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God And Devil World - Chapter 1090


Chapter 1090: Base Camp FED4456!

Leia replied respectfully, "Yes!"
Pova, who was watching all these at the side, was filled with disbelief, "Too strong!! This guy is unbelievable!!"
In the City of Hope, Pova was considered an elite . However, to even meet Leia was difficult, However, such an important character had been reduced to a pawn of Yue Zhong's, their positions equal .

The Green Drake Emperor, Red Tiger Emperor, and the Silver Fox Emperor were all peak experts of the City of Hope . They were defeated and then enslaved into puppets . Inside the City, there was no one else capable of standing against Yue Zhong .
There were a number of Type 6 government officials who immediately led their own troops in revolt after the 3 Emperors declared their submission . However, the moment they tried to cause chaos, they were put down by the 3 Emperors .

In just a day, after some chaos and minor troubles, the entire City of Hope was thoroughly controlled by Yue Zhong . Of course, there were a few underground societies and organizations that were still biding their time . However, on the whole, there was no resistance on the surface .
After gaining control, Yue Zhong sent out an order for all the human cities to gather towards the City of Hope .

In a desert region, there was a huge Mech Base that was armed to the teeth . This was the base camp FED4456 that was in charge of defending one Gate of Hell .

About 30km away from the camp base, atop a group of clouds, there was a floating Mechanical carpet and atop it, there were the hundreds of powerhouses from the Planet Star Luo .

The beautiful Young Star-Lord, Xing Bing Yun, was gazing at the FED4456 camp, her brows furrowing as she contemplated .

This was the strongest military base of the Mech Kingdom, with countless Mech Beasts, as well as the Type 8 Murphyte standing guard .

Unless a Type 9 expert appeared, and tear apart the defenses of this FED4456 camp, it was impossible to break through the tight security . Not even a joint attack of a few peak-Type 8 powerhouses could do anything .

In order to attack this camp, the previous Winged-Wyrm Lord had deployed numerous Mutant Beasts, causing the camp to be embroiled in a tough fight before finally forced to utilize their tracks and satellites .

Had the Type 8 Winged-Wyrm King been alone, then it might have fallen here .

Other than the rescued Xing Bing Yun, the Star Luo people only had Miss Green as a Type 6 powerhouse, the rest were mostly at the Type 5 or Type 4 level . In order to break through the encampment and reach the Gates of Hell to Earth, it was wishful thinking .

Miss Green stepped forward and asked Xing Bing Yun expectantly, "Miss, with our current strength, it is impossible to break through this camp . Let's retreat and find a space shuttle in any city to head back to Star Luo Planet .

The other people also turned to her, their expressions hopeful . Star Luo Planet was their home, and although they were already the captives of the Mech Kingdom, they wanted to go back badly .
Furthermore, the planet was not being guarded as strongly as before, there, with Bing Xing Yun's Type 8 strength, as long as the army of the Mech Kingdom was not deployed, or the Mech Emperor himself came, no one could force her to a corner .
Yue Ying was stubborn, "No, Master Yue Zhong will come and meet us here, and lead us through this base, through the Gates of Hell, and back to Earth . "
Yue Xing and Yue Lian were also showing the same resolute expressions, standing beside Yue Ying .

Miss Green's voice lowered, as she thought to Yue Zhong being crushed under the claws of the Type 9 9-Headed Dragonhawk, as she muttered, "I admit, Yue Zhong is exceptional . However, at the end of the day, he's dead . No one could have survived that attack . We have already lost contact with him for over 5 days . We have his communication device, and yet he had not contacted us at all . It's proof enough that he's dead . Since that's the case, we should think for those still alive . "

Yue Ying's eyes were misting over, as she replied shrilly, "No! He's still alive! I believe he's still alive! Master would not die so easily . "

Yue Xing and Yue Lian were both also misty-eyed, as they started to sob slightly . They were stubborn, but they also knew how bad the situation was .

The might of the Type 9 9-headed Dragon was incredible, and he could easily crush a Type 8 powerhouse with a single hand . The Type 8 Track Lord was able to hold off the Mutant Beast because he had the support of the city .
If there were no external assistance, the Type 9 9-Headed Dragonhawk would be able to destroy the Type 8 Track Lord with not a single chance of escape .

Xing Bing Yun replied indifferently, "Enough, he's not dead . "
Hearing the words of Xing Bing Yun, the Yue Ying sisters were overjoyed, although Miss Green was a little unconvinced, "Miss, if he is not dead, then why didn't he contact us?"

Xing Bing Yun let out a mysterious smile and did not say much, she just looked at the FED4456 camp . She was defying in her natural talent, and not only did she cultivate well, she had led her forces against the Mech Kingdom for a long while . She knew the human heart well . As to why Yue Zhong had not contacted her, she was able to guess a little .

Right at this time, the device on her hand radiated slightly, as Yue Zhong's holographic image appeared in mid-air .
Yue Zhong spoke, "It's me . I'm near you guys . Later, we will begin our assault on the FED4456 camp . Xing Bing Yun, please make please make your preparations to attack Track Lord Murphyte together . "

Xing Bing Yun nodded slightly, "Ok!"
In order to go through the Gates of Hell, the only way was through the FED4456 camp . They had to slaughter their way through .

Otherwise, it was impossible for a million people to go through the base, unless the million people were all as powerful as Yue Zhong .
After contacting Xing Bing Yun, Yue Zhong, who had been hiding in a corner, began his operation . He had donned on the Stealth Armor, covering all tracks of his presence, and sneaked towards the camp .

Inside the camp, there were sentries and guards everywhere, with numerous sentry Mech Beasts patrolling . Sensors and surveillance cameras would sweep throughout the location .
Without Bai Yi's help, even if Yue Zhong had the Stealth Armor, he would be unable to infiltrate the camp with tight security . However, with the combination, he could easily breeze through the areas where there were gaps in the defense .

Along the way, Yue Zhong planted a number of remote-controlled bombs at various key places .

"Ah, what is this? The defense is truly tight . They actually activated 30 Type 7 Mechs . "
As he reached the deepest part of the camp, he discovered that there was a huge armory of about dozens of kilometers square feet . There were actually 30 Type 7 sentient Mechs, as well as over a hundred Type 7 Mech Beasts . Seeing this, he could not help but be curious .

According to the information from the captives, there were only 8 Mech Lords, 1 Mech Emperor, and a thousand odd Type 7 Mech Nobles . Every Type 7 Mech was a precious resource and combatant .
A dozen Type 7 Mechs were able to go against a Type 8 powerhouse by working together .
In front of the armory, there were 30 Type 7 sentient Mechs as well as over a hundred Type 7 Mech Beasts . The defense was really tight . It would be impossible even for a Type 8 powerhouse to get rid of them easily .

"If I had to face this at my initial arrival on Galastar, it would truly be a pinch to deal with these . "
Yue Zhong eyed the defense and the corners of his lips curled slightly . There was a look of self-confidence as he activated his God-Devil Domain in a flash, and an entirely dark and devilish region enveloped the entire armory, consuming the Mechs as well as the Mech Beasts .

The moment the Devil Domain enveloped the sentient Mechs, the devil manifestations began devouring the mechanical cells . Without any mercy, they pounced onto the Mechs .

In an instant, 2 Mechs were already consumed cleanly, leaving behind only the Type 7 nuclei .

At the same time, Yue Zhong conjured 28 clones, borrowing the dark energy of the Domain to mask his presence . He then appeared in front of 28 Mechs . His fists then blasted at the back of their heads, destroying even their smart chips .

Inside the Domain, the perception of the Mechs was reduced drastically, and they were also attacked suddenly . That was how they were caught off-guard and defeated easily . If they were able to form an array or formation, and Yue Zhong could not employ his Domain in time, it would be tougher to deal with them .

Within a short span of time, 30 Mechs were killed instantly . Bai Yi also reached out with her disruptive signal, reaching into the hundred Type 7 Mech Beasts .

When they were swept up in that signal, the Type 7 Mech Beasts came to a halt, and Bai Yi then inserted countless cables into the Mech Beasts, rewriting their programming and finally, bringing them under her control .


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