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God And Devil World - Chapter 1104


Chapter 1104: The Sea Clan’s Invasion!

The entire room was filled with a feeling of spring .

Throughout the night, Yue Zhong had truly and thoroughly tasted Chen Yao . She had evolved to a Type 4 divine Warrior level, and her physique was much stronger . Although she just lost her chastity, she did her best to match Yue Zhong, allowing him to have a pleasurable time .

The rebellious girls Zhang Jing Qiao and Lu Wen stood by the side, cheering him on . They were bold and unfazed, allowing Yue Zhong to truly enjoy himself .

Since he battled often and took risks almost all the time, he was often away from home . When he had the chance to get intimate, he would do so, and both sides would cherish the time they had .

Early the next morning, before dawn broke, the beautiful Liu Mei'er came into the room, speaking urgently, "Master, thing's are not good, the Sea Clan started invading Shanghai this morning, and has already conquered the city center . "

However, as she barged in, she saw Chen Yao, Lu Wen laying in Yue Zhong embrace, while the Zhang sisters were grabbing each of his arms . The scene could cause anyone to be flushed .

Liu Mei'er's face was also flushed red when she saw the scene as her heart skipped a beat .

When Yue Zhong heard Liu Mei'er's voice, he immediately opened his eyes and carefully extracted himself from the beautiful bodies around him . He then kissed them all, before turning around to leave .

When Yue Zhong left, Chen Yao also opened her eyes, her smile blossoming .

Yue Zhong quickly arrived at the command center, and asked Chi Yang, "What's going on? Chi Yang?"

When Yue Zhong was not around, the command usually fell to Chi Yang and Ji Qing Wu .

Chi Yang's face was serious as he pointed to a display, "Look!"

On the screen, numerous Mutant Beasts were pouring out from the sea, making their way towards Shanghai .
Within the horde of Sea Mutant Beasts, there were Mutant Lobsters the size of houses, and other Mutant Beasts that were over 1km in length, their shells red and covered in spikes . There was even a Mutant Sea Snake of over 1km long, as well as a Mutant Dragon Turtle that had a long neck yet possessing countless sharp teeth . Many different species were all charging towards the city center of Shanghai, clashing with the evolved Zombies occupying the city .

All this time, the Sea Mutant Beasts had been evolving continuously as well . There were currently many Type 5 and Type 6 ones, and behind them was a strange species that had 3 heads, each looking like lobsters, yet possessing horns on each head . Their bodies were like Ichthyosaurs, and their limbs were ferociously looking . Each of these beasts was over 3km long, covered in strange scales .

On top of these beasts, there were groups of mermaids and mermen, each of them with human upper torsos, and fish lower bodies . Their looks were also incredibly enchanting .

Other than these, there were also Sea Clan experts who wore grim expressions as they charged towards shore as well .

The Sea Clan powerhouses mixed in with the Mutant Beasts, slaughtering the zombies and both sides began to incur rising death toll .

The zombies in the Capital were in the millions, seemingly endless, however, the number of Sea Clan members were even more, and their combat strength was much higher than the zombies . Thus, when the huge horde of them came clashing with the zombies, they got the upper hand .

Under the lead of the Mutant Beasts, the Sea Clan army quickly got down to the mad slaughter of the zombies, and soon, half of the city had fallen to the hands of the Sea Clan .

Yue Zhong saw this and his eyes narrowed . Shanghai had been on their list to conquer next . There was a 2,000-strong unit led unit led by Bai Xiao Sheng that had already set off towards Shanghai .
This unit under Bai Xiao Sheng were elites, making use of the advanced technology Yue Zhong brought back from the Mech Kingdom to arm themselves . They were even capable of blasting a Type 6 Mutant Beast to death . Among them, there was also a sentient Type 7 Mech, holding the formation . However, if this unit were to come across the Sea Clan, they would definitely be annihilated .

Yue Zhong frowned and asked, "What's the location of Bai Xiao Sheng and his team?"
Chi Yang had a solemn expression, raising his hand to point to one particular red dot, "They've reached this location, and are already engaging some of the zombies on the fringe . About 30km to their right, there's some form of shelter, and about 5,000 survivors are holed up in there . "

Yue Zhong took a good look and his face fell, "That position will be overrun by the Sea Clan in another dozen hours based on their speed!"

Chi Yang looked at Yue Zhong and asked, "That's right, so, should we get them to retreat, or stay there and cover the retreat of the survivors?"

For Bai Xiao Sheng to lead a team of 2,000 and cover the retreat of 5,000 survivors, it would be extremely hard . If he was careless, the entire troop could be wiped out .

Be it the zombies or the Sea Clan, they would kill humans mercilessly . Of course, for the sake of habitation, they would also slaughter among themselves .

If Bai Xiao Sheng and his team abandoned the survivors, with their equipment, they were sure to escape with their lives . However, the 5,000 survivors would be the sacrifice .

"I'll go over!"
Yue Zhong thought for a moment, and waved his hand, revealing a spatial tear and he stepped into it .

Chi Yang stared at his back, his face breaking out into a smile of relief, without any envy, "He became stronger . "

Near Shanghai, soldiers wielding Enhanced Armor and Laser Guns were currently taking cover behind some simple fortifications, firing at the zombies surging towards them .

A number of zombies had just reached the area when their heads were all blown off by a laser beam, and their corpses crumpled to the ground .

These soldiers were the elites of China, with their marksmanship, and training at the tip-top condition, they could easily take out enemies within a 200m range .


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