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God And Devil World - Chapter 1110


Chapter 1110: Boundless Rain of Blood!

At that moment when Yue Zhong sent out his Yin-Yang Palms, the atmospheric energy around was twisted and gathered around him . On his left, it was Yin, while his right held the Yang;one black, one white, forming a powerful palm that seemed capable of suppressing all 800 worlds, as it slammed into the thunderbolt .

With a loud bang, the huge pillar of lightning that was able to kill a Type 8 powerhouse was disintegrated . Yue Zhong's Yin-Yang Palm was also dissipated, and no party got the upper hand in this exchange .

"This beast is something eh?"

Yue Zhong swept it a look, his eyes cold, as he channeled his Shadow Steps and immediately, numerous afterimages appeared as he shot towards the Type 8 3-headed Wyrm Beast .

Another of its head opened its huge jaws and fired out icy shards and a snowstorm at the incoming Yue Zhong .
Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!
The sound of ice breaking rang out, as a huge ice beam that was easily over 2km wide appeared, enveloping all the shadows of Yue Zhong .

At that moment, it seemed as though he was trapped and frozen within the ice beam .

Seeing that, all the mermaids below and the Sea Clan Warriors erupted in cheers .

"Kill him!!"

"Kill that human!!"

"Kill him, don't leave him alive!"

". . . "

Yue Zhong was like a terrifying demon in the eyes of these Sea Clan soldiers, invincible and undefeatable . Even the most resolute of soldiers had felt fear and were shaken . Now that their Mermaid Queen had sealed him, they were naturally excited .


At the moment as they were whooping with delight, Yue Zhong sent out a fist, and the entire ice pillar was instantly destroyed, breaking into countless shards .

Even the ordinary Gao He was protected by a ball of atmospheric energy, sticking closely to Yue Zhong's back, with not a single scratch on her .

After reaching the Third Order God-Devil Body, Yue Zhong's blood had already transformed into a golden color, and he was half-god, impervious to weapons, and unaffected by the elements . Even the innate ability of a Type 8 3-headed Wyrm Beast was not enough to seal him completely .

Having punched his way out, Yue Zhong shot out and reached the Type 8 3-Headed Wyrm Beast, sending a powerful fist towards its head .

There was a deafening boom, as the beast sunk into the ground, spitting out a mouthful of blood and essence .

When Gao He saw this, she could not help herself as she cheered, "Good beating!!"

Yue Zhong split into many images, sending a flurry of fists onto the heads of the beast, rumbling like thunder .

In a matter of seconds, he had already punched out over a hundred times, with his terrifying strength, causing the entire body of the Type 8 Mutant Beast to tremble violently .

When he reached the 600th hit, the Mermaid Queen was forcibly separated from the Mutant Beast, her lower body covered in the blood of the beast .

When the Mermaid Queen was sent flying, Yue Zhong continued to smash the heads of the Wyrm-Beast, his devastating strength exploding out . It caused the heads of the beast to be beaten out of shape, as flesh and blood splattered everywhere until finally, a huge life force was absorbed into his body .

"How is this possible? The mighty 3-headed Wyrm Beast is dead!!?"

"Is he still human?! How could there be such a terrifying character?! Even the protector beast of our Sea Clan is dead!"

". . . "

When the Sea Clan warriors saw how Yue Zhong pummeled their protector to death, they were all stunned and fell into fear and despair .

The 3-headed Wyrm Beast was one of the most powerful trump cards of the Sea Clan . As long as it willed it, an entire tsunami capable of swallowing a continent could be raised . It moved about unhindered in the seas, and yet, such an existence was killed by Yue Zhong .

When he was done, Yue Zhong grabbed out at the air and caused the Mermaid Queen to be dragged once more in front of him .

He saw the tightly clenched sapphire in her hands, and with a wave of his own, he grabbed it, "Is this the treasure of the Mermaid Clan?"

When he held that Sea Emperor Sapphire, he felt a soothing gush of energy course through his body, nourishing him .

He took a careful look and noticed some engravings and runes on it . He just glanced at them and could already sense a powerful law of water within . Other than that, there was some other strange power contained within the runes .

He committed them to memory, "It seems that other than the laws and principles of water, there's something to do with merging with a Mutant Beast . "

With his evolution stage, his comprehension and intellect were much more powerful . Such a profound item would have been obscure to him at the Type 6 realm . At the Type 7 realm, he would be able to understand slightly . By the time he was in the Type 8 realm, he could easily understand the meaning behind the mysteries .

He then looked at it once more, understanding the usage more clearly, "Other than the runes, there's a pure energy amassed within, which I can absorb . "

Energy came in many forms . Lifeforce was the energy within a biological life form and was the best nourishment for evolution . Atmospheric energy was present, and most cultivators absorbed that, refining it to become their own . Other than that, there were items that condensed pure energy and collected them, to cultivators, such items were also rare and precious .


Under the anguished cry of the Mermaid Queen, Yue Zhong crushed the sapphire, and a huge, pure energy source streamed into his body .

The pure energy entered his body and constantly strengthened him . The sapphire had been containing a huge amount of energy, and it was enough to push him to the peak of the initial-Type 8 realm .

Currently, his strength was truly terrifying . Just that increase alone was a huge boost already .

"Her Majesty is captured by that human!!"
"Everyone attack!! Kill that man!!"

". . . "

The Sea Clan warriors began to surge forward bravely, even though they had been intimidated by Yue Zhong . For their Queen, they regained their senses and fought to charge forwards .

Yue Zhong swept them a cold look and sent out a casual palm, condensed of the atmospheric energy, which pressed down and crushed an entire area of them .
The deaths did not faze the rest, however, as more continued to surge towards Yue Zhong .

Yue Zhong frowned and ordered the Mermaid Queen, "Get your people to surrender, otherwise, I'll kill all of them . "

The Mermaid Queen stared hatefully at Yue Zhong, speaking in clear Chinese, "Even if all of them died, we will return to the sea's embrace! Every child of the Sea God will not fear death! Human! Our numbers are more than you can ever imagine, this time, it's only a small troop that accompanied me! Your human race would be the one to be wiped out in the end!! Our Sea Clan will be the true ruler of this world!!"

With their intellect, they were much stronger than humans as well, thus, they could easily pick up languages . The Mermaid Queen was already well-versed in 4 languages at the onset of the apocalypse .

"Good! Since you're not willing to submit, you can all go to hell . "

His gaze turned frosty and he pointed to the skies, as a blood radiance shot up, forming an insidious cloud .
When it took shape, the atmospheric energy began to gush into it, and suddenly, an evil, dark, and blood-filled stench filled the air, as blood-red fell upon the ground .

As the blood rain came in contact with a huge Mutant Lobster, it immediately began to corrode its back, entering its body and sucking it dry, before congealing into a small thumb size and flowed back to the blood cloud .

Just like this, countless Mutant Beasts were sucked dry of their blood, turning into corpses, as the blood cloud continued to rain and absorb the blood essences, becoming bigger as time passed .


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