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God And Devil World - Chapter 1098


Chapter 1098: Slaughtering the Asuras!

"This is a Domain! It is truly strong, and he actually comprehended it at the Type 7 realm . As expected of an Oracle, he has already surpassed even the talented geniuses of our Clan . However, there is too much of a difference in our strengths, and we can definitely overwhelm him! Battleaxe Domain, appear!"

Asura Lei Hao faced the incoming demonic energy, and he exuded a powerful combat aura, dispersing the manifestations . He then laughed coldly, as the energy pouring out from him formed his trump card, the Battleaxe Domain .

At that instant, with him at the center, the powerful domain surged forth, smashing into Yue Zhong's Devil Domain .


Following a loud sound, the entire Devil Domain was shaken and was on the verge of collapse . It was restrained by over hundreds of meters .

The God-Devil Domain that Yue Zhong comprehended was truly the strongest in the world . However, his realm was still far from Asura Lei Hao, that was why his domain was almost suppressed by the opponent .

Asura Lei Hao saw that his Battleaxe Domain was actually unable to tear apart Yue Zhong's domain, and was thoroughly shocked, "What a terrifying domain, is an Oracle truly that strong?"

Truthfully, if it had been any other peak Type 7 Oracle with the God-Devil Domain, it would be strong as well, but not comparable to Yue Zhong . After all, his physique had undergone a metamorphosis, almost reaching the Third Order God-Devil Body . That was why his Domain was so strong .
The might of the Domain was reliant on Yue Zhong's strength . The stronger he was, the more powerful his God-Devil Domain .

Asura Lei Hao was a battle freak, even after only gaining a small foothold, he did not feel disheartened . Instead, he became even more ferocious, the battleax in his heart continuing to slam into Devil-Domain . Each time he let loose a strike, within the domain, many of the demonic and devilish manifestations would crumble, and the domain itself shook .
On the other side, Asura Zao and Asura Ye Xun both activated their own Battle spear Domain and Sword Domain respectively, clashing against Yue Zhong's Devil Domain .

The might of the 3 experts when joining force was truly shocking . As Yue Zhong tried to maintain the Domain, he could feel his energy being assaulted . If it was not for the angelic beings and holy manifestations continually healing and empowering him, he would not have lasted 30 seconds .

Seeing the 3 experts slamming against his Domain, Yue Zhong sucked in a deep breath, as he pulled out the Heaven-Piercing Bow in his hand . With a thought, the numerous angelic manifestations entered the Heaven-Piercing Bow through his hands .

In an instant, a black arrow that seemed to pierce through space and time formed .

As Yue Zhong continued to absorb, everything within the God-Domain was sucked cleanly, before it dissipated .

Asura Lei Hao and the other 2 continued to struggle out of Devil-Domain .

"Go to hell!!"

There was a cold light in Yue Zhong's eyes, as he released his hand, and the black arrow shot through space and blasted towards Asura Lei Hao .

Among these 3 great Asura warriors, Asura Lei Hao had the strongest offensive power, however, his defense and speed were weaker in comparison . Hence, he was the logical choice to target .

"Asura Indestructible Body!"

Right when Yue Zhong released his hands, Asura Lei Hao felt his hairs stand as a sense of crisis overcame him . He snapped around and roared out a secret technique .

At that moment, his combat Qi surged forth, enveloping his body and forming a red layer . His body began to change when strengthened by the reddish combat Qi . When he was done channeling the Asura Indestructible Body, his physique became something that even Type 8 experts would not be able to tear it apart .

The technique was one of the most powerful defensive techniques on Asura . Once activated, they were even able to withstand attacks from the laser cannons of the battleships .

The Heaven-Piercing Arrow slammed into Asura Lei Hao's body .

With a powerful blast, Asura Lei Hao's newly-formed physique crumbled almost instantly . The terrifying arrow pierced through him, bursting his head that was even able to resist a battleship's attack, instant killing him in a split second .

As Asura Lei Hao died, a powerful life force tunneled into Yue Zhong, nourishing his body .
At the same time, a strong sense of exhaustion overcame Yue Zhong . The Heaven-Piercing Bow's might was determined by his strength . He had already channeled half into it . This was how he was able to kill Asura Lei Hao .
"Damn it, Asura Lei Hao was killed by him!"

Asura Ye Xun saw Asura Lei Hao die, and his eyes flashed with shock . However, . However, the clan was not known to fear death, instead, the more they battled, the fiercer they got . He roared out in rage, turning into a beam of light as he brought his sword domain towards Yue Zhong .

Asura Zao's gaze was also filled with a chilly light, as she executed a profound movement technique, shooting towards Yue Zhong . In her eyes, Yue Zhong was the best prey .

Facing the 2 incoming Asura warriors, Yue Zhong ordered coldly, "Do it!"

In the skies, the Type 8 Ape Lord Titus, who had been waiting quietly with a C-Grade Particle Cannon, immediately responded with a cold glint in his eyes, as he pulled the trigger .
At that instant, a terrifying particle pillar descended upon the ground, blasting the region where Asura Ye Xun and Asura Zao were .

Due to the sudden attack, the 2 of them were not prepared and were struck by the pillar, smashed to the ground .

Before the beam even dissipated, Yue Zhong activated the Summon Tamed Beast Technique, and at that moment, there was a huge spatial tear . The huge Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King then flew out from the hole, as though a mystical beast had stepped out of the legends and into this world .


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