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God And Devil World - Chapter 1103


Chapter 1103: Embracing Chen Yao!

Yue Zhong eyed the golden seat with a heated expression and sat on it .

At that moment, it glowed brightly, and countless nuggets of information flooded his brain, and his entire body seemed to have become one with the powerful and almighty Radiant Battleship, capable of transcending space and visiting over 800 worlds .

The gateway to the other worlds also appeared in front of his vision while connected to the Radiant Battleship . As long as he had sufficient power, he could easily take the leap and had to another world .

With a thought, he pulled out both Type 9 Nuclei and inserted them into the golden crystal ball .

At that moment, the crystal radiated brightly, and the entire Radiant Battleship also lit up, as the different types of machinery and gears began to kickstart .

"A single Type 9 nucleus could allow the controller to transcend worlds, but it's not enough to activate its defenses or offenses . It would take about 5 Type 9 nuclei in order for it to be battle-ready . Inputting 9 Type 9 nuclei, a single cannon would be enough to blast most Type 9 powerhouses to death . At the same time, it feels like this Radiant Battleship could house an unlimited number of Type 9 nuclei . The more the number of Type 9 nuclei, the more terrifying its capabilities . In theory, if there were an unlimited amount of Type 9 nuclei, one could even use it to kill God . "

Yue Zhong sat on the seat and felt the changes in the Battleship, thus, arriving at the conclusion .
The Radiant Battleship was strong in both offense and defense and possessed the ability to leap through space and traverse worlds . It could fly around in an unbridled manner, and it was precisely so due to the huge energy consumption required .

Yue Zhong only had 2 of the Type 9 nuclei and had no way of fully exhibiting the strength of the Radiant Battleship .

He eyed one particular targeted space void, and his eyes flashed with combat intent, "That world has a Type 9 expert, it was that guy who had leaped through space and wanted to steal the Radiant Battleship away . Now that I have comprehended the strength of this Radiant Battleship, against any Type 9 powerhouse that lacks a Gold-grade treasure, I can still escape . Once I'm back from the Bermuda Triangle, I will definitely go to that world to check it out, if I have the chance . A world that could produce a Type 9 powerhouse, it must be strong as well . Opportunities would be rampant there . "

Currently, after Yue Zhong entered the Type 8 realm, and reached the Third Order of his God-Devil Body, his combat strength had increased by more than 10 times . Adding on to the might of the Radiant Battleship, even if he could not kill a Type 9, it was more than enough to escape one .

"For now, let me try the strength of this Battleship . "
With a thought, the radar system of the Radiant Battleship swept out, and immediately scanned the entire Earth at one go .
In that instant, he could sense every single location of Earth, as long as he willed it, he could leap through the void and appear anywhere on Earth .

"Time to go back and rest, I can also bring Floxenia along, with her help, the information should be more accurate . "

After reaching the Third Order God-Devil Body, Yue Zhong's combat strength had soared through the roof and possessed numerous profound abilities . He could even manipulate the atmospheric energy, however, in terms of knowing his subordinates'hearts, he did not have the Mind-Reading ability that Floxenia had .

As he willed it, in the capital back in China, inside the luxurious villa he was staying, a huge spatial tear appeared . He then walked out of it .

Inside the villa, there were many beauties, and they were considered the prizes of war that Yue Zhong had obtained from other skirmishes . They were all his maidservants .

Seeing Yue Zhong tear through space and directly walking out in front of them, all of them were taken aback, before quickly lining up to greet him, "Sir!!"

Yue Zhong waved his hands and went towards his bedroom .
One particular voluptuous and beautiful maidservant spoke with a great sense of curiosity, "Didn't Sir go to America? How did he appear here?"

"What ability is that? It's too overpowered!"

"You guys will not be able to comprehend the true extent of his strength . "

". . . "

When he left, the maidservants began to chit chat, although they had no abilities, they were still able to tell that something was out of the ordinary . They knew one thing for sure, that was Yue Zhong had become even more unfathomable

The ladies following Yue Zhong could come in contact with many more things, thus they were clear that while China has already established some form of government, and reinstated order, with laws in place and businesses booming, there were definitely still many problems hiding underneath the perfect surface .
The whole of China was too big and faced the threat of Mutant Beasts, Aliens, Zombies, the Sea Clan, and many more . Under such dire circumstances, a powerhouse was definitely welcomed and looked up to . As for the strongest on Earth, Yue Zhong, it was natural that they were attracted to him .

Inside the villa, Yue Zhong's mouth suddenly curled up, "Ah? Seems like there's a surprise . "

He took a leap, disappearing from his location and reappearing about 10m away . A teleportation over a short distance like this was nothing much to him .

In a few breaths, he had arrived at arrived at his bedroom, and he could hear the sounds of water splashing and female laughter within the bathroom .

"Ladies! I'm coming!"
When Yue Zhong heard those familiar voices, his heart started to race as he reached out to pull the doors .

When he opened the door, he was stunned . In front of him, Chen Yao was naked, using a shower head to rinse that alluring body of hers .

Inside the huge pool, there was Ji Qing WU, Zhang Jing Qiao, Zhang Jing Wei, the little loli with huge boobs Guo Yu, the loveable girl-next-door Lu Wen, as well as the genius loli Yao Yao .

The current beauties inside the pool were the first batch of ladies that had followed Yue Zhong throughout, and their relationship was the strongest, thus forming a small group .

As the number of women around Yue Zhong grew, there was an even clearer separation between the cliques, based on areas or worlds they came from .

Chen Yao saw Yue Zhong barging in, and let out a shriek, as her body flushed red, her hands trying to cover her important parts . She was embarrassed as she lowered her head .

Ji Qing Wu, who was flaunting her perfect beauty without meaning to, sighed in her heart, "Seems like Little Yao has fallen for him too . "

Ji Qing Wu knew her friend well, if Chen Yao really hated Yue Zhong, she would have slapped him across the face, or rush out of the pool . She would not be acting like this, shy yet enticing .

Seeing Yue Zhong and Chen Yao standing there dumbstruck, Zhang Jing Qiao came out of the pool, bouncing over to Chen Yao, and reached out and reached out to grab her . She then shot Yue Zhong a coquettish look and stuck out her tongue to lick Chen Yao's neck, like a little vixen, "Master, let me tell you, Sister Chen Yao really likes you . Now is a perfect time, push her down and make her your woman . Hehe, I shall cheer Y'all on!"
Chen Yao was feeling extremely embarrassed and anxious, as she struggled and squealed, "That's not true! I don't!! Release me, Jing Qiao! Release me, otherwise, I'll get angry!"
Most of the women beside Yue Zhong had obtained decent resources to help them evolve to reach the Type 3 realm . However, while most of them were at that realm or even at Type 4, their combat experience was only equivalent to a Type 2 expert .

Although Zhang Jing Qiao had strength, when compared with Chen Yao, they were on different levels . If Chen Yao wished so, she could easily escape from the clutches . Yet, while she looked like she was struggling, there was no strength involved .
Yue Zhong understood, and he eyed the alluring and charming Chen Yao, his eyes flashing with a passionate gaze .

Those years ago, Chen Yao and Ji Qing Wu were the publicly recognized school belles and were the goddesses of many men . Yue Zhong had been an ordinary guy, working to make ends meet, and they were just on different social levels . Yet now, Chen Yao was in his grasps .

Without any hesitation, Yue Zhong walked over, embracing her as he ignored her struggles and lifted her towards the bed nearby .

After her futile attempts, her eyes shone brightly, with a hint of expectation, at the same time, fear, as she asked timidly, "Yue Zhong, do you like me?"

Although she had fallen for him long ago and was willing to give herself over to him, right before the deed, she was still afraid .

Yue Zhong smiled gently and lowered his head to kiss her on the lips, "Of course, I like you . Don't worry, leave it to me . "


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