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God And Devil World - Chapter 1091


Chapter 1091: Comet Cannon!

After slaughtering this elite army in a second, Yue Zhong opened up the huge door and walked in .
When he entered, Yue Zhong was taken aback by what he saw, as he took in a cold breath and felt a chill in his heart, "This is a D-Grade Comet Cannon, they're actually hiding such a powerful trump card here!!"
In this huge armory, there was a 2km-long cannon, standing at a height of 300m, and it was engraved with numerous runes . It was connected with countless cables, powered by many nuclei of Type 6 and above . The main power source was a singular Type 9 Mutant Beast nucleus, as well as 8 Type 8 Beast nuclei . This was the strongest weapon of the Mech Kingdom, a D-Grade Comet Cannon .

Inside the Mech Kingdom, there was the technology of constructing a D-Grade Cannon . Due to its might, a single blast could kill a Type 9 powerhouse, but likewise, its expenditure and cost were too high . Furthermore, the D-Grade Comet Cannon just required a Type 9 nucleus, as well as 8 Type 8 as a power source .

A Type 9 Mutant Beast was a terrifying existence, with unparalleled strength . Even the Type 9 Mech Emperor only had the confidence to defeat, but not kill, a Type 9 Mutant Beast .
In these thousand years, the number of Type 9 Mutant Beasts that the Type 9 Mech Emperor Zu Yuan Ting had killed were only about 5 . Hence, he only had 5 Type 9 nuclei . Thus, there were only 5 D-Grade Comet Cannon .

Yue Zhong had not expected that there was such a powerful killing weapon in the FED4456 camp .
He thought back to when he first entered Galastar, and felt some fear, "Thankfully I was careful then, and did not reveal my existence . If they had just fired this at me, I would have died . "
Had Yue Zhong revealed his identity, the moment this Comet Cannon fired at him, he would definitely be vaporized . Even the current him with his God-Devil Domain, when struck by a single round of that Comet Cannon, he would turn into ash, without any resistance .

His thoughts then came to the possible reason for the weapon being here, "This must be one of the trump cards of Zu Yuan Ting . No wonder no Type 9 Mutant Beasts dared come here . The Mech Empire is truly placing a whole load of importance on this Gate of Hell . "
In truth, other than Earth, in any other world, the Gate of Hell was a highly sought-after possession . This was because, on the other side of the Gate, there was the possibility of further evolution . The numerous peak experts of their own worlds all sought to evolve once more, becoming masters of their own fate .

All the powerhouses knew this point, that they were just trapped in a huge cage, their fates in control of the entity called 'God'. The moment they slacked in their pursuit of strength, their own race would suffer and they would lose their rule and dominance . In the end, they might even be swallowed up by other races, enslaved or even annihilated .
The Gates of Hell represented the hope of evolution . Naturally, the experts of the other worlds wanted to enter Earth and help themselves as well their own race to evolve further, standing at the peak of the universe .
This was why the Gates of Hell were so important . Hence, it was natural of Zu Yuan Ting to station the strongest weapon in his arsenal, the D-Grade Comet Cannon, over at the FED4456 camp .
Yue Zhong stared at the cannon with a heated expression, "This is great, this cannon is now mine . "

If he possessed this weapon, he had no need to fear a Type 9 powerhouse .

Of course, while the might of this weapon was unbelievable, there were limitations as well . Firstly, the preparation for a shot took 15 seconds . After each shot, the cooldown would be a month . This was because each shot would push the nuclei to their limits, in order for them to regenerate the energy, it would take some time .

Even with this constraints, the D-Grade Comet Cannon was still a terrifying weapon . If utilized properly, even in front of a Type 9 powerhouse, Yue Zhong was able to retaliate .

With a thought, everything in front of him was swept into the Universal Storage Ring .

With a resounding shake, the huge Comet Cannon was sucked into Yue Zhong's storage ring .
The moment the weapon was moved, the entire FED4456 was alerted to the commotion, and in an instant, the camp went into a state of emergency, as countless Mech Beasts pounced towards the location .

Yue Zhong flew out from the armory, catching sight of the horde of Mech Beasts heading towards him .

The Mech Beasts caught sight of him and immediately began firing at him in a shower of bullets .
"Time to act!"Assessing the situation, Yue Zhong did not bother hiding any longer and pressed down on the remote control .

Hong! Hong! Hong! Hong!

Immediately, numerous locations exploded in a loud roar, as the shockwaves blasted out, turning numerous Mech Beasts within the camp into shattered pieces .
Under that terrifying explosions, many Mech Beasts in the midst of their pursuit were turned to dust .

At the same time, it seemed as though the blast was some sort of signal, as from the desert, a horde of Mech Beasts, Mech Armors, heavy tanks, long-range missiles and other armored vehicles stormed forward . When these armored forces appeared, they began assaulting the FED4456 camp FED4456 camp .

Firepower blasted out and enveloped the entire base .

On top of that, 40 A-Grade battleships, 5 B-Grade battleships soared above the base, as they released unmanned drones that shot towards the camp, firing out at the Mech Beasts still standing after the explosion, tearing into their frames .

"Strong!! Are those Yue Zhong's forces?! But he came alone, didn't he? How the hell did he come up with these troops?"
Miss Green and the rest of the Star Luo experts were wide-eyed with shock and disbelief at the display of firepower .

While the human forces were considered weak by the Mech Kingdom, their accumulated forces were not to be underestimated . When they joined together, the combined output was much more than a Type 8 powerhouse from Star Luo .

XIng Bing Yun eyed the spectacle and replied mildly, "Someone who could become an Oracle, is never someone incapable . The fact that he could reach this point, and achieve all of this, is nothing less than expected . "
Those who could possess the God and Devil Imprint on Earth had amassed their own power and conquered a major city . They were exceptional figures that had survived the cruel apocalypse, and experienced countless battles, plots, betrayals, and came out of it all victorious .

Yue Zhong had evolved to the Type 7 realm, after leaving behind a mountain of corpses of his enemies, and experienced so much . To Xing Bing Yun, it was to be expected .
The Star Luo Universe could produce a Type 9 powerhouse because they had a human Oracle that reached the Type 9 realm and established a decent foundation for his race . Otherwise, a fallen race could never produce a Type 9 expert .

"Who? Who dares steal our Mech Kingdom's Comet Cannon and cause trouble in our FED4456 camp?! You are dead You are dead meat!! Once I catch you, I will tear you apart, and throw you to boil in frying oil!!"
At this time, there was an enraged voice in the skies, filled with an imposing aura, as a Mech Fort descended from the skies, covered with numerous cannons .

Due to Yue Zhong's frenzied assault, the Fort Lord Murphyte could no longer sit back, as he began to attack .
At the same time, numerous Mech Beasts poured out from the camp, engaging the human armored forces and the unmanned drones .

The numbers of the Mech Beasts, mechanized weapons, and sentient Mechs far surpassed the human army . However, the bulk of their forces had been obliterated during Yue Zhong's bomb . In a short time, they could not gather their forces, that was why they were being beaten back by the human forces .
At this time, over 50 sentient Type 7 Mechs soared out from the FED4456 camp, followed by a vast sea of Mech Beasts .

The moment the sentient Mechs joined the battle, they managed to stop the collapse of the FED4456 forces . At the same time, with their support, they were able to turn the tide of the battle, forcing the human forces back .
As the sentient Mechs were slaughtering to their hearts'content, a Green Drake suddenly charged into their midst, slashing out with its huge claws, tearing apart the heads of 2 Type 7 Mechs, tearing out their smart chips and crushing them .

Below them, the Silver Fox Emperor appeared, revealing C-Grade Particle Cannon and fired out, raining numerous beams on the Mechs, directly blasting 2 Type 7 sentient Mechs into pieces .

The Red Tiger Emperor did the same, firing a beam from his C-Grade Particle Cannon, killing another 2 Type 7 Mechs .


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