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God And Devil World - Chapter 1108


Chapter 1108: Subduing the Zombie King!

Upon seeing Yue Zhong, Bai Xiao Sheng immediately saluted him, "Leader!"


The rest of the military officers behind also stood up to salute, eyeing him with an excited look of reverence .

Yue Zhong had built the entire state up from nothing and was the number 1 expert on Earth . He was also the protector of China, thus, there was nobody in China that did not know of him .

Many of the military officers had been in half-doubt of his strength, thinking that there were areas that were definitely exaggerated . However, today, they've seen for themselves, that he was easily a hundred times stronger than what the rumors said . They had seen how he took out over 10,000 zombies in a single slap . With such a strength, he was already on par with the gods and devils of the myths and legends .

With a thought, Gao He's mother was sent to Bai Xiao Sheng, "Go get your men to cover the survivors as they retreat . The Sea Clan has already invaded Shanghai . This place is no longer safe . Bring her to the headquarters as well . "

Gao He's strength was incredibly precious to him, and he needed to protect her mother . Only like this, would Gao He be willing to work hard for him .

Bai Xiao Sheng had a complicated gaze as he replied, "Yes!"
After that, he took a step into the air and soared towards the deeper parts of Shanghai .

Bai Xiao Sheng watched him go, his eyes flashing with hints of jealousy, envy, and regret . When they had first met, their strengths were on a similar level . Furthermore, as Bai Xiao Sheng was a natural Evolver, he was even more talented than Yue Zhong . However, in just 2 years, the distance between them had been pulled apart . Yue Zhong could easily flatten him in a single slap . As one of his closest aide and friend, watching Yue Zhong grow step by step, there was a hint of a loss and confusion in his mind .

He took a deep breath, his eyes turning resolute, and he ordered, "Retreat immediately!"

With that, the armed elites quickly pulled out of the frontlines .

The Type 7 sentient Mech that had been kept was finally deployed for the fight back home . It quickly charged through the zombie horde, slaughtering the zombies like it was nothing, even the Hunters, Devourers and the L6s . Such evolved zombies would have posed a problem for most human elites, but against the Type 7 sentient Mech, they were culled like pigs .

In mid-air, Yue Zhong watched Bai Xiao Sheng command his troops and he nodded with satisfaction, "Good! His commanding ability has improved by leaps and bounds!"

Although Yue Zhong was invincible on Earth, there were many things that needed his subordinates . Otherwise, he alone would be pushed beyond exhaustion . Bai Xiao Sheng had been his trusted aide for so long and was one of those he had groomed for a long while .

"Now, it's time to handle Shanghai!"

Yue Zhong retracted his gaze, and with a thought, he sent his perception to cover the entirety of Shanghai .

Everything within the city was soon in his sight, and he could sense every single zombie, their weaknesses, the direction they were moving towards, and even the savage visages . Everything appeared to him clearly .

"Found it!"Yue Zhong's eyes flashed, and he stepped through the air, bringing Gao He with him as he shot towards the city .

Yue Zhong could make use of the Radiant Battleship to appear anywhere on Earth . However, there was a process to it . He had to first step through the void back into the Radiant Battleship, and then make use of its ability to transcend space, before appearing back out of the void . However, since he was not familiar with Gao He yet, he did not want to reveal his biggest secret to her .

The Radiant Battleship was something he had hidden for so long . It was a Gold-Grade treasure, if any other Type 9 powerhouse were to know that he had such a precious treasure, they would go crazy and go to all means to kill him .

Not long after, Yue Zhong appeared on top of a building, which looked lavish and beautiful . He then sent a fist into the glass, causing it to shatter into the building itself .

At the peak of the building, there were 3 men in suits, holding glasses of human blood, sitting casually on a sofa . Beside them, there were 8 beautiful human girls in their teens . Opposite them, there was a lady whose skin was as white as milk, her long black hair lush and glowing, and she held up a glass of blood as well . In front of her, there were 3 handsome young men as well .

At the moment the glass shattered from the roof, all 4 intelligent evolved zombies quickly jumped up, their bodies taut, staring fixedly at Yue Zhong, maintaining their guard .

The leader was a burly man with short hair, and he spoke up, "Who are you?"

Yue Zhong floated down like a heavenly being, eyeing them with a condescending gaze as he ordered coldly, "Are you the Zombie King of Shanghai? I'm Yue Zhong, here to subjugate all of you today . Kneel, and swear loyalty to me . I can spare you . Otherwise, all of you will become my puppets!"

To think those years ago, Yue Zhong had been just an ant-like existence in front of these zombies . However, he could now view them with disdain . Even if they were already at the Type 6 realm, he had nothing to fear .

The Zombie King was a savage and cruel existence . The moment he heard the haughty tone from Yue Zhong, he exploded with anger, "Preposterous!! Human, you're the most arrogant human I have met yet! Everybody, attack him together! Once we capture him, I will let him have a taste of an unending world of pain . I will suck his blood and turn him into my slave!!"

In the midst of his shouting, his body began to split apart, as countless black thread shot out from him, forming into 8 blades . One blade-like tail also shot out from his back . His mouth then tore open, revealing sharp teeth . In an instant, this handsome Zombie King of Shanghai had turned into a morbid creature that looked like a killing machine .

The other 2 also began to transform, one turning into a giant of about 3m in height, his muscles powerful and taut, while the other transformed into a strange creature with an octopus head, 10 long and slender tentacles and 4 main thick limbs .

The beauty in black leather transformed into a female ape with powerful limbs and muscles, as well as breasts the size of basketballs .

The moment they completed their transformations, which took barely a second, they had all charged towards Yue Zhong .

The Zombie King leaped up to the ceiling, rushing towards Yue Zhong .

The tentacle monster shot out its tentacles, routing past the other 2 charging zombies, intending to pierce towards Yue Zhong from his blind spots .

Although the 4 of them looked hideous, their combat abilities were truly heightened . If they were successful in their attacks, even an initial-Type 7 expert might fall .

"Too weak! Kneel!!"

Yue Zhong swept a gaze, and his eyes flashed with a cold glint, as he slapped out mercilessly .

Immediately, a huge palm made out of energy slammed towards all 4 of them .


At that moment, all 4 zombies were pressed to the ground by the energy-formed palm, unable to move .

Yue Zhong then pointed at them, as 4 bullets of energy shot into their heads, knocking them out .

He then followed up with 4 Puppet Runes that soared into their consciousness .

The next moment, they woke up and returned to their human forms, kneeling and declaring, "Zhuo Zhan Wang (Liu Yi Ping, Qián Rú, Wèi Hé) greets Master!"

Gao He saw how easily Yue Zhong had suppressed them, and her idolization towards him deepened yet again, "Such powerful methods! This man is truly formidable!"

Yue Zhong ordered, "Go gather all your forces, attack the Sea Clan, and do not let them get into Shanghai, understand?!"

All 4 of them nodded, "Yes! Master!"

The strength of the Sea Clan was too mighty . If Yue Zhong wanted to stop them from embarking on land, he had to spend some time here . However, he was reluctant to . That was why he chose to control the zombies and get them to mobilize their troops .

The moment all 4 evolved intelligent zombies gave the command, the entire zombie horde within Shanghai charged out at the Sea Clan . Although the Sea Clan was much stronger, they were impeded and their rate of advanced slowed down considerably .


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