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God And Devil World - Chapter 1096


Chapter 1096: The Asura Clan!

Flesh met steel, culminating in a cruel and merciless slaughter, as blood flowed and mechanical parts scattered/
At every moment, numerous Dino-warriors were killed, at the same time, many Mech Beasts were also torn apart by the Dino-warriors .

Yue Zhong did not deploy his most powerful Mech Beasts into the battle, but the current force was more than enough to suppress the Dino-army .

In the sky, the unmanned drones also charged for the Mutant Winged Dinosaurs, both sides suffering heavy losses .

However, in the air, it was the Mutant Winged Dinosaurs that had the advantage, as their life force was strong and could withstand a few hits . Once they charged into the fleet of unmanned drones, they could easily tear the unmanned drones apart . Furthermore, most of them had flame-related innate abilities . They could shoot out black dragonflame at the drones, sending them plummeting to the ground .

The Mech Beasts on the ground cooperated with the American troops, wrestling advantage away from the Dino-warriors . However, in the sky, the Mutant Winged Dinosaurs had the upper hand .
"Those Mutant Winged Dinosaurs are truly something . But, as long as I kill you, everything can be resolved . "
Yue Zhong's gaze swept past the flock of Mutant Winged Dinosaurs, his eyes flashing with appreciation, before turning back to look at Emperor Ba Long . Suddenly, he disappeared, and charged right for the back of the Emperor Hei Long .
"You're still trying this? Break!"

Emperor Ba Long roared out in rage, stepping into the sky and blocked in front of Emperor Hei Long . He then absorbed some atmospheric energy, sending out over a hundred claw attacks at Yue Zhong .

Emperor Ba Long followed the path of the close-combat evolution, his strength was exceptional . Every strike contained the principles of his comprehension towards techniques, and his executions were incredible . Even a Type 8 human expert might suffer when pitched against him .

Against the claws, Yue Zhong's eyes narrowed and both hands raised to form the Level 6 Yin-Yang Palm as it descended from the skies, slamming towards Emperor Ba Long viciously .

Following a huge roar, the huge Yin-Yang Palm destroyed all the palm shadows, slamming into Emperor Ba Long's body, breaking both his shoulders as he was sent knocked back hundreds of meters . He then spat out a huge amount of blood .

After injuring Emperor Ba Long, Yue Zhong's eyes flashed coldly as he appeared on top of Emperor Ba Long's head in a strange manner, grabbing at him .

Due to the heavy injuries, and having exerted all his might earlier, he could not dodge this incoming attack .

Although Yue Zhong was only at the half-step into the Type 8 realm, with his Yin-Yang Palm, as well as the terrifying God-Devil Body, he was able to defeat opponents of the Type 8 realm .

"You want to kill me? Damn Yue Zhong, you've forced me to this!! I will go all out with you!! With my body as a sacrifice, gateway to the Otherworld, open!!"
Emperor Ba Long stared vengefully at Yue Zhong, before a savage glint flashed past . He bellowed in rage and his body split apart, turning into a blood fog that entered a blood-red pearl .

After absorbing the blood essence of Emperor Ba Long, the pearl started to expand, causing a huge rift in space, revealing a blood-like world behind the distortions .

There was a thick, nauseating scent of blood that could be detected strongly from the world beyond .

"This is another world!!"

"I can smell the life of this world!!"

"I want to wipe out everything!!"

"Kill! Kill! Kill!! Fight!! Fight!! Fight!!"

". . . "
A spine-chilling and powerful aura then burst out from the blood-like world .

In an instant, a 2m-tall man with red hair stepped out, wielding an axe and he was half naked . He wore a necklace of skulls, while his visage was ferocious . The moment he appeared, he brought his axe swinging down in a flash towards Yue Zhong .
The speed of the axe was extremely quick, and even Yue Zhong could not dodge it completely .

With a thought, an energy shield quickly formed in front of him, as the axe came slamming into it, obliterating it entirely . It continued to swing towards Yue Zhong without a decrease in speed at all .

At the moment the shield was broken, Yue Zhong did not retreat, instead, he took a step forward and slammed viciously into the man .


Following a terrifying sound of collision, the red-haired man was sent flying back as his body broke apart in a shower of blood .

However, when the man was killed in an instant, Yue Zhong suddenly felt an intense sense of danger deep in his bones . He activated his Shadow Steps and twisted his body, at the same time, another shield condensed from atmospheric energy appeared in front of him .

It was at that moment that a blood-covered spear with incredible killing intent shot out from the blood-like world, thrusting towards Yue Zhong .

The spear brought with it a powerful might, easily disintegrating Yue Zhong's shield, while continuing to pierce towards pierce towards him .

Yue Zhong dodged it at the first moment he could, however, 2 other battles spears appeared suddenly, aiming for his heart and head respectively .

Facing that dangerous assault, Yue Zhong's gaze turned cold, as he summoned energy in his hands, and executed his Dragon-Catching Claws, grabbing out at the 2 spears with his dragon-shaped force .
The blood-covered battle spears twisted and burst forth with combat intent, directly smashing the claw of Yue Zhong, continuing their trajectory .
At that critical moment, Yue Zhong willed it and his God-Devil Domain burst forth, enveloping the entire region .

When the 2 battle spears were wrapped in the domain, they continued to emit the bloodthirsty intent .

Under that pressure, the manifestations within the Devil Domain began bursting apart and reforming .

The spears then struck the edges of the domain, causing a powerful collision, and the entire Domain trembled on the verge of breaking apart .

However, they were ultimately still constrained by the God-Devil Domain .

As Yue Zhong suppressed the 2 battle spears, another red-haired character stepped out from the blood-filled world .
In just a few breaths, over 80 similar figures walked out from the world .

There were males and females, every one of them with red hair . The men were topless, their expressions savage . The females had some alluring gold linen that covered their chests just barely, accentuating their hot figures . However, there was no denying that they were all emitting powerful killing intent .

The 80 human-shaped figures were all emitting pressure of the peak Type-7 realm, as they each wielded weapons, including blades, spears, swords, hatchets, axes, bows, and all sorts of things . Even the women were bloodthirsty . There were 3 leaders were 3 leaders who stood at the forefront, exuding an overbearing pressure of the Type 8 realm, and their strength was even higher than Emperor Ba Long .

When the 80 people leaped out from the blood-filled world, the tear in space began to mend .

One other being from the other side tried to leap through, but halfway through, he was crushed by the closing tear, and turned into minced meat .

One of the leaders, who carried 3 spears and an axe, glanced at the God-Devil Domain, his eyes filled with an excitement and savagery . He licked his lips as he spoke, "God-Devil Domain? You're an Oracle? What luck, to be able to hunt an Oracle the moment we got out from that prison .  It seems that we are fortunate as well, the Oracle is only at the Type 7 realm . We can join forces to kill him and take in the God and Devil Imprint and the God-Devil Nucleus . Asura Ye Xun, what do you think?"
Another of the leaders, who had a 2m-long broadsword, his figure muscular and bulky, looked at Yue Zhong with the same desire, "No!! Asura Lei Hao, Asura Zao, this prey is mine . You guys had better scram clear, otherwise I will chop off your heads to use as my toilet bowl!"

The last person was an absolute beauty who wielded a battle spear . She wore golden clothes, covering her private parts, while the rest of her fair skin was revealed . Her expression was icy cold, yet, when she spoke, her words were filled with a violent aura, "Asura Lei Hao, Asura Ye Xun, the 2 of you should get lost . This Oracle is MY prey . If you want to be stubborn, I will pierce you guys and feed the dogs . "

These red-haired human-like beings were all from the Asura Planet, the Asura Clan . In this clan, everyone was a combat genius, battling from the moment they were born . They fought against monsters, even among themselves . After they reach maturity, each one of them would be at least a Type 6 powerhouse . There were no shortages of Type 7, Type 8 and even Type 9 powerhouses back on their planet .

The Asura Clan would not lose out to the Mech Empire, and they themselves had also conquered and controlled other planets and universes .

The men of Asura were ugly, while the women were exceptionally beautiful . At the same time, regardless of gender, they were all cruel and bloodthirsty characters who loved a good fight, and idolized the strong . Only a stronger expert could make them submit, otherwise, they would not listen to anybody else .


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