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God And Devil World - Chapter 1092


Chapter 1092: The Crafty Murphyte!

Yue Zhong had obtained countless resources from the armory of the Mech Kingdom . Among them, there were numerous combat armors, among them the Type 7 and Type 8 ones were not lacking .
Currently, the Red Tiger Emperor and Silver Fox Emperor had already changed out their combat mech armor, utilizing the Type 8 ones . They were not only the peak experts of the human race but also the most talented pilots . With the Type 8 Mech Armors, they were able to exhibit an initial-Type 8 combat strength .

Under the lead of the 3 Emperors, the rest of the human elites piloting the Type 7 Mech Armors began to clash with the Type 7 sentient Mechs .

The combined strength of the 3 Emperors could rival a Type 8 powerhouse, although it was not enough against the Fort Lord Murphyte, the Type 8 Mutant Beast Wyrm-Winged King and other ancient Type 8 powerhouses, but it was more than enough to suppress the Type 7 Mechs entirely .
The Type 7 sentient combat Mechs were extremely savage as well . Other than those that had been taken out by the sudden assault of the 3 Emperors, they quickly surged back towards the horde of Mech Beasts, forming a new formation, as they clashed once more with the 3 Emperors .

While the 3 Emperors had the strength of the initial-Type 8 realm, they were also helpless against the group of Type 7 Mechs hiding within the Mech Beast Horde .

Both forces got into a stalemate, however, it was not long before many soldiers were being obliterated by the exchange of firepower .
"Foolish humans, no matter how many soldiers you send out, against my satellite beams, they are all just sheep for the slaughter . "Murphyte eyed the swarming soldiers below, and laughed coldly, meting out his punishment .
Yue Zhong stepped into the skies, soaring up and declared solemnly, "No, your satellite cannons are now useless . Murphyte, submit to me and work for me, you might live on . Otherwise, when I crush your smart chip later, you will truly perish . "
Currently, Murphyte was the leader and the strongest expert in the FED4456 base . If he were subdued or defeated, the way to the Gate of Hell through Earth would be clear .

Murphyte swept Yue Zhong a glance, his eyes narrowing, "It's you!! So it was you, damn human . In the Mech Empire City, you had caused some waves, I heard Titus was also killed by you!"

Yue Zhong grinned lightly in response, as the Type 8 Ape Lord Titus appeared beside him, "No! He has already become my loyal servant . "

"Titus greets Master . "The Type 8 Ape Lord greeted Yue Zhong respectfully before he turned around to threaten Murphyte with a ferocious shout, "Murphyte, I've already become Master Yue Zhong's most loyal servant . This is your last chance, kneel and swear fealty, and Master can let the past be . If you continue to be muddle-headed, I will join forces with Master to wipe you out, and crush your smart chip!"

When Murphyte saw Titus standing beside Yue Zhong, he felt a chill in his heart, "You… you actually subdued Titus…!!!"
Among the Type 8 powerhouses of the Mech Kingdom, Titus was not the strongest entity . He was comparable to Murphyte, however, he was still one of the Type 8 powerhouses, which caused him to be shocked .

With a clear voice, Xing Bing Yun arrived, stopping beside Yue Zhong as she spoke, "Murphyte, you better surrender . Otherwise, today will mark your death . "

Seeing Xing Bing Yun, Murphyte was also shocked, "The Star Luo remnant, XIng Bing Yun!! You're here as well!!"
She nodded mildly, "That's right, just submit . You might still have a way out that way . "

"Hahaha! I, Murphyte, will only have one master, that is the glorious Mech Emperor Zu Yuan Ting! If you want me to submit, in your dreams!!"
After that unbridled laugh, in an instant, numerous palm-sized black Mech Death Worms flew out from his body .

Those worms were made out of C-Grade superalloys, and only a Type 8 powerhouse could annihilate them fully . A B-Grade Particle Cannon was only enough to kill off one of them .
At the same time, those worms had powerful weapons and could suck energy . A C3-Grade energy shield would be sucked dry within a few breaths when they came in contact, and the users would be helpless after that .

The number of Mech Death Worms came up to about hundreds of thousands, and a Type 8 powerhouse could be killed if careless .

After releasing those worms, the huge Mech Fort rose up in the air, spitting out fuel as it shot far away in an escape .

Murphyte was extremely crafty, as he knew that even with the combination of the Mech Beasts in FED4456 camp, it had a low chance of winning . Furthermore, the satellites that the Mech Kingdom was so proud of seemed to have no movement, and he felt despair .

Furthermore, the most important thing is that he knew Yue Zhong had taken the Comet Cannon . If Yue Zhong did not mind utilizing the cannon, he could be killed in a single blast . With such odds, he naturally chose to run away .
If a Type 8 powerhouse wanted to flee, his speed would truly be shocking . In a matter of seconds, he had already disappeared from view, leaving behind the millions of Mech Beasts and 20,000 sentient Mechs .
Yue Zhong was taken aback when he saw that Murphyte had escaped, and was speechless, "What a cunning fellow . He did not even try to fight it out, and just fled . "

He had originally intended to suppress Murphyte and turn him into his servant as well . Like that, he would he would have 2 true Type 8 experts under his beck and call . Together with the Type 8 Mutant Beast that he tamed, he had 3 Type 8 powerhouses at his fingertips .

Xing Bing Yun laughed lightly, "Isn't it for the better though? We can cross with more ease now . "
"True! Let us wrap this up . "

Yue Zhong swept the swarm of Mech Death Worms and pointed out with his finger, as a blood sea flowed out, enveloping those bugs, and in a flash, there were countless ropes suppressing the Mech Death Worms .
Those Mech Worms that could strike fear in the hearts of Type 8 powerhouses seemed to have met their bane, s they were all quickly suppressed, with not a single one escaping from Yue Zhong's grasp .

Yue Zhong's control over the Blood Manipulation ability was getting stronger, and it was perfect for such small things which had tough defenses .

"Leave the other riff-raff to me . "

Xing Bing Yun saw how Yue Zhong had taken care of the Mech Death Worms, and her eyes flashed with a strange glint . She then disappeared from her location like a fairy .

In a few breaths, she appeared over the battlefield where the Type 7 Mechs were engaged with the 3 Emperors .
Under the heavy fire, Xing Bing Yun waved her hands, summoning her Constellation Domain, and an endless darkness enveloped the Type 7 Mechs . Under the strikes of the endless stars, 3 Type 7 Mechs, as well as their Mech Beasts nearby, were instantly torn apart .

The moment Xing Bing Yun joined the battle, she immediately broke the balance .

The numerous Type 7 Mechs were helpless under the joint efforts of Xing Bing Yun and the 3 Emperors . They were destroyed, and their smart chips not spared .

"Flee!! Flee!! Lord Murphyte had already escaped, we have to escape as well!!"
"Evacuate!! We need to protect some future seedlings to seek revenge next time!!"

". . . "

Following a few enraged shouts, the remaining sentient Mechs had no more intention to risk their lives and quickly fled .
The countless Mech Beasts also followed suit, trying to flee in various directions .
Yue Zhong tried his best but was only able to capture about 200,000 Mech Beasts, and the rest managed to flee with their owners .

After crushing the main force, the Green Drake Emperor flew towards Yue Zhong and asked, "Master, do we chase?"
Yue Zhong pondered for a moment, before giving the order, "Alright, go lead your troops and clear out the entire 50 sq km area . "

"Yes!"The Green Drake Emperor replied, before leading his direct troops towards the distance .

Making use of these chance, the 2 million humans quickly boarded their vehicles and made for the Gates of Hell, to Earth .

Yue Zhong watched them go through the Gate while frowning, "We have to hurry, lest something else happens . "


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