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God And Devil World - Chapter 1095


Chapter 1095: Yue Zhong Acts!

Emperor Ba Long saw the Gauss Rifle at Leo's temple, and his eyes flashed with a cruel excitement . As long as Leo was down, and he absorbed the God and Devil Imprint as well as the God-Devil Nucleus, he would be able to evolve once more, becoming stronger, even possibly reaching the Type 9 realm .

Right at this time, there was a lazy drawl, "Leo, if you kill yourself, what would happen to America from now on?"

Everyone turned to the source of the voice, and the humans were filled with hope and renewed spirits .

When Leo saw who had arrived, his face was also filled with joy, as he immediately lowered the Gauss Rifle in his hand, "Yue Zhong!! It's you!! I knew you'd come!!"

The experts of the superhuman alliance looked at Yue Zhong standing in mid-air, many of them filled with relief, while some were filled with slight fear and envy . The Americans had always been proud of themselves and considered America to be the strongest . Right now on Earth, the 2 publicly recognized experts were Leo and Yue Zhong, and in their hearts, they had always felt Leo to be stronger . However, the truth was right in front of them .

Emperor Ba Long swept Yue Zhong a gaze, and laughed coldly, as he released his Type 8 pressure towards him, "Yue Zhong? You're that Chinese leader who has the God and Devil Imprint, that Yue Zhong? Very good, I was intending to find you after killing Leo . Since you're here, you can kill yourself too! Otherwise, I will lead my forces and wipe out everyone in China!"

"Just with you pieces of trash? This time, I'm here to clean you all up . "

Yue Zhong swept him, as well as the other 2 Dino-Emperors a look, and laughed coldly . He then shot forward, producing 3 Shadow Clones that threw out a punch each at the different Emperors respectively .

"Damn it!"

Seeing Yue Zhong actually taking the initiative to attack them first, the 3 Dino-Emperors were caught off-guard and roared out in rage . They were peak experts and had terrifying strength, and yet, Yue Zhong actually took them on 1-against-3, it was practically a humiliation .

The 3 Dino-Emperors joined hands and their punches at the same time towards the Shadow Clones .

Following a loud roar, a terrifying shockwave blasted outwards in all directions, raising a storm as stones and debris flew everywhere .

The human experts of the Type 4 stage and below were all blasted backward, spitting out blood as their inner organs were shaken badly . Their eyes revealed shock . Even the Type 5 experts had disrupted blood flow as their faces turned pale .

After that, the impossible scene revealed itself, as Emperor Hei Long and Emperor Qing Long were both sent flying backward, while even Emperor Ba Long took a few steps back .

"Impossible!! How is he that strong?! Those 3 monsters are actually at the peak of the Type 7 realm, there's even one at the Type 8 realm . He actually took on all 3 of them, how could he beat them back?"

"How is this possible? My eyes must be going blind!"
"OH, lord, what did I see? My eyes are truly going bad!!"

". . . "
The human forces stared wide-eyed and full of shock . . They were Type 4 and Type 5 existences and had felt the terrifying might of these Dino-Emperors earlier . Any one of them could easily squash them to death with a single palm . And yet, in front of Yue Zhong, they had not been able to take a blow . Yue Zhong's might was simply heaven-defying .

Leo stared at Yue Zhong, his expression one of shock and envy as well, "Too strong . How the hell did he improve that fast?! Isn't this too terrifying?! I had thought that with the battles I fought, I would not lose to him, and yet, he has advanced so far ahead of me…"

Leo had been fighting against the Dino-warriors with all his might slaughter numerous experts, reaching the Type 7 realm from his Type 6 realm through arduous steps . He had originally thought that he was invincible, however, seeing how strong Yue Zhong was, no matter how broad-minded he was, he could not help but feel jealous .

When Emperor Ba Long was forced back, he was also shocked, "Impossible!! You're just a Type 7 expert, how can you be so strong?!"
Emperor Ba Long had slaughtered countless human experts, but it was the first time that he had come across such a person as Yue Zhong .
After sending the 3 Dino-Emperors back, Yue Zhong was filled with confidence, as he stepped forward and transformed into a shadow that appeared behind Emperor Qing Long, sending a powerful fist against his back .

A terrifying strength burst forth, and the peak-Type 7 Emperor Qing Long who was barely a step into the Type 8 realm was blasted apart, his body split into many pieces .

With his death, a large energy entered Yue Zhong's body, however, it was far from enough for Yue Zhong to reach the Type 8 realm . He needed much more pure life force .

Emperor Ba Long saw how Yue Zhong had killed Emperor Qing Long with a single fist and his face fell, revealing some trepidation as he struggled inwardly, "Damn it!! Damn Oracle!! I must kill him before he gets any stronger!! Otherwise, our Dino-race will definitely will definitely be annihilated by him!"

An Oracle was a revered existence across worlds . As long as they continued slaughtering, they could evolve much faster . Initially, Yue Zhong had just been an annoying ant that Emperor Ba Long could have crushed, but now, he was standing on equal ground, if not, with even more strength .

"Yue Zhong, you're indeed strong . However, I'm not just one person! You're against our entire race!! Today, you will die here!!"Emperor Ba Long glared at him, before opening his jaws to let out an earth-shaking roar .

At that instant, a dense horde of Mutant Winged Dinosaurs soared over, covered with grey scales, and growing powerful-looking wings that resembled Western dragons . Their necks were long like diplodocuses, and they had sharp teeth, each of them exuding a powerful pressure . These were all at the Type 5 and Type 6 realm . The leader was only about 20m-long, but its whole body was silver in color, and it had a single horn, at the Type 7 realm . There were over 300,000 of them and was one of the strongest trump cards of Emperor Ba Long .

Every Type 5 Mutant Winged Dinosaur was able to rival a Type 6 human soldier, with such a force, even a Type 8 powerhouse would be injured or even killed .

A Type 8 powerhouse might be able to slap a Type 5 Mutant Winged Dinosaur to death, but with 300,000 of them pouncing, one would have to use kiting tactics .

"We're finished!!"

Seeing the huge cloud of aerial beasts soaring downwards, Leo and the rest of the American forces felt despair .
Every single beast was at least a Type 5, and it would take the humans time and effort to deal with them . In fact, only Leo himself could actually take on each one . However, their numbers were more than enough to swallow everything .
Yue Zhong's expression remained impassive as he eyed the horde, laughing coldly and waved his hands, "You have your Type 5 Mutant Beasts, I have my battleships . "

In an instant, 8 Protector Battleships appeared out of the clouds .

The moment they flew out, countless particle beams shot out at the horde of flying beasts .
As the rain of beams blasted into the midst of the Type 5 Mutant Winged Dinosaurs, turning them into sieves, fresh blood splattering .
The 8 Protector Battleships had undergone upgrades with Yue Zhong's haul from the Galastar world, installing numerous A-Grade and B-Grade particle cannons from the Mech Empire .
After equipping those cannons, the firepower of the 8 Protector Battleships was boosted greatly, empowering them to kill even a Type 7 powerhouse .

Under the relentless barrage of firepower, many of the Mutant Winged Dinosaurs were gunned down every passing second in showers of blood .

At the same time, in front of the Dino-warrior army, a horde of Mech Beasts carrying advanced weapons appeared and charged into the battle .

These were the Mech Beasts obtained from the Mech Kingdom, every one of them powerful and possessing decent firepower . Once they joined in the fray, the battlefield was soon enveloped numerous laser beams firing out, and large crowds of Dino-warriors were being killed every second .

Facing this sudden assault, the Dino-Warriors were thrown into chaos . However, they were not elites for nothing, as they quickly adjusted their directions, facing the new enemy and began charging right at them .


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