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God And Devil World - Chapter 1106


Chapter 1106: Suppressing the Chaos!

The armed militant cursed out loud, "Damn it! Scram the hell away! Otherwise, your father I will execute you!!"
The woman, who had disheveled hair and tattered clothes, began to kowtow profusely as she stammered while retreating, "Yes!! Yes!! I'll scram now, I'll scram now!!"

"Wait a minute!

The militant caught sight of her figure, and his heart skipped a beat . He shot forward and grabbed her hair, revealing a beautiful face underneath that hair . Although her expression was contorted from the pain, one could tell she was an extremely beautiful lady .

The militant had a savage look just then, as he laughed out maniacally, and pulled the beauty towards his hip, "Haha! Not bad! I'm lucky, to actually chance upon such a high-quality babe . I can let Boss and the rest have some fun! Follow me, otherwise, I'll kill you!"

On the other side, a 16 or 17 year old girl rushed out, grabbing the militant's hand, as she screamed out, "Let go of my mum! Let go of my mum!"
The militant laughed out savagely, grabbing this girl as well, dragging both mother and daughter towards the jeep, "Haha, my luck is good! I caught the old one, as well as the young one!"

No matter how much the 2 women struggled, they were weak and undernourished, there was no way they could get out of the grip of the Type 2 divine Warrior .

There was a tear in the space all of a sudden, and Yue Zhong stepped out, seeing the 2 women struggling . He frowned and pointed out with his finger, sending a bullet of energy slamming into the body of the militant . The unfortunate fellow spat out a mouthful of blood, stumbling back a few steps, and crumpled to the ground .

Another militant's expression turned dark, as he roared out, "Open fire!! Kill that man!!"

Immediately, a number of militants charged out from their jeeps, aiming their weapons at Yue Zhong and firing wildly .

Yue Zhong frowned, and with a thought, he summoned an energy shield in front of him, causing the bullets to deflect off it .




Seeing the bullets bouncing off thin air, the militants all revealed fearful expressions, turning around and fleeing towards the distance .

"Want to flee? Go to hell!!"Yue Zhong shot them a disdainful look, and his fingers extended once more, causing the bullets hanging in mid-air to shoot towards the militants .

In an instant, the militants all had their heads exploded in a shower of blood, as they crumpled to the floor .

Seeing how Yue Zhong managed to take out the militants in a mere second, the mother-daughter pair brightened up, their gazes filled with reverence .

"What a mess! What's going on?"

His perception then swept outward, and he could sense the ongoing situation within a 10 li radius . He could clearly feel the huge group of survivors fleeing in panic, stepping over themselves, while 3 S6s were killing the fleeing humans, causing even more fear and chaos .


Yue Zhong grabbed out at the air, and 3 claws made up of atmospheric energy caught the 3 S6s . He then clenched his fist, and the 3 S6s were crushed instantly, as they turned into a pile of bloody meat that fell to the ground .

"Stay right there!!"

Yue Zhong eyed the chaos, the 5,000 survivors running around in panic, and he frowned . He then let out a roar of rage, his terrifying Type 8 pressure blasting outwards, directly stopping the fleeing people in their tracks .

Yue Zhong's voice was imbued with his will, and it struck the ears of those humans .

Hearing that shout, the survivors immediately stopped where they are, their heads felt like splitting .

From a sky view, with just that one bark, all the 5,000 survivors stopped completely, as though they were soldiers that had undergone the toughest of training .

Boss Wei sat in the jeep and was also affected by the roar . His body was almost rendered immobile . By the time he regained his sense, his face was pale, "What a terrifying strength! Is this the might of the peak expert of New China? He's too overpowered!! How could humans reach such a stage? If we were caught by him, only death awaits us!"

Yue Zhong's appearance caused Boss Wei and his men to be frightened . They quickly urged their jeeps further away . Currently, there were about a few kilometers between them and Yue Zhong, thus they were hoping to escape out of this .
Yue Zhong swept the militant group a cold look, as he sneered, "Still thinking of running? Truly stubborn, get out for me!!"

With a thought, a huge and powerful atmospheric energy shot towards them, directly sweeping up all 60-odd jeeps and brought them in front of him .

"So strong!!"Seeing such a miraculous scene, the faces of the survivors below were filled with shock .
Yue Zhong swept the militants a cold look as he barked out, "Get out!"

Although he was still unclear about what had happened, he knew one thing for sure, these militants who had abandoned the survivors and tried to flee for themselves were not good people .
Hearing that order, many of them turned pale, choosing to exit their vehicles orderly .

In the jeeps, other than the militants, there were a number of women, each of them beautiful and alluring . However, their eyes were filled with fear and despair, and they did not say a word .

Yue Zhong swept them a gaze, "Who is the leader here?"

All of them fell silent, but their gazes fell upon Boss Wei .
Left with no choice, he quickly walked out of the group, his face wearing a fawning smile, "This big brother here, my name is Wei Sheng . Please pardon me for not recognizing you . How do I address you?"
The killing intent within Yue Zhong surged out, "I'm Yue Zhong . Was it you who ordered the survivors to be pushed out of the underground city?"

Wei Sheng waved his head hastily, as he tried to explain, "No! It wasn't me!! There was a small radical faction that had appeared in our troops, and they took it upon themselves to push the survivors out! I had not known of it at that time, and by the time I did, it was too late . too late . I can't do anything to the zombies, under such circumstances, I could only choose to flee . I admit that it was not the best way of handling things, and I'm willing to apologize to everyone . "

In a few breaths, Wei Sheng had shifted all blame to the imaginary faction he created .

He suddenly had a flash of insight, and started to put on a look of reverence, expressing his loyalty, "Oh yes! Yue Zhong! You are Leader Yue Zhong, the new leader of China right?! That's great, I can finally see you in person!! It truly is an honor! I'm willing to lead my 200 subordinates to join your cause, and submit to your orders! Please take us in!"
When Yue Zhong heard this, he fell into silent contemplation . If what Wei Sheng said was true, he truly was not responsible . Furthermore, if his troops were to join his army and undergo training, it would be an added boost .

Seeing how Wei Sheng had changed his tale and choose to become Yue Zhong's subordinates, the survivors who wanted to say something kept silent . Wei Sheng had vicious methods, and they were not willing to risk their lives .

At this time, the young lady who Yue Zhong had saved broke out from her mother's grasp, and came up to Yue Zhong, "Leader Yue Zhong! You cannot keep him! He's a bad man! He has killed many!! Many of our past survivors had been executed under his orders . He and his subordinates, they had all killed! These are all we have left because of them!! They're all evil!!"

Wei Sheng broke out in cold sweat, "No, Leader Yue Zhong, don't believe her!! That's just her word against mine!! We had not killed, you must believe us!"

Yue Zhong was not interested, however, as he fixed his gaze upon the girl and asked, "Are you a natural gifted person? What's your ability?"

His might was nearing that of a God, and he could sense a strange power within this girl in front of him . It was something rare, unlike those he had seen before .


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