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God And Devil World - Chapter 1100


Chapter 1100: The Dino-Warriors retreat!

"That's the property of America!!"

"That's America's strength, we cannot let him take it away!"

". . . "
Seeing Yue Zhong obtain Leo's God-Devil Nucleus and Imprint, the upper echelon of America began howling in rage .

Leo had not hidden anything about what the God-Devil Imprint was capable of, instead, he revealed everything about it . Therefore, they knew that one of such imprints could potentially create another Leo, or someone surpassing him .

Without it, the limit for the human experts on Earth would be at most the Type 5 realm . This was also under the strengthening of the System itself . If one wanted to breakthrough, without the God-Devil Imprint, it would require countless natural treasures, coupled with hard cultivation .

It was because of this that the Imprint was so precious . The Kingdom of God had no choice but to assimilate with China because Edward had fallen, and his Imprint lost .
In the skies, the 8 Protector Battleships soared about and fired at the numerous Mutant Winged Dinosaurs .

The Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King also charged into their midst, urging the atmospheric energy around it into wind blades that sliced out at the numerous dinosaurs .

Under the storm of wind blades, many of them were sliced apart and dropped out of the skies .

On the battlefield, there was a rain of blood, as the corpses plummeted down .

The Type 7 Mutant Winged Dinosaur was grabbed by the Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King, which put its prey into its mouth and closed its jaws, swallowing the Type 7 Mutant Beast .
Seeing the 1km-long Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile continuing on its massacre, the Dino-warriors below lost all will to fight, their eyes filled with terror .

A Type 8 powerhouse was almost invincible, furthermore, its strength seemed to be boundless . As long as it was willing to take the time, it could definitely wipe out the million of Dino-warriors below, slaughtering them cleanly .
All of a sudden, there were powerful war drums that resounded . Upon hearing those soundwaves, the Dino-warriors that had continued to fight on began to retreat in droves .

Of the 3 Dino-Emperors, 2 had been killed by Yue Zhong, and the remaining Emperor Hei Long had quickly fled before Yue Zhong could finish him . He was already hiding within the command center of the Dino-warriors .

Seeing the Dino-warriors and foreign species retreating hurriedly, the American forces heaved a sigh of relief . Many of the armored forces quickly charged out of their places, chasing after the fleeing invaders .

At the same time, numerous unmanned drones were released from the bases, aiming for the Dino-warriors .

Prior to the apocalypse, the Americans had exceptional technology in warfare . After the apocalypse happened, they made use of the research brought back by Leo to further their improvements, quickly producing countless unmanned drones capable of destruction .

Under the frenzied assault of the unmanned drones, Mech beasts, human armored forces, Protector Battleships, and Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile in the sky, the Dino-warriors lost 100,000 of their soldiers, splitting into numerous smaller troops as they dispersed .
This time, the invasion of the Dino-race had failed .

When they retreated, the numerous Mech Beasts quickly surrounded the Mutant Winged Dinosaurs, clearing up their bodies .

Every one of them was a treasure, and Yue Zhong naturally would not give it up to the Americans .

Yue Zhong walked through the troops, supporting Leo's corpse with his energy control .

The American forces looked at him with respect and idolization, but when their gazes traveled to the corpse of Leo behind him, their eyes were filled with pain, and many broke down .

Leo had been widely recognized as the leader of the Superhero Alliance, fighting on the front lines at all times, and had killed numerous invaders while saving countless human soldiers .

Every American soldier knew of Leo and his deeds, to them, he was truly a hero .

"Leo, how could you die?! No! You're not supposed to!! You're not supposed to!"


"Leo, my dear friend!! You should not have died!!!"


". . . "

The various experts of the superhero alliance crowded over, their faces streaked with tears . Leo was their big brother, their loved one, teacher, father-like figure . Now that he was dead, they were filled with anguish and sorrow .

Wendy's face was full of tears as she walked over to Yue Zhong and saluted, "Many thanks, Yue Zhong, for avenging him . You even brought back his body . "
Yue Zhong sighed, "No need for thanks . It was what I should do . "

Yue Zhong might not be close with Leo, but they were part of the strongest experts on Earth, and as pillars of their race, there was a sense of kindred spirit among them .

Leo was American, but he was broad-minded, with an exemplary character, and fought hard for America's interests . Yue Zhong respected that a lot, and now that Leo had perished in battle, he also felt some loss .
A short-haired middle-aged man came over, wearing a suit, and his looks handsome . He took a look at Leo's body and his eyes were also filled with tears as he bowed deeply to the body .

The man then spoke up, "Today, America lost a great hero, one who was valiant, brave, loving, and most of all, humane . He had fought and sacrificed for us all . His life was filled with merits and sacrifice . His death is a great loss to America . As the president of America, today, I shall declare it as Leo's Remembrance Day, in order to honor and mourn our great hero . Raise the flag halfway . "

As he said it, the American flag nearby was also reduced to half its height .

Throughout the area, the mood was somber, as many American soldiers began to cry .

Yue Zhong stood quietly, watching the ceremony .

When it was over, the American president turned to Yue Zhong and spoke warmly, "Mr . Yue Zhong . It's an honor . I'm President Taff, and I'm grateful for your rushing over to aid us . From today on, you're an honored guest and ally forever . America welcomes you . "
Yue Zhong was also courteous, "How do you do, Mr . Taff . A pleasure to meet you . "

Before the apocalypse, Taff had just been a small-time politician as well . He grabbed hold of the opportunity during the chaos to stay by Leo's side, building his own prestige and thus, becoming the new President .

After the niceties were exchanged, Taff then directly spoke, "Yue Zhong, the God-Devil Nucleus, and Imprint in your hands belong to America . Please return them to us, in doing so, you'll be a treasured friend of us forever . America would also pledge to be your loyal ally . "

Yue Zhong immediately chuckled indifferently, and declined, "I truly do possess them . However, they are my spoils of war, if you want them, you have to take out something equivalent in value . "

In this post-apocalyptic period, strength was the most important . When Yue Zhong was weak, the Kingdom of God sought to bully him . Now that his strength was sufficient, even the American president had to treat him with respect . He would not hand the 2 precious items over so easily .

After absorbing them, Yue Zhong could undergo another metamorphosis, reaching the Type 8 realm even . He would not give them up .

Taff's brows furrowed, as he spoke with a hint of threat, "Yue Zhong . Those belong to America . If you insist on keeping them, it would affect our relationship and even the terms of the treaty . I do not wish to see a hero who had saved America to be known as a thief who stole what belonged to others . The Americans would also not wish to see the hero in their eyes become some thug . "

Yue Zhong shook his head, laughing coldly, as he made to leave, "Mr . President, if my actions will affect the treaty, then so be it . Destroy the treaty . I don't really care what you think, you may think of me as a hero or a thug . I can't be bothered . Goodbye . "

After that, he turned around and walked out .

It was America that required his help, not the other way round, thus Taff's threats did not mean anything to him . He was not one to give a hoot about other people's thinking anyway .


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