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God And Devil World - Chapter 1093


Chapter 1093: The American Forces request Aid!

The whole procession was huge, with the numbers of 2 million, if they wanted to pass through the Gates on foot, it would take more than 10 days to complete the process .

However, Yue Zhong had instructed for them to board large transport vehicles, sending them through to Earth .

With this, there was easily thousands of soldiers being transported every second .

Yue Zhong stood at the side, guarding warily, anticipating the retaliation of the Mech Kingdom .

However, for some unknown reason, the retaliation did not come as soon as he expected, allowing the humans of Galastar to pass through safely .

"Finally! I'm back!!"

As Yue Zhong stepped on the ground, he let out a long breath . He had been so tense on Galastar, faced with countless experts and if he had been careless and come across a Type 9 powerhouse, he could have been slapped to death . On Earth, as long as there were no strong foreign races, he was practically undefeatable .

"Earth, so it truly has already become a land for evolution . No wonder so many foreign races are trying to get through . "

Currently, with his strength at the peak of the Type 7 realm, he was sensitive to the flow of energy . He could sense that there was a strange force in Earth's atmosphere, and the moment he took it in, his body seemed to be strengthened just slightly .

In comparison, with his current talent and realm, he would just need to enter closed-door cultivation for 20 years and he could break through to the Type 8 realm . If it were on Galastar, then even with his heaven-defying talent, he would need 200 years . If it were any other ordinary peak-Type 7 human powerhouses, it would take an entire lifetime and he or she would not even be close to breaking through .

As Yue Zhong landed, he had not even relaxed fully, when his communication device vibrated, and Bai Yi's voice sounded, "Master, it seems like the Americans are sending you a request for aid . They're about to fall . "

Yue Zhong frowned when he heard that, "What? The Americans can't hold out any longer?"

Currently, many regions of Earth had fallen, turning into lands for the Mutant Beasts, the Zombies, foreign races, the Sea Clan . England and the Kingdom of God had recently just fallen . Russia was also forced back again and again due to the evolved Zombies . On Earth, the only 2 states still standing were China and America .

Of course, there were definitely other cockroach-like people that just won't die no matter what . However, they were too scattered, and even if they banded together, they were not a match for America and China .

If America fell as well, then there was only China left as a human faction . Then, the pressure would be on China to fend off the invasions of the other species .
On the outskirts of Montana, USA, there were numerous bunkers erected that formed a cluster of structures .

Such a formation would be useless in the modern warfare, as with the advance of technology and weapons, it was easy to deal with such a tactic . But against the physically stronger and tougher Dino-race, it was effective .

Against such an extensive network of structures, the human forces would definitely not attack such a fortified location . However, in front of it, it was like a slaughterhouse .
Dino-warriors, as well as the various vassal forces under them, were charging at the bunkers .

The resounding blasts of cannons did not stop for a single moment, as any individual below the Type 4 realm were blasted to bits and pieces .

At the same time, in the skies, there were numerous unmanned drones of the American forces, coupled with assault helicopters and fighter jets clashing against the winged-type foreign species under the cover of the anti-air defenses . There were winged-Dragon Riders, the White Winged race, the Grey-Winged race, and even Eaglemen .
At every moment, there were large droves of the aerial forces being gunned down, at the same time, there were American pilots being killed and their aircraft plunging to the ground .

Below, within the bunkers, there were no more small firearms, only the heavy firepower, as well as the advanced laser guns, Gauss rifles, and other sci-fi weapons .
Ordinary rifles were not effective against these physically tougher Dino-warriors and foreign species . Only the more powerful ones, as well as advanced weaponry, could deal damage to them .


Following the sound of explosions, amidst the Dino-warriors, an area the size of a football field was blasted wide apart, as limbs flew and blood splattered everywhere . Just a single cannon was able to turn over 40 foreign warriors as well as 5 Type 3 Dino-warriors into bits and pieces .

Before the dust settled, a Type 3 Tyranno-warrior dashed towards a bunker, while covered in blood .

The Type 3 Tyranno-warrior let out a savage roar, his fists slamming into the bunker with the force of a mountain .
With a loud bang, the bunker collapsed, revealing a gaping hole, and the Type 3 Tyranno-warrior charged in .

Not long after, there were screams coming out from the bunker . The next moment, the moment, the Type 3 Tyranno-Warrior jumped back out, covered in more blood, as he made for another bunker .
The Type 3 Tyranno-warrior had not charged out for long when a number of laser beams shot at him .

Amidst the rain of laser beams, the Type 3 Tyranno-warrior was punched full of holes, as blood flowed and he crumpled to the ground .

In front of the cluster of bunkers, humans were fighting against foreign races, flesh against steel, and it was incredibly cruel and bloody, as American troops were dying every passing second .

Had it been before the Apocalypse, even if the American troops were powerful, they would have already fallen and collapsed . However, these troops were baptized by the cruel apocalypse and had experienced plenty of bloodsheds . They had killed their fair share of powerful enemies . Compared to the elites of China, they were not necessarily subpar . At the same time, behind them, there was their home, their friends, families and loved ones all relying on them . Once they fell, everything would be destroyed . Hence, they were going all out .

On top a small mountain, the pillar of America, superhero Leo stared at the vast sea of Dino-warriors . His eyes had a look of despair and exhaustion, "These damn Dino-warriors, what a bunch of bastards!!"

Currently, Leo had undergone countless days of battle, using all means and methods to take on numerous Type 6 Dino-warriors . He had suddenly broken through as well, reaching the Type 7 realm, and forged his own Second Order God-Devil Body .

However, under the constant slaughter, his body, spirit, and mind were all stretched taut . He had killed over a dozen Type 6 Dino-warriors, and over 200 Type 5 Dino-warriors, 10,000 Type 4 Dino-warriors, and too many Type 3 Dino-warriors to count .

If it wasn't for him trying to be a firefighter, going everywhere to take on the experts of the Dino-race, the American troops would have been crushed long ago . After all, a single Type 4 Dino-warrior was enough to slaughter a thousand American troops .

Behind him stood 60 blood-covered experts of the superhero alliance, every one of them exhausted .

Many of the experts within the alliance had died in combat, but at the same time, their ranks were constantly being replenished . Although many of them had certain shortfalls in their characters and done things they were not proud of, at this moment, they were all united and true Americans, protecting the rest of their homeland .

Currently, all of them were gazing at Leo with respect and admiration . They had relied on him heavily these few days, with his constant battling, without sleeping, just to hold out . Without him, their bunkers would have fallen long ago .

One beautiful and alluring woman walked up to him, muttering with concern, "Leo, you go get some rest . You have not rested for 5 whole days . "

Leo's eyes were bloodshot, as he shook his head gently, "No, Wendy, before Yue Zhong's troops are here, I cannot rest . Otherwise, our line will fall . "

Wendy frowned, and asked worriedly, "Leo, I heard that China is also under the aliens'siege . Furthermore, our relations are not that good . Will he send troops to help us?"

After the apocalypse, while America and China had formed an alliance, their relationship was not the best . If it were China who requested, America might not necessarily send aid as well .
Leo's eyes narrowed, as he clenched his fists in resolution, "He will . Earth now only has us and China . If we fall, China would have to defend all the foreign species invading . It would be 10 times tougher than before . Yue Zhong is smart, he will definitely send someone to help us . "

Hearing those words, the rest of the experts heaved a sigh . They were clear, that if reinforcements did not arrive soon, then the American core troops would suffer greatly in these 2 days .


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