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God And Devil World - Chapter 1097


Chapter 1097: Miracle!

Other than the 3 Type 8 experts of the Asura Clan, the remaining Type 7 Asura Clan members exchanged looks as they quickly dispersed and shot towards the Dino-warriors below .

They were all filled with killing intent and loved to battle . The moment their bloodlust was ignited, they could even forget about their own family members . They would kill without discrimination .

Yet, these Type 7 Asura Clan powerhouses knew they were not a match for the Type 8 leaders, hence they were not willing to stay a moment longer with them .

"Haha, die! Die! Die!"
As they charged into the battlefield, one particular Asura warrior laughed out savagely, rushing towards the numerous Dino-Warriors . He wielded a powerful battleax, and as he swung, the battleax instantly sliced a dozen Dino-warriors into 2, as fresh blood splattered everywhere .

The Dino-Warriors themselves were also filled with savage bloodlust, as they charged at the incoming Asura warrior .
"Right on!! Break for me!!"
The Asura warrior laughed out cruelly, not intending to dodge at all, as his battleax slashed out in multiple beams at the Dino-warriors .

In a flash, a dozen Dino-warriors were sliced up like meat, blood splattering everywhere .

In the shower of blood, the Asura warrior roared out in excitement, like a devil, "HAHAHAHA!"

On the other side, within the American bunkers, laser beams continued to shoot out, piercing through some of the unlucky Dino-Warriors .

At that instant, one Asura warrior descended upon them, landing in front of one bunker . He wielded his battle spear as he laughed out viciously, and grabbed out at the bunker, sending a force slamming into the bunker that pulverized it, killing the numerous human soldiers within it instantly

The Asura warriors began to slaughter any life form they came across like demons, to the point where they were so overcome by bloodlust that they would even kill among themselves .

On the ground, the battlefield had already become like a huge slaughterhouse, as numerous beings were being killed by the Asura warriors, as blood, organs, and body parts were strewn all over the ground, looking just like hell .

Yue Zhong watched and sucked in a breath of cold air, "What demons . No wonder they were sealed in that world . If these Asura warriors were to stay on Earth for the next decade, there would be nothing left on Earth . "

In mid-air, the 3 Type 8 Asura warriors were still bickering over who was going to hunt Yue Zhong .

"Really, that's enough . We shall all attack together, whoever kills him gets to keep him!"

Asura Lei Hao roared out in fury, and his innate Asura combat qi burst forth, his eyes turning bloodshot . An incredible pressure began pouring out from him, and his muscles became taut and colored by a reddish scale-like energy .

"God-Cleaving Slash!"

With an enraged roar, Asura Lei Hao seemed to tear apart space as he suddenly appeared in front of Yue Zhong, his ax swinging down with an overbearing might, covered in the same reddish hue .

The Asura Clan was a race that focused on slaughter, having undergone years and years of killing, and comprehended their own slaughter techniques . This God-Cleaving Slash was one of the secret techniques of Asura Lei Hao, and it was powerful, capable of splitting gods and devils, not losing out to Yue Zhong's Yin-Yang Palm at all .

When the strike descended, Yue Zhong felt as though the atmospheric energy around him was sucked dry, and he could not absorb any to form a shield . He could only rely on his flesh body to resist that shocking strike .

"What a strong freak!!"

Yue Zhong's eyes narrowed, and he pulled out the C3-Grade Shield plate, which immediately opened up to form a powerful C3-Grade Shield that protected in front of him .


Following an earth-shaking blast, Asura Lei Hao's ax fell upon the shield, forcefully tearing it apart, even though it was capable of resisting most Type 8 realm attacks .

"Hahaha, he's mine!!"

At the moment the C3-Grade Shield shattered, Asura Ye Xun activated his own technique, Flowing Night Slash, as he appeared noiselessly behind Yue Zhong, thrusting out with his sword towards his body .

A strike that resembled a shooting star shot through Yue Zhong's body, tearing it apart, even causing a tear in space .

This Flowing Night Slash was also an Asura technique, containing spatial principles . Even a Type 9 powerhouse would be injured by such a strike .

However, Yue Zhong's body disintegrated without a trace .

"You 2 idiots, this is the true body!!"

Asura Zao laughed coldly, as she appeared mysteriously at a patch of space, her battle spear thrusting towards the area .

As it thrust out, Yue Zhong's figure appeared . The spear pierced his right shoulder, as a jet of blood that carried a slight gold hue shot out from his wound .

When the 3 Asura experts joined hands, they immediately injured Yue Zhong .

Asura Zao's spear pierced through Yue Zhong's shoulder, and a powerful combat intent burst forth, disrupting his blood flow, causing him to spit out more blood .

Yue Zhong was overcome with shock, ever since he reached the peak of Type 7 realm, he had made use of all sorts of abilities that came with his God-Devil Body to suppress even a few Type 8 powerhouses . After he recovered from the Type 9 9-Headed Dragonhawk's strike, this was the first time that he had been injured .

"God-Devil Domain!"

Yue Zhong was an experienced combatant . In a flash, he activated his strongest trump card, and the powerful domain containing both angelic and demonic intent enveloped the region, covering all 3 Asura warriors .

Once he activated it, he disappeared from sight within the Devil Domain, reappearing in the God Domain .

As he stepped into it, the angelic beings and manifestations quickly brought forth their blessings and songs upon him .

Amidst the blessings, his wound began to heal, and his injuries started to recover . At the same time, his combat strength was also boosted .

"What is that?!"
"Oh, Lord! What am I seeing? Those are angels!! Are the angels blessing him?! Is Yue Zhong God? Or is he God's Son?"

"Angels! Those are angels!! Am I hallucinating?! Oh, God, all glory to you!!"

"Angels! Those angels are blessing a Chinese?! Why? Why is it like this?!"
". . . "

When the American troops saw how the angels and cherubs were singing songs of praise and blessing Yue Zhong within the God-Domain, they were all stunned, some in panic, some in shock, most of shock, most of them envious .
In the western religions, angels were exalted beings, considered the messengers of God, or servants of God, and would only sing, praise or even fight for God . It was nearly impossible for mortals to see any .

After the apocalypse, since many came to know of the existence called God, they began to believe . However, they had yet to come across true angels .

Now that there were so many angels and deities in the skies beside Yue Zhong, they were all at a loss .

If it were a white person who had been in Yue Zhong's position, then the American troops were sure to believe that it was God's incarnate . However, an Asian like Yue Zhong was currently being blessed, this caused them to be confused .

"Praise the Lord, thank you for coming once again to save us lost sheep!!"

"Praise the Lord for coming!"

"Oh God, you're almighty and all-knowing . Thank you for coming to save us lost sheep!"

". . . "

However, even so, there were many who became devout believers . In this era where it seemed all was hopeless, many needed a beacon of hope and faith . That way, they could live on with hope . As long as there was God, even if they died in battle, they would enter God's kingdom .

Leo saw the God-Domain and Yue Zhong being surrounded by the angels, and clenched his fist in envy, as he thought to himself, "This is the God-Devil Domain, in the future, I will definitely be able to comprehend such a strong domain as well!"

The Devil Domain was enveloping the 3 Asura warriors, as the devilish energy wrapped around them, assaulting and invading them . The demonic and evil manifestations pounced onto them without stop .


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