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God And Devil World - Chapter 1099


Chapter 1099: Leo Dies in Combat!

The moment the Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King appeared, its eyes flashed coldly and it channeled its innate ability, causing a storm of wind blades to rain upon the 2 Asura warriors .

The Type 8 Mutant Beast was a terrifying monster, at that time, when Yue Zhong had tried to suppress it, it had cost him a lot of energy . If it was not for the God-Devil Domain, Yue Zhong would not have been his match .

Although the Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile did not comprehend any domain, in terms of its strength, it was still easily more than 10 times stronger than the Type 8 Asura warriors . The only weakness was that it did not know any secret arts .

The surrounding atmospheric energy was absorbed by the Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King, and it began to amass within its body .

After absorbing the energy, the aura of the Type 8 Mutant Beast became even more ferocious . It opened its huge jaws and manipulated the energy to blast downwards through its countless wind blades .

The wind blades containing the principles of wind laws sliced downwards, not necessarily losing out to any Wind-related Domain of a weaker Type 8 powerhouse .

After Asura Ye Xun and Asura Zao had been blasted by the C-Grade particle cannon, although they had barely managed to escape with their domain, the next volley of attacks from the wind blades caused them to be riddled with wounds, as blood flowed freely .

Within the Battle spear Domain of Asura Zao, countless spears were striking out, defending against the oncoming wind blades . The attacks clashed and the resulting shockwaves dispersed in all directions .

However, it was apparent was the storm of wind blades was much more powerful, and the struck the body of Asura Zao, causing multiple lacerations .

There was blood at the corner of her mouth, and in her agony, her eyes flashed coldly . She leaped up in a single step, passing through the storm of wind blades, and thrust out with numerous spears that blasted apart the blades, dashing for the distance .

In a few breaths, Asura Zao tore herself from the hellish torture and disappeared .

Although everyone from the Asura Clan was battle-hungry and bloodthirsty, they were not stupid . Since they were heavily injured, plus they had to face the combined attacks of 3 Type 8 powerhouses, there was no chance of victory at all .

Since she determined this, Asura Zao made her decision to flee, no longer getting involved . It would only lead to death otherwise .

Once she fled, there was only Asura Ye Xun left . Under the control of the Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King, the area of attack began to shrink, forming a cage of wind blades that continued to assail the Sword Domain of Asura Yexun, tearing through and slicing him .

"Damn bastard!! I'll go all out against you!! Asura Sword Slash!!"

Asura Ye Xun's body was riddled with injuries, yet his eyes continued to shine with a ferocious light . He took a deep breath, and his energy suddenly burst forth before retracting, together with the Sword Domain . He then seemed to be covered in a powerful sword light, charging up through the skies, aiming for the eye of the storm of wind blades .

The Asura Sword Slash was also one of the strongest battle techniques of the Asura Clan, possessing considerable might . Once cultivated to the peak, it was able to rip a tear in space, even capable of killing the legendary Type 10 powerhouses that had escaped the clutches of the entity called God .

The terrifying sword light tore apart the storm wind blades, charging forth into the skies, as warrior and sword became one and sliced into the body of the Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King .

Under the terrifying attack, there was a huge gash in the body of the Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King, and the blood essence of the Type 8 Mutant Beast splattered everywhere .

Even so, the Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King was savage in its own right . Its body might be sliced by the beam, yet, it did not lose its combat will and swept its powerful tail towards Asura Ye Xun viciously .

In an instant, the tail of the Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile slammed into the huge beam of sword beam formed by Asura Ye Xun .

With a loud cracking of bones, there was a huge gash in the tail of the Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King .

Asura Ye Xun was also swept a few hundred meters away by the tail . His body trembled and he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, his orifices bleeding, and with the number of cuts on his body, as well as the blood flowing out, it was truly horrific .

As the Asura warrior was sent flying, Yue Zhong had already appeared behind him, clad in his Stealth Armor, and without a sound, he threw out a Yin-Yang Palm viciously towards Asura Ye Xun's body .

At that moment, a terrifying force burst forth, blasting Asura Ye Xun's body into many pieces as an abundant life force entered Yue Zhong's body .

"Asura Ye Xun was killed!!"

"That human is strong!! He actually killed 2 of out Asura Generals, we are not his match!! We have to flee!!"

"We can only flee now!"

". . . "

Seeing Asura Ye Xun and Asura Lei Hao killed by Yue Zhong, the rest of the Asura Warriors turned and transformed into beams of light and fled quickly .

Although the Asura warriors were all terrifying warriors, they were not united at all, to the point that they could even slaughter among themselves for a prey .


Leo, who had been stealthily hiding among the Dino-race, observed the fleeing Asura warriors, and his eyes filled with glee . His Wings of Hope unfolded and with a bright flash, his speed was pushed to the max . He then appeared behind a Type 7 Asura expert, wielding a powerful laser blade as he pierced towards him .

"Bastard, you dare to sneak up on me?! Go me?! Go to hell, ant!! Asura Eyes!"

The Asura warrior could feel Leo's killing intent, and he whipped around suddenly, bellowing in rage . His battle qi surged forth, and his forehead split apart, revealing a powerful eye that was filled with battle and evil intent .

The moment the eye opened, an Asura Holy Light that was capable of injuring a Type 8 powerhouse shot out at Leo .

At that moment, the scarlet beam slammed into Leo's body .

A violent energy surged through his sea of knowledge, causing his mind to be rattled, and his brain was on the verge of collapsing . He spat out a mouth of blood, as his body halted momentarily .

The Asura warrior took advantage of that pause, and directly sliced down with his battleax, slicing Leo into two, as golden blood splattered everywhere .



"Big Brother Leo!!"

". . . "

Seeing Leo being cleaved in two by the Asura warrior, the elites of the American forces all let out wails and screams . Their eyes were all red .

Leo was one of those who had started the Superhero Alliance and was the strongest expert . He had led them in eradicating zombies, hunting Mutant Beasts, and risked his life to collect technology from the other worlds . He was the pillar and one who had contributed greatly . With his death, America lost the only capital that stood between them and the foreign species .

"The God-Devil Nucleus and Imprint is mine!!"

After killing Leo in a strike, the Asura warrior was spent . However, he caught sight of the God-Devil Nucleus and Imprint shooting out of Leo's body, and his eyes flashed with greed . He reached out to draw the corpse towards him .

As he was about to grab onto Leo's corpse, Yue Zhong appeared behind him like a specter . His fist then slammed into the head of the Asura warrior .

With a 'pa', the head of the Asura warrior directly burst open like a watermelon . His corpse also fell to the ground .

The Asura warrior was not even a match for Yue Zhong at all, plus since Yue Zhong sneaked up on him, there was no way of resisting at all .

After killing the Asura warrior, Yue Zhong grabbed out, as the atmospheric energy wrapped Leo's corpse and sent him into his arms .

Seeing Leo's cleaved head and body, Yue Zhong had a complicated expression in his eyes . This was the plight of all fallen Oracles .

The foreign species were all powerful and overbearing . If an Oracle wanted to evolve faster, he or she needed to hunt existences stronger than themselves . If they were not careful, they would perish and become a corpse .

Along the way, Yue Zhong had come close to death . However, he had gritted his teeth through, and survived, while Edward and Leo had both died .

Yue Zhong sighed lightly, and he retrieved the God-Devil Nucleus and Imprint, keeping one and absorbing the other .
This was witnessed by the higher-ups of the American forces .

"Damn it!! He took Leo's God-Devil Nucleus and Imprint!!"


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