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God And Devil World - Chapter 1088


Chapter 1088: Green Drake Emperor Ogg!

 "There's no point in bullying these ordinary folk, let's go!"


 Yue Zhong shot those kneeling soldiers a look, and stepped out, bringing Pova with him as he soared out of the train station .


 "Quick! Raise the alarm!!"The leader wiped his cold sweat as he bellowed in rage, and pressed the alarm .

 At that moment, the entire train station began blaring with an ear-piercing sound .


 As the alarms rang, a number of soldiers began rushing out of secret doors, converging on the location with dozens of Mechs .


 Numerous alloy doorways also began closing, impeding Yue Zhong's advance .



 His fists slammed out into the alloy door, as a powerful strength burst out, destroying the alloy door .


 As he continued charging forward, his fists met the doors in his way, reducing them to rubble, rendering them useless .

 After a few breaths'of time, Yue Zhong charged out of the train station, straight into the City of Hope, and saw the technology of the human race of Planet Galastar .


 The City of Hope was about 300m tall, and at the ceiling of the cavern, was an artificial sun, illuminating the city below, giving the illusion of sunlight .


 On top of that, there was also various automated weapons, scanners, and mini-satellites .

 Although this city was underground, it encompassed a large area, of about 2million square kilometers . All along the ground were many routes, forming a huge transport network, allowing a smooth traffic system in the City of Hope .


 Furthermore, there were also some luxurious-looking flying shuttles in the air, and these were the modes of transport for the rich in the City of Hope, their value sky-high .


 Within the City of Hope, there were various modern-looking skyscrapers, while the streets were clean ad green . Robots were in charge of maintaining cleanliness, while robot enforcers kept the streets safe .

 Compared to this city, City 67 was basically not even comparable to a village, there was simply too vast a difference between both cities .


 Pova pointed to a 100m-tall building, with numerous bold and beautiful engravings, and said, "That's the residence of the Green Drake Emperor . "


 "It's there then?"Yue Zhong swept the building a glance and immediately made for that direction .


After flying for about half an hour, Yue Zhong arrived in front of the building . He channeled the atmospheric energy to congeal a Dragon-Catching Claw, grabbing at the tower, while barking out in a sonorous voice, "Green Drake Emperor Ogg, get the hell out!!"


The dragon-shaped force bit on the tower harshly, causing it to tremble . Even the ground seemed to crack slightly, as though Yue Zhong's move was truly dragging it up from the Earth .

 "Who the hell is that, to actually seek trouble with the Green Drake Emperor?"


 "Heavens, the Green Drake Tower was actually attacked by someone, this guy wants to pull it out?! That's too fearsome!!"


 "The Green Drake Tower is actually moving!! Is he still human?!"

 "Freak, this fellow's definitely a freak!!"




 Seeing the Green Drake Tower about to be pulled out, all the nearby humans watched, dumbfounded, their eyes filled with shock .


 The tower was over a hundred meter, its weight easily over a hundred million tonnes . It was basically impossible for anybody to be able to even shift it in the slightest . Yet, with Yue Zhong's appearance, he had smashed through that perception, causing them to doubt their own eyes .


 "Audacious! Someone dares assault our City of Hope, you shall die!!"

 Right at this time, following an enraged roar, a squadron of 30 Type 6 Mechs and 1 single Type 7 Mech flew out from the Green Drake Tower .

 When they flew out, they adjusted their weapons and began firing wildly at Yue Zhong .


 "Come over here!!"


 With a flicker of his body, Yue Zhong easily dodged the incoming attacks and grabbed out while channeling the atmospheric energy, aiming at the various Mechs .

 Yue Zhong's technique was profound, as he quickly grabbed onto a dozen of them within a short time, pulling them towards himself .




With a thought, the cockpits of the dozen captured Mechs burst open, and the pilots within were dragged out and chained by his energy .




The pilot of the Type 7 Mech was a middle-aged pilot, at the Type 6 realm . At the moment his cockpit was destroyed, he quickly tore himself free from the chain . With a savage glint in his eyes, he burst forth with a Green Tooth Blade made from the tooth of a Type 7 Mutant Beast .


With an icy light, Yue Zhong pointed at the forehead of the pilot, "Stubborn, you can turn into a puppet then!"

"Damn it!! How do I dodge? How do I dodge?"


Facing that simple finger, the Type 6 powerhouse felt like an entire mountain was crushing down on him . Cold sweat Cold sweat broke out and he tried his best to evade, but it seemed like the finger was still focused on his forehead .


A powerful strike containing Yue Zhong's will then slammed into the head of the Type 6 powerhouse, knocking him out, as a Type 6 Puppet Rune entered his soul .


When he had swept through the treasury of the Mech Kingdom, he had obtained a huge amount of resources, becoming more than a thousand times richer than he previously was, and the number of Type 6 nuclei was in the millions .

Galastar was larger than Earth after all . At the same time, while the Mutant Beasts could not evolve as fast as those on Earth, it was still a decent environment . Every dangerous region harbored at least over 10 million Mutant Beasts, with a large number of Type 6 ones . Of the entire Galastar, it was likely that the number of Type 6 Mutant Beasts were over 10 million as well .


The Mech Kingdom had ruled over Galastar for thousands of years . Every few years, they would launch an assault on the dangerous regions, gobbling up the nuclei in order to manufacture even more Mech Beasts and raise the new generation of experts . Over the ages, the total haul had been impressive, and if it was not for most of them being used in the manufacture of Mech Beasts and other weapons, the amount that Yue Zhong had gained would have been more .




With a loud bark, a powerful will pressed down on the rest of the Mech pilots, knocking them out . At the same time, he sent out a number of Puppet Runes into their heads .

The Type 6 human expert stirred awake, immediately saluting Yue Zhong, "Ge Luo greets Master!"


The rest of the pilots also woke up, and greeted Yue Zhong, "Greetings, Master!"


"Go back . "He waved his hands and sent the pilots back into their Mechs with a simple wave of his hands .


The Mechs then soared into the sky, guarding Yue Zhong .


After raising such a commotion, the City of Hope would definitely not be in the dark, Within seconds, the automated weapons on the ceilings began to emerge, and aimed for Yue Zhong .


Yue Zhong swept them a cold look as he ordered, "Attack!"


At that moment, the automated weapons began firing, but their target had suddenly switched to the Green Drake Tower .


Hong! Hong! Hong!


Amidst the flurry of attacks, the tower, which had been constructed out of super alloys, began to break apart, as pieces shattered and fell out of the sky .


"I'm the Green Drake Emperor Ogg, dare I ask which Mech Lord from the Mech Kingdom has come to attack my City of Hope?"


There was a loud voice, filled with arrogance and pride, as a 10m- long Mech that looked like a Green Drake emerged, equipped with C-Grade weapons and defense systems . It exuded a terrifying aura of a Type 8 expert, as its eyes shone and stared fixedly at Yue Zhong .


The Mech Kingdom dominated the entire Galastar and was considered invincible . Even without the Type 9 Mech Emperor, their strength combined was still sufficient to deal with a Type 9 powerhouse .


With the masses of Mech Beasts, even a Type 9 powerhouse would have some fear . The Mech Kingdom could easily conquer a few planets and wipe out thousands of civilizations, not just because of the Type 9 Mech Emperor, but also their seemingly unlimited army .


Although the Green Drake Emperor was able to reach the Type 8 realm with the Mech he was controlling, he was still filled with fear towards the Mech Kingdom . Yue Zhong could control the automated defense of the City of Hope, such a strength, was likely that of a Type 8 Mech Lord .

Yue Zhong swept him a cold look and gave him a tyrannical order, "I'm Yue Zhong, a human! Today, I've come to the City of Hope, and I want you 3 Emperors to submit to me . I will gather all of the humans on Galastar to face off against the Mech Kingdom . Ogg, submit to me, fight for me, and you will gain prestige and honor . Your name and deeds would be left in the annals of history . If you do not submit, then today will be the day you die!"

Since Yue Zhong was capable of such might, he no longer needed to rely on various methods to negotiate or discuss . He could rely on his own strength to dominate and crush any resistance .


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