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God And Devil World - Chapter 1105


Chapter 1105: Chaos!

On top of a tall building about 500m away from the battlefield, a dozen militants were laying prone, looking out into the distance .

One of them, who had tanned skin, his face looking weathered, saw the elite Central Army and was filled with shock . He could not help but curse, "Damn, those fellows have really good equips . "
Another young man, who had dyed blond hair, and wore tattered clothes, leaving his torso bare, had a look of fear, "Yea, The L3s could defend against the heavy machine guns, and grenades, yet these soldiers can tear them apart so easily with their weapons . What the hell is up with those weapons?"

These militants had relied on their equipment obtained from border-troops from prior to the apocalypse and thought that they were capable of conquering the whole of China . However, upon seeing the weapons of the Central Army, their weapons felt like useless bats, and all of them were like bumpkins .
One ugly and angry-looking man turned towards a middle-aged man beside him, who was muscular and handsome, wearing a suit, with an overbearing look, and said, "Boss Wei, if they could take out those zombies, and come into our base, we would fall under their control . At that time, our lives and deaths will be at their mercy . "

Hearing those words, many of the militants fell silent and looked towards Boss Wei .
These militants were his subordinates, following him as ran amok within the 5,000-strong base . They did as they pleased, and harmed many women . If their crimes were brought to light, they would definitely not be let off .

There was a savage glint in Boss Wei's eyes, "What do we do? Liang Ban, if our deeds were made known, dying 10 times would not even be enough . Since we're already forced to a corner, the only way is for us to sneak off when they're focused on the other survivors!"

As these militants thought to the people they have tortured and killed, and the bones collected within a warehouse, their hearts turned cold . They were resolute in following their Boss Wei, quickly returning to the base .
There were many structures in Shanghai . The terrain was complicated, and hard for a whole army to move, however, a dozen experts could still move quickly .

The change in the world was coming to its third year, and the powerhouses that had been fighting the evolved zombies and Mutant Beasts constantly had all evolved to the Type 2 or Type 3 divine Warrior realm . Many of these militants were at the Type 3 realm, and their Boss Wei was a Type 4 divine Warrior . He was strong and thus could control his subordinates .

When their group reached the base, they quickly chased all the 5,000 survivors out .

Under the urging of the 200 militants, the 5,000 survivors were rushed out, carrying their belongings, some food, looking extremely emaciated .

One bespectacled guy who looked bookish, kneeled on the ground as he pleaded bitterly, "Please, don't chase us away . Let us stay here!! There are so many zombies out there, we will definitely die! I'm begging you, please let us stay!!"

Right now, all around the city center of Shanghai, there were many evolved zombies . Following the passage of time, even the most ordinary zombie had a speed that was not slower than a human, if they were to be surrounded by the zombies, there would not be many left alive .

As time flowed, the rate of evolution was becoming faster . Humans could handle ordinary zombies in the early onset of the apocalypse, taking them out with a wooden bat, even handle more if they were brave enough . However, now, most ordinary survivors would lose in a 1-on-1 fight, only the special forces, martial artists, and usage of weapons could deal with a zombie .

The sense of smell and hearing was acute for the the zombies . With the scent of these 5,000 living people, they would be attracted over .

Once the zombie horde caught the scent of these humans, they would come in droves and hunt them down .

Forcing these 5,000 bare-handed survivors out in the open was a stupid move . It would only attract the zombies over .

However, Boss Wei and the rest had already treated these survivors like livestock . Even if they were gobbled up by the zombies, they would not even blink . To them, they would be happier if that happened . That way, their crimes would not be discovered, and they could even pledge their submission to the new China without fear .

"Please! Let us go back!"

"Please!! Let us live!!"

". . . "

Numerous survivors began to kneel, pleading miserably . With their current situation, as long as they continued forward they would be consumed by the surrounding zombies .

One of the militants wielding an assault rifle had a savage look . He raised the gun and swept a volley at the kneeling survivors, "Shut the f*k up! Since you don't want to live any longer, I'll send you on your way!"

Under the rain of bullets, blood flew, and many of the kneeling survivors were punched full of holes, lying in a pool of blood .

The militant then barked out and threatened menacingly, "Who else does not want to move, say it out, I can keep you here forever . "

When the survivors witnessed the merciless execution, their eyes were all filled with fear, not daring to say anything else . They could only sob, aggrieved, as they were herded forward .

When the 5,000 survivors were being ushered out of the bomb shelter, their scent was immediately picked up by the huge horde . In a split second, a part of the horde broke away and rushed towards the direction of the survivors .

Bai Xiao Sheng, who saw this, cursed out loud with fury, "FUCK! Which bastard called for such a stupid and idiotic move?! They actually got all the survivors out?! Are they seeking death?! Damn bastard!!"

The strength of the evolved zombies was too much, and Bai Xiao Sheng had too little manpower, focused on engaging the zombies .

These soldiers were the reinforcements that Bai Xiao Sheng was in charge off, meant to cover the main force for retreat . If they were to slaughter their way through the zombies in order to save those people, they could potentially fall .

After all, the zombies surrounding Bai Xiao Sheng and his team were around 1 . 3 million . The fact that his team could hold them off was because of their combat strength, experience, and equipment . They had also established some structures and fortifications to protect themselves from the assault of the zombies .
He struggled internally, "What do I do? Should I deploy the Type 7 sentient Mech over? But based on this, even if the Type 7 Mech went, it would not be able to save those survivors . Instead, if this trump card is utilized, should there be any unforeseen circumstances, we might not be able to make it back to the capital . "

The Type 7 sentient Mech was incredibly powerful, and there was not a single evolved zombie that was a match for it in a one-on-one fight . However, it lacked the ability to kill hordes at once . It did not have the abilities of Yue Zhong piloting the Scarlet Reaper, wiping out dozens of thousands in a single move .


"Save me!!"


". . . "

There were already S6s that had evolved in the zombies, reaching twice the speed of sound . 3 of them instantly charged through the human midst and slashed out, tearing many of them apart .

Although there were only 3 of them, the survivors immediately fell into a panic and mustered their remaining strength to quickly flee as far as they could .

In that instant, the 5,000 survivors were thrown into a panic, running around like headless flies .

In the ensuing chaos, many of them were shoved to the ground and trampled on by the people behind .

Boss Wei looked at the scene of chaos and laughed out maniacally, ordering his subordinate, "Hahaha! Let's go!!"

He sat in a military jeep that was modified, while the rest of his subordinates also sat in their own jeeps with their families and possessions, fleeing in the opposite direction . The chaotic scene was what Boss Wei wanted to see, with the survivors as meat shields, they could quickly escape .

One of them was running towards the jeep when suddenly, a female survivor in tattered clothing fell in front of him .


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