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God And Devil World - Chapter 1109


Chapter 1109: 3-Headed Wyrm Beast!

After subduing the Zombie King in Shanghai, Yue Zhong then asked Gao He, "Gao He, are you able to discern the location those things that are beckoning to you?"

She closed her eyes and concentrated a while, before pointing to one direction where the Sea Clan was invading, "Over there, I can faintly sense something calling out to me . "

Yue Zhong swept the direction a look, and felt his heart shake slightly, "That direction, don't tell me it's the Sea Clan?"

With a thought, he brought Gao He with him as he shot towards the direction she pointed .

Along the way, Yue Zhong saw clearly the state of Shanghai, which had turned into a huge battlefield, covered with ice picks, thunderbolts, wind blades, poison blobs, and all sorts of innate abilities being thrown everywhere . The entire city was being leveled, turning into a wasteland .

Under the orders of the Zombie King, the countless zombies were clashing against the Mutant Beasts . At every second, there were many zombies being consumed or annihilated, but it was also the same case for the Mutant Beasts .

The 4 intelligent evolved zombies were incredibly smart, the moment they joined the battle, they quickly deployed their elite evolved zombies to wipe out the lower level Mutant Beasts . As for those above the Type 5 realm, they would let the ordinary zombies be sent as cannon fodder, saving their elite forces .

Under their lead, many Type 4 Mutant Beasts were wiped out by their units and turned into bones .

The flesh and blood of the high-level Mutant Beasts were powerful nourishment and evolution requirements for the zombies, thus, after the low-level zombies consumed the meat of the Type 4 Mutant Beasts, they quickly evolved and became stronger .

After consuming a number of Type 4 Mutant Beasts, the elite troops that the 4 intelligent commanders had grown larger .

Yue Zhong watched for a while, before moving on towards the direction of the main Sea Clan force .

As he got closer, on top of the 3-headed Wyrm that was like an island, was a beautiful Sea Clan Mermaid Queen . She stood atop a wave, a ruby-colored crown worn on her head, while her private parts were covered strategically by seashells . Her looks were absolutely stunning . She raised her head to stare at Yue Zhong coldly .

She then spoke out coldly, "Enemy attack!! From the skies!! Prepare to counter-attack!!"

Hearing the order, the numerous mermaid experts and their guards quickly rose their weapons as they eyed Yue Zhong, their killing intent billowing .

The peak-Type 7 3-headed Wyrm also raised its heads, all 6 eyes shining viciously, locking onto Yue Zhong .

The mature Mermaid Queen eyed Yue Zhong and screeched out, "Attack!!"

Under her orders, all her subordinates began to display their strongest trump cards, throwing their attacks into the skies .

One weird monster opened its huge jaws and fired out a thunderbolt towards the skies .

Another whale-head Sea Clan warrior threw the hammer he was wielding at Yue Zhong .

One of the warriors, which had a swordfish head, and a body full of spikes, started to fire the spikes on his back into the skies .

All sorts of attacks were thrown and cast at Yue Zhong, forming a myriad of colors through the skies, completely sealing any possible route of of escape .


Yue Zhong just swept them all a cold look, and slapped out downwards, causing a huge source of energy to condense and blast out at the parties below .

The countless attacks of the Sea Clan were immediately destroyed, while the huge energy hand continued to press downwards, instantly turning 10,000 soldiers and their Mutant Beasts into a paste .

Seeing that, the Mermaid Queen's countenance ugly, "Strong!"

She was strong and had reached the peak of the Type 6 realm . However, in front of Yue Zhong, she could easily be slapped to death . She was filled with dread towards Yue Zhong .

When Gao He saw the Mermaid Queen, her eyes brightened, and she quickly pointed, "It's on her! There's some treasure on her! I can sense it calling out to me . "

"Come over!"

In mid-air, Yue Zhong executed his Dragon-Catching Claws, and a powerful force congealed, grabbing towards the Mermaid Queen in a tyrannical manner .

There were easily over a million troops of the Sea Clan that had ascended onto land, and even in the face of such numbers, Yue Zhong passed through easily and grabbed their leader . It was overbearing and domineering .

The further one got in the evolution journey, the stronger, when Yue Zhong had been at the Type 7 realm, he was still wary and cautious, not daring to go against a million enemies . However, since he reached the Type 8 realm, his control and strength of the atmospheric energy had gotten more than 10 times stronger . It was enough to let him kill his way through an army as he pleased, and wipe out the leader of another species .

When a biological life form reached the Type 8 realm, there would be a heaven-shaking change . A single Type 8 could wipe out an entire race . Of course, if it truly came to that, it was unlikely that the entire race would be eradicated, as there would be some that slipped past .

Against that attack by Yue Zhong, the Mermaid Queen's face fell, as she opened her lips and shot out a blue light towards the sky .

The other mermaids beside her also quickly spat out dragon-shaped energy as well .

The numerous blue lights congealed together and formed into a blue pillar that slammed against Yue Zhong's attack .

With a loud bang, the blue pillar was dissolved as the numerous mermaids spat out blood, crumpling to the ground, but they were successful in blocking Yue Zhong's dragon-shaped force .

Yue Zhong watched in shock, "Ah? Interesting!"

In front of Yue Zhong and his Third Order God-Devil Body, these ordinary mermaids were like ants . To think that these 10,000 of ants could actually withstand a hit from him, their innate abilities were truly amazing .

Whereas Yue Zhong, who had walked to his current position through countless arduous steps, no longer had to be afraid that he might lose his life in a moment of carelessness .
The Mermaid Queen eyed Yue Zhong, her face pale . She gritted her teeth and pulled out a huge blue pearl from her bosom, "No, he's too strong! Seems like I need to use the Sea Emperor Sapphire!!"

The Sea Emperor Sapphire was one of the secret legacy treasures of the Sea Clan . On Earth, the surface area of water was much larger than that of land, and there were countless hidden secrets of the seas .

After the world changed, the Sea Clan emerged, and in these few years of development, they had quickly expanded through the various hidden corners of the waters, pulling out countless treasures .

This Sea Emperor Sapphire was one of such treasures, possessing a terrible might .

The Mermaid Queen bit her tongue and spat out a mouthful of fresh blood on it, causing it to radiate in a blinding light, which then caused her and the Sapphire to merge into the 3-headed Wyrm .

After they merged, the aura of the Mutant 3-Headed Wyrm shot up insanely, breaking past the Type 7 realm, reaching the Type 8 realm . At the same time, a pair of powerful wings formed and unfolded in a swish . There was a final tremble on its forehead, as the top half of the Mermaid Queen emerged .

Yue Zhong stared at the monstrous entity that was formed, his eyes narrowing, "A Type 8 Mutant Beast, and its aura is even stronger than that of the Wyrm-Crocodile King! Is this the power of a Sea Clan's Treasure? Truly something good!!"

Even if the Type 7 beast was of the Wyrm-race, Yue Zhong was not too worried, as his current strength was enough to deal with one . However, a Type 8 beast was different . If he was not careful, he could perish .

Once the Type 8 Mutant Beast formed, one of the Wyrm heads opened its mouth, and fired out numerous thunderbolts at Yue Zhong .

The lightning forked out over a kilometer, dancing wildly in the sky, as though the lightning god himself had descended . If a Type 8 beast was struck by this, it would be injured or even killed .

"Break for me!"

Yue Zhong frowned, and finally got serious, as he bellowed out and fired out his Level 6 Yin-Yang Palm .


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