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God And Devil World - Chapter 1089


Chapter 1089: Suppressing the 3 Emperors!

Right at this moment, a bright red beam shot out from the side . A sharp claw appeared out of thin air and grabbed towards Yue Zhong, "What an arrogant fellow . You're just a mere Type 7 powerhouse and you actually want to threaten us? Truly ignorant . Become my slave!"

The person behind the sudden attack was the Type 7 Red Tiger Emperor, Shaka, and he had been laying in wait . When he saw Yue Zhong exerting his strength, he immediately threw out his attack . With this pounch, it was as though there was a ferocious might surging downwards, reaching the speed of Mach-6, appearing beside Yue Zhong in a flash . Its claw was truly vicious, capable of even tearing a Type 8 powerhouse to pieces .


Yue Zhong's eyes flashed coldly, and with a flicker, he became like a specter as he threw out a fist of his own towards the Red Tiger Emperor Shaka .

There was a look of shock in the Red Tiger Emperor's eyes . He urged his thoughts as a B-Grade Energy Shield appeared, blocking in front of him .


With an earthshaking roar, the B-Grade shield immediately collapsed under that one strike .

Shocked, the Red Tiger Emperor muttered, "How is this possible? He's just a mere Type 7 powerhouse, how the hell did he destroy my shield?!"

Yue Zhong then appeared in front of the cockpit in the next breath, smashing out with another powerful fist .

The face of Shaka fell, as another golden shield congealed in front of the cockpit, defending against the imminent strike .

"Stay your hand!!"

The Green Drake Emperor saw how Yue Zhong had destroyed the shield of the Red Tiger Emperor in one fist and his face fell . He piloted his Green Drake Mech and shot towards Yue Zhong in a flash of green light . Within a second, he was there, and he slashed out viciously .

At the same time, a bright alloy chain burst out from the ground, coiling towards Yue Zhong, as a huge 10m-long silver fox was controlling it .

The combined attack of the Green Drake Emperor and Silver Fox Emperor, even if it were a Type 8 powerhouse, it would be a fatal strike .

Yue Zhong did not even turn around . With a thought, his God-Devil Domain was activated and it enveloped the Red Tiger and Green Drake Emperors .

The silver chain that had burst out from the ground was wrapped by the God Domain, which was instantly torn apart by the numerous angelic beings .

As for the Green Drake Emperor, who was enveloped in the Devil Domain, as his claw swiped past Yue Zhong, the 'Yue Zhong'disintegrated, disappearing together with the Red Tiger Emperor .

In shock, the Green Drake Emperor felt his body sink enveloped by a terrifying killing intent, and in his panic and rage, he channeled his C-Grade Energy Shield to protect himself .

"Warning! Warning! With the current energy consumption, the shield will last for another 345 seconds at most . "

The moment the shield appeared, the devilish energy was already assaulting the shield, wearing it down . The system was also warning the Green Drake Emperor .

He was full of shock, "What kind of secret technique is this?! How is it so powerful?"

With his strength, even if he had to battle for an entire day, the C3-Grade shield could hold out . However, the moment he was sucked into the Devil Domain, it could only withstand for 345 seconds, this showed the terrifying might of the Domain .

In the Domain, the devils continued to swarm over, biting crazily and slamming into the shield, whittling it down .

The Green Drake Emperor continued to struggle painfully within, urging the Mech to slaughter the demons that came their way while its strength ebbed away, to no avail .
"Damn it! Break for me!!"

The Green Drake Emperor was also a decisive expert, even in the face of danger, he chose to risk it all out . The Green Drake Mech opened its huge jaws as a powerful force gathered at its mouth .

The next instant, a bright beam of light shot out from its mouth, right at the edge of the domain .

This was a strike from the C3-Grade Particle Cannon, and it was able to destroy all the demonic entities .


After slaughtering numerous devils, the particle beam slammed into the side of the Domain in a frightening blast, shaking the entire Domain, as over 200 monstrous entities immediately dispersed .

However, after that shudder, the Domain regained its calm, and the devilish energy swarmed once more, congealing countless demons that pounced onto the Green Drake Mech once again .

"Damn it, Yue Zhong!!"There was a look of despair in the eyes of the Green Drake Emperor right now . The C3-Grade particle cannon was his strongest weapon and could kill even a Type 8 powerhouse . And yet, within this Domain, it was not even able to scratch the sides of the domain .

However, the Green Drake Emperor was not a powerhouse just for show . With an enraged roar, he charged towards the skies, trying his best to break out of this insidious Domain .

"It's useless, stop struggling, you shall become my puppet too!!"

With a furious bark, Yue zhong appeared at the area where the shield was the weakest, his right fist punching out in countless shadows, blasting the shield with over a hundred strikes at one go . .

Under the flurry of attacks, the C3-Grade shield immediately broke apart . He then disappeared and charged right in front of the cockpit, slashing out and tearing apart the armor, before grabbing onto the neck of the Green Drake Emperor, dragging him out .

"Become my puppet!"

Yue Zhong then swept a look at the burly but handsome man in front of him . He emitted a cold gaze as a powerful will enveloped the Green Drake Emperor in front of him, knocking him out . At the same time, he sent a Type 7 Puppet Rune into his head .

Right now, all Yue Zhong wanted was to hurry back to Earth, and convert the resources on hand to combat strength, and bolster the human forces . He did not have so much time as to waste time with the City of Hope .

From the direction the upper echelons had been doing, these 3 Emperors were not any decent characters . Thus, he did not have any reservations turning them into his puppets .

The Green Drake Emperor recovered quickly, and expressed his loyalty, "Ogg greets Master!!"

With a thought, Yue Zhong retracted the God-Devil Domain back into his body .

The Domain was powerful, but it consumed much of his energy as well . If it was not for the fact that he could manipulate the atmospheric energy around him after reaching the Type 7 realm, he would not have been able to maintain the Domain for long .

It was rare for any expert to comprehend Domain before the Type 8 realm . One of the main reason was that it consumed too much power . It was only because Yue Zhong possessed the God-Devil Body that it allowed him to bypass that limitation and comprehended Domains to skip ranks and challenge opponents stronger than him .

The moment Yue Zhong kept his Domain, he stood straight with the Green Drake Emperor and the Red Tiger Emperor both standing beside him .
The Green Drake Emperor Ogg looked downward and barked, "Silver Fox Emperor, "Silver Fox Emperor, both the Red Tiger Emperor and myself have decided to serve Lord Yue Zhong till our deaths . From now on, we will give our utmost to his cause . Hurry and kneel!"

"What? The Green Drake Emperor submitted to Yue Zhong?"

"How did it become like this? 2 of the Emperors actually submitted to someone who had just come in!!"

". . . "
Witnessing this, the soldiers below were all shocked, and their thoughts were thrown into disarray .

Both of them were the highest points of authority within the City of Hope . With their submission, ⅔ of the control had already gone over to Yue Zhong . The soldiers were naturally anxious .
Most of the piloted Mechs who had flown over also stopped in confusion, not knowing what to do .

"Ogg, are you insane? How can you submit to some guy with an unknown background?! From now on, I hereby announce that you are no longer part of…"

Before his words were finished, Yue Zhong's eyes glinted coldly as he turned into a flash of light and shot down, landing on the ground . The impact caused the ground to split, revealing a Silver Fox Mech hidden beneath .

Amidst the shocked gaze of the piloting Silver Fox Emperor, Yue Zhong sent a fist that smashed into the cockpit, revealing a se*y and mature female expert . His strength then surged forth, knocking her out, before he sent a Type 7 Puppet Rune into her soul .

When she awakened, she quickly greeted Yue Zhong with respect, "Leia greets Master!!"

Yue Zhong sent out a map with a flick of his hands, saying, "Good . Go gather with Ogg and organize everyone . The objective is this point . Kill all those who resist . Pova will be your staff officer . "


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