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God And Devil World - Chapter 1107


Chapter 1107: Killing Human Scum!

As the world changed, the entire Earth began to change . Many talented and gifted humans managed to awaken their abilities even without the System . These were the natural ability-users and Evolvers . Many of their abilities were rare, even Yue Zhong had hoped for one .

For example, while Floxenia's mind-reading ability might not be as useful in battle, it was something Yue Zhong wanted sorely . If he could possess such an ability, he could easily figure out who was lying to him, and not be paranoid leaving assignments to them .

When the young woman was looked at by Yue Zhong, she felt a tremor in her heart and lowered her gaze, "I'm called Gao He, I'm an ability-user . It's called Treasure-hunting Skill . I can always send some strange force beckoning to me . However, since I've not seen a treasure before, I don't know if my ability is real or fake . "
Gao He might be an ability user, but she was more of an auxiliary type, If she relied on her direction and strength to wade through the difficult areas, she would likely die . She had kept her powers under wraps for so long, only after meeting Yue Zhong did she reveal her powers .

Wei Sheng heard the words of Gao He, and was filled with an endless rage, "Treasure-Hunting Skill!! Damn it!! This damn bitch, actually keeping it from me!! If I had known about this long ago, I would have been even stronger than Yue Zhong! Damn it! Damn it!!! Bitch!"


Yue Zhong eyed Gao He with appreciation, and never thought that there would be such a surprise from his random saving .

To most people, such a skill was worth nuts, because, in most places where treasure could be found, there usually were powerful Mutant Beasts guarding . Even if they did discover it, they had no way of retrieving it .
However, Yue Zhong was different, with his Type 8 strength, other than a few Type 9 powerhouses that could kill him, it was easy for him to take the items .

Yue Zhong laughed out in satisfaction, and looked around at the survivors, "Very good, let me ask you all . Is what Gao He say the truth? The crimes of Wei Sheng and his men, did those things happen?"

When Wei Sheng and his men heard this line of questioning, their faces fell . However, before they could make any response, a powerful energy came pressing down on them, forcing them to the ground as they gasped for breath, not able to move .
One emaciated man with a balding head, his entire body emitting a powerful stench, and his chin covered in a stubble, came out unsteadily, before kneeling in front of Yue Zhong . He then cried out, "Sir, Wei Sheng, and his men are all scums!! My son, my precious son!! He was taken away by them and tortured to death!! Sir, you must help seek redress!!"

Yue Zhong nodded, and eyed the rest, "I got it, if what you said is true, I will seek justice for you . Is there anyone else?"

"Sir!! My niece was taken away by them and tortured to death as well!! These bunch of scum!! My niece was only 11!! Sir, please, please!!! Kill them!! Kill these bastards!!"

". . . "

Seeing that Yue Zhong had agreed to settle their grievances, the survivors could not hold back their emotions and pent up anguish as they came forward, pointing and revealing all the misdeeds of the militants .

As Wei Sheng and his men heard it, their expressions turned pale . They had indeed gone on in their sick methods for far too long . Numerous men and women had died as a result . In the past, the survivors dared not say anything due to their power, but now, with Yue Zhong's backing, they were venting out every single thing they can remember .

Hearing the accusations of the survivors, Yue Zhong frowned and barked out, "Enough!"

His voice was like the rumbling of thunder, as the survivors were all stunned momentarily, and ceased their chatter .

"Now, as per your accusations, I judge Wei Sheng and his men guilty as charged, the penalty is execution, and it will be delivered, at once . "

With that, he slapped out, and a huge atmospheric energy gathered, transforming into a huge hand that slammed downwards at all of Wei Sheng and his men, turning them into meat paste in one slap .

In a breath, 200 men had been flattened by Yue Zhong . Seeing such a horrific scene, the survivors were all filled with fear towards Yue Zhong .
Killing 200 people with a single slap . Such a move was basically out of the knowledge of ordinary humans . It was practically equivalent to God .

All of a sudden, there was a scream from a man as he ran and sobbed, "Help me!!! The zombies are coming!! The zombies are coming!!"

At that moment, a few S5s were already gaining on the men, about barely 10m away .

Seeing the savage and vicious S5s, many survivors felt despair, and their bodies turned around to flee .


Yue Zhong shot the S5s a look and pointed at them, as a powerful bullet of energy shot through space, and slammed into the group of them, turning them into meat paste .
After that, Yue Zhong waved his hands and 200 humanoid combat Mechs appeared .

"All of you listen up, these robots will guide you to a safe place . If you want to live, follow them . "

Yue Zhong swept them one final look and did not care further, as he wrapped up Gao He and her mother while charging towards the zombies .

From the robots, a melodious and sweet female voice sounded, "Please come with us, we will bring you to a safe place . "

Having witnessed Yue Zhong's various means, the survivors exchanged looks, before following the robots towards the designated space .

Among the survivors, many of the female survivors looked at Gao He and her mother, their eyes filled with envy . They knew that the safest place was being beside the god-like Yue Zhong .

Gao He followed beside Yue Zhong as she squirmed about, her eyes filled with wonder, "I'm flying!! I'm actually flying!! This is amazing!!"

In her eyes, Yue Zhong was not a bad guy, since he had killed the 200 militants . She was not afraid of him at all and experiencing flight only made her more excited .

On the flip side, Gao He's mum was extremely guarded and viewed Yue Zhong with wariness and fear .

In a few breaths, Yue Zhong was already above the huge horde .

When the zombies below caught the scent of Yue Zhong, the various H2s, H3s, and H4s began to step out and opened their mouths to fire out at him .
In a breath, a large number of fireballs blasted towards him .
Faced with such an assault, even a Thunder Fighter would be blasted into smithereens .

Gao He looked at this and turned pale, as she pale, as she screamed out in fear, "Ah!!"

"Get lost!"

Yue Zhong eyed the incoming fireballs, and his eyes flashed with a chilly glint . He slapped out, as a huge palm made out of energy condensed, and slammed downwards as though Buddha himself had just sent out a palm .

When the fireballs came in contact with that hand, they were extinguished immediately .

After that, the hand slammed into the ground, directly wiping out 10,000 zombies just like that .

Gao He turned to stare at Yue Zhong in shock, as her mouth hanged agape, her gaze filled with reverence and adoration, "Strong!! This man is so powerful!! Could he be a deity or a godsend?!"

Among the 10,000 zombies, there were even L2s, L3s, and L4s . Gao He had seen her fair share of those . The militants had trouble dealing with those types . Yet, they were so easily vanquished by Yue Zhong, hence, his power was apparent .

After slapping the 10,000 zombies to death, Yue Zhong waved his hands, and numerous Mech Beasts appeared . Under Bai Yi's control, they formed a mechanical tidal wave that crashed towards the zombie horde .

Yue Zhong had obtained a large number of resources from the Mech Empire City, and they were the best means to deal with these low-level zombies .

Yue Zhong had no interest in wasting time with these zombies . At his current stage, even if he were to wipe out 100 million zombies, the life force absorbed would not be enough to raise a single tier . It would be a waste of time .

After holding down the fort, he then stepped through the air, and in a few moments, he appeared beside Bai Xiao Sheng .


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