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God And Devil World - Chapter 1094


Chapter 1094: Coercion!

Right as Leo was bolstering the morale, a voice full of an overbearing and tyrannical aura sounded, "Reinforcements? I'm afraid you don't have the luxury . "

Leo lifted his head to the sky and sucked in a breath of cold air .
He noticed 3 Dino-warriors manipulating the atmospheric energy as they stepped through the air and came towards them .

One of them happened to be Emperor Ba Long that Yue Zhong had come across in the past . In addition, the other 2 were Emperor Qing Long and Emperor Hei Long . Emperor Qing Long was covered in green scales and possessed a thick and powerful tail . His face, however, was one of a handsome human . Emperor Hei Long was different, his entire body covered in black scales, as well as thick and sharp spikes . His hands had 40cm-long claws, as well as bone plates all over his joints . His face was a savage visage of a dinosaur .

When the 3 of them descended, they exuded a powerful and overpowering pressure .

The elites of the superhuman alliance were all at the Type 4 and Type 5 level, and when faced with the pressure of the 3 Dino-Emperors, their faces turned pale as they trembled with fear .

They could feel from every fiber in their body that they were just like ants in front of these 3, and they could easily be swatted to death .

Leo's gaze fixed on Emperor Ba Long, as he gritted his teeth, and asked, "Type 8, you're a Type 8 powerhouse? How is that possible? The Gates of Hell should only allow those of the Type 6 and below!!"

Leo was just like Edward and Yue Zhong, the peak experts of Earth . He also knew from his channels that the Gates of Hell should only allow those of the Type 6 realm and below to pass . If a Type 7 powerhouse wanted to pass through, it required a huge price, not to mention a Type 8 expert .

The stronger the experts, the harder it was to pass through the Gates of Hell . Even the Type 9 Mech Emperor had no way of crossing the Gates of Hell, and could only pay a huge price to distort the laws, forcefully sending a dozen Type 7 Mechs through .
Emperor Ba Long stared at Leo coldly, and threatened, "That's right, the Gates of Hell only allow those of the Type 6 realm through However, Type 7 powerhouses can also pass through with a certain price . If it wasn't for me focusing on achieving a sudden breakthrough, to the Type 8 realm, all of you would have been wiped out earlier . Now, I'm already in the Type 8 realm and am invincible on this Earth . Human, stop your resistance and let me kill you . I can spare the lives of your people in the country . If you dare resist, after killing you, I will wipe everyone in America out, leaving not a single one alive!!"

After the intense battles, Emperor Ba Long knew what Leo was capable of . He was just barely at the initial-Type 7 realm, and had just comprehended his Second Order God-Devil Body, and was not even comparable with Emperor Qing Long and Emperor He Long, both at the peak of Type 7 realm, much less, the Type 8 Emperor Ba Long .
However, Leo had a Treasure of Hope, the Wings of Hope . With those, even Emperor Ba Long might not be able to keep him . That was why he threatened him .

Faced with that, Leo's face changed, as he became silent, before slowly saying, "If I really kill myself, will you really let my people go?"

Emperor Ba Long replied in an overbearing manner, "Of course, as long as you kill yourself, I promise to let America off and allow your men to rest here . As long as you guys don't provoke us, we will not attack you . "

Among the humans, those who could threaten the Dino-race were those with the God and Devil Imprint . If they were wiped out, then the chances of the humans overcoming the foreign races would be incredibly miniscule .

After all, the innate talents, physique and combat strength of the humans were weaker than the foreign races . Even when comparing those of the same realm, it was hard for them to evolve . If Yue Zhong and Leo had not possessed the Imprints, even if they cultivated for over 200 years, they would not reach the Type 7 7 realm . Without a peak expert to hold the fort, the human race would be doomed to sink, never to raise a potential threat .

On Galastar, the Mech Emperor Zu Yuan Ting allowed the human race to develop for so many years, but they were only capable of threatening a single city after all this time . If Zu Yuan Ting really deployed his forces, within a year, he could definitely wipe out 90% of the humans on Galastar .

Wendy's face fell as she stepped forward to stop him, "No!! Leo!! You can't do it!! You cannot die!!"

"Yeah!! Brother Leo!! We will fight it out with them!!"

"Let's fight it out with these monsters!!"

". . . "

The rest of the elites all raised an uproar in fury . They did not wish for their hero to be forced to commit suicide . In their eyes, Leo was invincible, on par with a god, it was just like how Yue Zhong's troops viewed him .
"Shut up!"

Emperor Ba Long swept the rest of the warriors a look, as his eyes turned cold, and exuded a powerful Type 8 aura, pressurizing all the elites .

Faced with such might, all the soldiers below the Type 5 realm immediately got down on the ground in fear, gasping for breath as their bodies trembled uncontrollably . The Type 5 powerhouses also felt weak, and almost could not breathe, not able to say anything more
Feeling the wrath of Emperor Ba Long, the faces of the elite soldiers fell, their eyes filled with fear and shock .
Leo fell into contemplation, the huge pressure caused him to frown . It felt as though his spine was being forced to bend . For the first time, he had no confidence of success at all .

Under the assault of the Dino-race, the American forces had been forced back over and over, losing countless elites . Leo had also assassinated as many Type 6 Emperor Kings as he could, just to reach his Type 7 realm .

Now, the 100,000 troops left below were the final elites standing between the Dino-race and America . If they were also killed off, that meant that there were no more elites left .

Once the line was breached, it would not be long before America fell as well, as there were no one else left to defend the country .

If it was not for the battle being so critical, Leo would not have had to fight continuously for 5 straight days, being forced to such a state of exhaustion .

Emperor Ba Long and the other 2 had waited for Leo to be at this state before they surrounded him . Like this, even if he had the Wings of Hope, it would be tough for him to escape .

Under the might of the Type 8 powerhouse, one of the Type 5 elites still managed to shout out, "Leo, no!! You can't kill yourself… . . !"

"You talk too much bullshit! Go to hell!!"

Emperor Ba Long frowned, and pointed at that Type 5 expert, as the atmospheric energy condensed into a bullet-form that pierced through the head of the Type 5 expert, directly bursting it apart, as blood and white brain matter splattered all over the ground .

A warrior like this, who had undergone so many battles, and considered a peak expert, had also died so miserably .

Seeing this, the rest of the elites of the elites from the superhero alliance felt sorrow, fear, and despair . They were clear that they were nothing in front of these existences, and they could not even impede them in the slightest .

When Leo saw this, his heart was filled with anguish as well, his fists clenching, and his eyes were filled with a killing intent while staring at Emperor Ba Long .

Emperor Ba Long swept a cold gaze as he laughed, continuing his coercion, "Human, if you still don't kill yourself, all the troops below, as well as your country, will be wiped out because of you!! Everyone will die because of you!!"
Leo maintained silent, as he looked down .

The Dino-warriors were currently employing their Type 6 and Type 5 forces . Without Leo's control, the Dino-warriors were unrivaled, and managed to destroy point after point, slaughtering numerous American soldiers .

Although many of the American soldiers were willing to give their all, there would naturally be some cowards who abandoned their posts and retreated without orders . THe moment those soldiers fled, it dealt a larger blow to the American morale, and the battling forces began to collapse even further .

As long as Leo was kept here for an hour, the entire troop would definitely be crushed, and the defense line broken apart .
Leo was silent for a very long time, as he turned to eye America behind him, his eyes filled with a pained expression . He then turned to face Emperor Ba Long, "I can kill myself, but I want you to promise me that you will safeguard America . "

Emperor Ba Long shook his head, "No way . I can only promise that our Dino-race would not attack your American people . I can't promise anything else . Make your choice, I'm giving you your last 30 seconds . "

Leo's eyes flashed with a bleakness, as he raised a Gauss Rifle to his temple, laughing out mournfully, "Goodbye, my beloved homeland!"


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