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God And Devil World - Chapter 1101


Chapter 1101: Stepping into the Type 8 Realm!

Yue Zhong had come to America's aid, on one hand, it was for humanity's sake, and the other was to get America to whittle down at the strength of the invaders . If they wanted him to hand over the resources necessary for him to evolve, he would rather leave .

Taff's face fell, as he stood up and called out with some haste, "No, Yue Zhong . Wait! We can talk about this!"

Although the Dino-race had retreated, America was still in a precarious situation . Within the country, there were still hordes of zombies, and beyond them, the physically stronger Dino-warriors that were impervious to bullets and blades .

Since America's protector Leo had died, even with all their combined might and resources, it was not enough to stand against a Type 7 powerhouse . If Yue Zhong was to leave, then entire America would likely be torn to pieces by the Dino-race .

Taff's voice became low and urgent, "I have an important intelligence, it is related to the world being in a cage and other secrets . Yue Zhong, don't you want to know about the God that has toyed with us?"

Hearing those words, Yue Zhong came to a halt, and turned to look at Taff, his eyes flashing with a glint, "You truly know about those secrets?"

It was the world's biggest secret, about how to escape from this cage-like place, and be in control of one's destiny . One had to be more informed about the world .

Taff laughed confidently, and motioned for Yue Zhong, "Please sit . "

Yue Zhong sat back down, and looked at Taff, awaiting his next words .

Taff sat opposite and collected his thoughts, before speaking, "As a matter of fact, it is not I that know about the secrets . However, I've received information from Leo all this time about clues . I think that they are important to you, so I'm willing to exchange these for the God-Devil Nucleus and Imprint . "

Yue Zhong frowned when he heard that, "Not enough, unless you can give me the adequate treasures, otherwise, you don't have to think about getting them . "

He was currently invincible on Earth, but with the passing of time, the limitations on the Gates of Hell would cease, and if he had to go against more Type 8 monsters with his present strength, he would likely perish . Against a Type 9 powerhouse, there was no doubt of death .

Although he had the Gold-Grade Radiant Battleship in his possession, the consumption of power was too great . He did not know how many of the nuclei in his possession was required to power that heaven-defying treasure .

In the negotiations, Yue Zhong suddenly thought of a few treasures that he had forgotten, "Oh right, I could not power the Radiant Battleship because I lacked a Type 9 nucleus . I have gained one from the Mech Kingdom, plus the Comet Cannon has one, that means I have 2 to power it . The Radiant Battleship should be able to power up with those . "

Yue Zhong had already gotten the Gold-Grade Radiant Battleship a long time ago, but his strength had been lacking all this while . Not long ago, he had just obtained the Type 9 nucleus from the Mech Kingdom, that was why he had the assurance right now .

Taff frowned, as he settled in his chair, before speaking up once more, "Adding on 30 intercontinental ballistic missiles carrying nuclear warheads, in exchange for the Imprint . "

Nuclear weapons were the final trump cards of America . They had utilized some to attack the Dino-warriors, and over a million had died, but if they were to face those at China, it would be a catastrophe for China .

Yue Zhong declined without hesitation, "No, I already have too many weapons that far surpass the nuclear weapons . If you have nothing else, I'll bid goodbye . "

Yue Zhong had already obtained so many equipment and weapons from the Mech Kingdom previously, there was no danger of radiation even .
The Mech Kingdom had numerous missile interceptors . It was easy for Yue Zhong to take out the nuclear warheads capable of threatening China .

Taff's expression as turning uglier, as he did not know what else he had to move Yue Zhong's mind . The information he had on hand was truly vague at best .

Yue Zhong saw Taff in a dilemma, and he stood up, "I'll take my leave . "

Taff looked up in shock, and called out urgently again, "No, please, wait, we can negotiate . Yue Zhong, don't abandon us . There're so many lives at stake!! I won't insist on the Nucleus and Imprint, but I implore you, please wait . "

Taff had too little trump cards, and America could not do without Yue Zhong's help . Once he left, they were exposed .

The corners of Yue Zhong's lips twitched, and his eyes flashed with satisfaction . He turned back around, and sat down silently, right now, his trump cards exceeded what America had, that was why Taff had to plead .

Taff massaged his temple, and fell silent for a while, before he spoke out resolutely, "I can tell you the clues, but I hope that you can promise to be our protector, safeguarding both America and China . "
Since there was no way of retrieving the Nucleus and Imprint from Yue Zhong, he chose another way to ensure America's survival .

Yue Zhong chuckled, and gave him a lifeline that was hard to resist, "Why not we do it this way, I'll hand you 3 Type 7 sentient Mechs, 36 Type 6 Combat Mechs, 3 Type 7 Combat Mech Armors, in exchange for the information you have . "
Hearing that condition, Taff's face fell, and he gritted his teeth, "Deal, however, on one condition . That is, you will bring 5 of our Americans along with you when you head over to the location . "

Yue Zhong did not drag things along, and he agreed, "Fine!"
Taff then spoke out with a solemn expression, "At the deepest part of the Bermuda Triangle lays the clue to the secrets about the world and the entity called God . "

Yue Zhong was surprised, "The Bermuda Triangle? To think it was that place . "

He had obtained what he wanted from Taff, and both sides had come to an agreement, meeting 3 days after to head to the Bermuda Triangle together .

Yue Zhong chose to stay in America temporarily, residing in a luxurious presidential suite .

Inside the room, he took out the God-Devil Nucleus and Imprint obtained from Leo and placed them against his own Imprint .

At that moment, a sacred light shone and absorbed the items into Yue Zhong's body .

The moment they were absorbed, they transformed into a golden energy that was holy, as they coursed through Yue Zhong's mind .

The God-Devil Nucleus in Yue Zhong's sea of knowledge expanded once more, and more profound runes appeared on it, containing the vast trails of stars .
The abundant and pure life force he had accumulated was also absorbed into the nucleus, transforming into a golden, holy energy, passing through his blood .

Under the empowerment of the golden energy, his blood began to transform once more, becoming even more sacred .

Once the last drop of blood had totally turned gold, it began to rumble within his body, and the atmospheric energy around him began to swirl into his body .

The suction of the energy became violent, and the skies over the hotel changed . The energy started to swirl down in the shape of a massive whirlpool, entering Yue Zhong .

"What is that?!"

"What's going on?"

"That's the location of Yue Zhong's hotel, is he the cause of the commotion?"

". . . "

Seeing the intense tornado, all the elites of the American forces wore expressions of shock, as they quickly made their way towards the commotion .

Ever since Leo's death, the new team captain of the Superhero Alliance fell to the half-step Type 6 powerhouse Lehman .

As they braved the stormy wings, Lehman arrived with his team, stopping about 100 meters away from the hotel . They could not proceed further as they were enveloped by a terrifying pressure .

"What a strong force!! It actually stopped me from moving further . If the person wanted to kill me, I cannot even resist! Too terrifying!"Lehman's face fell, as waves of shock rocked his heart . However, he maintained his calm and spoke, "Elisa, use your power to observe the center of the storm . "


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