, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and many other Southeast Asian countries .

The warriors of the Sea Clan had powerful physiques and did not need any logistics or support, as they could easily consume the land Mutant Beasts . Thus, when they attacked, it was like a blitz operation, and extremely smooth . Had Yue Zhong not acted, Shanghai would have fallen .

There was an advantage that the Sea Clan had over the land races and species, it was that their Mermaid Empress could control high-level Mutant Beasts of the seas . Thus, Thus, they had hordes of sea Mutant Beasts attacking alongside them . If Yue Zhong had not taken risks along his journey to evolve constantly and reach the Type 8 realm, it would have been tough to deal with their numbers as well .

"The Sea God? I wonder just how strong she is . "Yue Zhong thought for a while, before his heart raced, "Hai Mei, where's the location of your temple of the Sea Clan? Based on the human map . "

As the Sea Clan were an intelligent species, they learned and evolved continuously . They had also absorbed countless human knowledge, forming their own culture . Because of this, they had far surpassed any other sea-related species, becoming a threat to humanity itself . As a nobility, Hai Mei possessed more knowledge than most humans .

Hai Mei furrowed her brows, as she sunk in thoughts, before confirming, "The location of the temple should be at the coordinates of the Bermuda Triangle . "
The moment Yue Zhong heard those words, he let out a long breath, his eyes flashing with a strange glint, "As expected!!"

Yue Zhong thought to himself, "Now I have to go back and make my preparations . This time, the journey to the temple, I definitely need Floxenia, Hai Mei, and Gao He . Only then would I be able to gain the most benefits . "

Floxenia had her mind-reading skills, in front of her, all schemes were useless . With her along, Yue Zhong would be able to see through others and plan or act accordingly . Hai Mei was a Mermaid Queen and knew things that they would not . Gao He had the ability to source for treasures, Yue Zhong was definitely bringing her along . After all, a strong treasure could affect a battle .

Having made his decision, Yue Zhong glanced at Gao He, before knocking her out . He then tore space and stepped right in .

Back in America, outside the suite that Yue Zhong was in, there were 2 female robots waiting outside . These were the prototypes of the Mech Empire . Unless they took off their outer covering, or one used the most advanced of scanners, there was no telling them apart from actual humans . . Their body warmth was incredibly life-like, they had the ability to eat, they would bleed when injured, and was almost no different from humans . These were the types of Mechs that the Mech Empire would send out as spies .

In front of them was the group from the America Superhuman Alliance .

Lehman spoke loudly, "The 2 of you, please step aside . I need to see Yue Zhong . We have not seen him for a few days, and today's the agreed date that we're setting off . Please allow me to meet him!"

One of the female robots, who had long black hair spoke coldly, "Leader had given his orders, without his orders, no one is to step inside . "

One of the Americans, whose hair was bright and colorful, and he wore a huge nose ring, leering provocatively, spoke out, "What a tone . We have already requested to speak to him, over these few days . Nicely, at that . Yet, he still remains cooped up? Furthermore, we have not seen him once . What if he had been assassinated by the 2 of you? It must be so, that's why you girls aren't allowing us in . "

Hearing those words, Lehman frowned, but he did not scold him . He was suspecting Yue Zhong of planning something .

Right now, Yue Zhong's position was indeed heavy, if he were a friend, they could relax and enjoy life . However, if he was a foe, they would have uneasy days .

Although China and America were still considered allies, there was no alliance set forever in stone . Hence, they were still wary of Yue Zhong .

The 2 robots continued to look cold, not saying anything, ignoring the man with the nose ring, as though he was air .

"Damn it, f*k off bitches!"The man with the nose ring became enraged, his expression savage when he saw them ignoring him, and raised his hands to grab hands to grab towards them .

Before the world end, he had been a hooligan, with a bad temper and he had been prone to fights . Furthermore, along with his journey, he had killed his fair share of enemies and became one of the alliance . Having earned some respect, no one else dared mock his past, and he became even more arrogant and overbearing .

Lehman's face fell, as his right hand shot out, intending to grab his subordinate, as he barked out furiously, "Jerry, no!!"

Everyone knew Yue Zhong's temper, and if they were to antagonize him, even the whole lot of them could do nothing if he were to go on a rampage .

The beautiful Mech frowned, and her hand burst out explosively, slicing into the chest of the man accurately, and pulling out his still-pumping heart in a split second .

Having lost his heart, the man's eyes were filled with fear and despair, as he felt the strength ebb out of his body . Under his frightened gaze, the Mech coldly clenched her hand, bursting his heart .

The other Mech then raised a quick bout of wind that blew the broken flesh and blood to a corner .

"Type 6?!"Lehman saw how easily the Mechs had dealt with the man with the nose-ring, and his face fell . Even someone as strong as him would not be able to deal with a Type 5 powerhouse that easily . Only a Type 6 expert could do so .

The 2 beauties guarding Yue Zhong's door was so savage and vicious, the rest of the American heroes were all fearful, not daring to step up to provoke them .

Lehman's face sunk and he spoke sternly, "Ladies! You just killed my men, aren't you going to give an explanation?!"


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