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God And Devil World - Chapter 1102


Chapter 1102: Entering the Radiant Battleship Once More!

One blond girl with a voluptuous body and dressed in a tight black leather suit opened up her eyes wide .

In an instant, there was a green beam that shot out of her eyes, piercing through the storm of energy, allowing her to see clearly . It was precisely sitting at the eye of the storm, exuding that terrifying pressure as he absorbed the energy around him .

Beside her, another girl of about 90% resemblance to her, but her long hair tied in a ponytail, grabbed Elisa's hands, while her eyes were closed and she channeled her own ability .

In the air, the light rays distorted as whatever Elisa saw was projected out .
"As expected, it was him!!"
Seeing Yue Zhong absorbing the atmospheric energy at such an intensity, the experts of the Superhero Alliance could not help but take in a breath of cold air .

Lehman watched with bitterness and envy, "Seems like he had just evolved once more . He was already nigh invincible to begin with, now that he evolved again, who else on Earth can be his opponent?"

Elisa was filled with curiosity as she thought, "Strong… so that's Yue Zhong? Truly formidable, no doubt the publicly acknowledged number 1 expert . "

The experts of the superhero alliance were constantly dying in battle, and their ranks replenished by other new experts . Elisa and her sister Eliza were both newbies to the team .

The energy storm continued for another 20 seconds, before Yue Zhong swallowed them all, and opened his eyes . At that moment, it seemed that his gaze was incredibly sharp, seemingly capable of piercing through the void .

After he opened his eyes, he twisted his head to gaze at Elisa .

With that gaze, the half-step Type 4 Elisa, who was making use of the nanotech to display a Type 4 strength, felt a sharp stab in her eyes . She quickly closed them shut and felt a slight compression in her chest . She then crumpled to the ground, her expression pale, her entire head filled with thoughts of Yue Zhong's sharp gaze .

"How is that possible? It was just a gaze, and he was able to cause us sisters such harm . Furthermore, that was under the lack of ill-intent . If he had meant to, we would have been dead .

Eliza, who was holding Elisa's hands, suffered the same repercussions, as she fell to the ground, pale and full of shock . She had sensed the terrifying might of Yue Zhong through through Elisa's vision .

Right now, Yue Zhong was one more step closer to being a God, with all sorts of abilities . A single gaze from him could kill numerous Type 4 powerhouses, a testimony to his new strength .

Lehman spoke out, "Mr . Yue Zhong, we're from the Superhero Alliance, there was no offense meant . We just wanted to investigate the cause of the commotion . "

Yue Zhong closed his eyes and replied mildly, "Got it . You guys may go . "

"Let's go!"
Lehman shot a deep glance at Yue Zhong before he led his team away .

"Type 8!! I'm finally a Type 8 powerhouse!! I have the Third Order God-Devil Body, and even if I don't use the Domains, I can match the Type 8 Asura warriors!!"Yue Zhong could sense the upgrades to himself, and he was filled with an indescribable urge to howl towards the skies, giving vent to the excitement he felt .

"Now, I should be able to communicate with the Radiant Battleship!"With a thought, he sent his will into the Imprint on his right hand .

Inside the God-Devil Imprint, there was a navigator with the coordinates of the Radiant Battleship . He could sense the presence of it beyond the void .

As his will swept the navigator, the Radiant Battleship responded, and directly sucked him into the confines of the ship .

Once he stepped inside, he swept the battleship a look, and his pupils narrowed . His attention was fixed on the various runes engraved along the walls of the Radiant Battleship, "Ah! There are laws and principles within these carvings . "
The interior of the Radiant Battleship was glowing, extremely beautiful, and there was not a single patch where it was not radiating with profound runes .

When Yue Zhong entered the Radiant Battleship for the first time, he had been a Type 4 divine Warrior, and had no way of understanding or comprehending all of these .

Now that he was a Type 8 powerhouse, with the Third Order God-Devil Body, his innate potential had far surpassed the human limits . In terms of comprehension ability and cultivation, within this world controlled by God, he was on par with those 1-in-a-thousand-years genii .

Yue Zhong stared hard at the runes, his face slack as he continued to absorb the information . Soon, an entire day passed .

His right hand then heated up, as Bai Yi's reminder resounded, "Master, you have spent an entire day, there're 2 more days till the appointed meeting time with the Americans . "

Yue Zhong stirred, however, his eyes were still filled with passion towards the walls of the Radiant Battleship, "This battleship is truly a Gold-grade treasure . There're so many profound runes, hiding the secrets of the universe and the truth of the worlds . These are the true precious treasures . It's a pity I'm lacking time . Otherwise, if I were to stay here for a hundred years, I could directly comprehend spatial laws and reach the Type 9 realm . "

He recollected himself and went towards the command center of the Radiant Battleship .

At the cockpit, there was a golden chair, as well as a golden crystal ball floating in mid-air in front of it .

It was the master control of the Radiant Battleship, once he sat on it, he would be able to receive information from the battleship itself, directly controlling every single corner of the battleship .

However, it was not just anyone who could sit on it . If a person of the Type 4 realm and below tried to sit on it, he would be overwhelmed and might even explode . A Type 5 powerhouse could forcefully sit, while a Type 6 powerhouse could barely control it, but unable to receive the notifications from the Radiant Battleship . A Type 7 powerhouse would be able to control most of the information coming in .


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