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God And Devil World - Chapter 1087


Chapter 1087: Entering Headquarters!

 Yue Zhong and Pova entered the tunnel, only to be surrounded by 8 soldiers .


 The leader, a burly man, shot them a stern glare and barked, "Show your identifications . "

 "Go to sleep!!"


 Yue Zhong swept them a glance and muttered coldly, as a powerful will pressed down upon them .


 In that instant, the soldiers guarding the tunnel were knocked out by the pressure .

 Yue Zhong then pointed at those soldiers, as runes shot out and entered their brains, turning them all into puppets .

 The soldier that had tried to block Yue Zhong earlier, saluted and said, "Qian Hao greets Master!"


 The rest of the soldiers also got on their feet and saluted Yue Zhong uniformly, "Greetings Master!"


 Pova, who had been witnessing all these from the side, turned pale, as she thought back with fear, "Terrifying!! What a strange power!! If I had not revealed the headquarters earlier, I would have been like these soldiers . "


 Yue Zhong spoke to Qian Hao, "I want to go to headquarters, lead the way . "

 Qian Hao immediately replied, "Master, follow me . "

 Under Qian Hao's guidance, Yue Zhong and Pova then embarked the silver train .


 When they entered, Pova exclaimed in surprise, "What's going on? I remember that the train itself will conduct another check the moment we enter, how come there's nothing now?!"

 Yue Zhong chuckled, and did not say much . With Bai Yi, his Super A . I as long as it was not a sentient being on the level of the Type 9 Mech Emperor, it was impossible for any computerized system to scan him .


 The inside of the train was broad and wide, equipped with numerous facilities and amenities . "

 "Excuse me, what would you like to drink? We have glass fruit juice, heaven wine, white grape wine, red grape wine, frozen cloud fruit juice,…"

 Yue Zhong had just sat down when a sweet female voice sounded out from the voice box beside his seat .

 Yue Zhong laughed lightly, "Please serve me glass fruit juice!"

 His words had barely been spoken when a box opened up beside him, revealing a glass of blue juice .


 After he chose the fruit juice, the voice rang out once more, "Excuse me, would you like something to eat? Here, we have synthetic fried beef rice, Type 4 Mutant Green Fish sashimi, … . Braised Type 3 Mutant Bear Paw . "


 "It's alright . "


 The voice sounded once more, "Thank you for your time, if you need more service, just press the button on your right side, and you will summon me . I wish you a pleasant journey . Goodbye . "


 Yue Zhong sighed, "The service here is really different . One can even get to enjoy Type 3 Mutant Beast meat here . So extravagant . "


 Even the upper echelons of City 67 seldom get to eat Type 3 Mutant Beast meat . Their main courses were usually meat of the lower-leveled types .

 A Mutant Beast's combat strength far surpassed humans, and it was easy for a Type 3 Mutant Beast to deal with a Type 4 human powerhouse . Even a Type 5 human expert might have difficulties dealing with a Type 3 Mutant Beast .

 There were indeed Type 5 human powerhouses in City 67 that had the confidence to deal with Type 3 Mutant Beasts, however, on Planet Galastar, the Type 3 Mutant Beasts all resided in areas where even more treacherous elements were present . Under such circumstances, the Type 5 human powerhouses could not raise any waves . They would be easily eliminated . Hence, in the various underground cities, Type 3 Mutant Beast meat was a precious luxury . They were only able to purchase some with the exchange of countless gifts and resources to the headquarters .

 Pova sat obediently opposite Yue Zhong, ordering a glass fruit juice as well, sipping it quietly .


 Yue Zhong ordered, "Tell me all you know about the headquarters . "


 Pova replied, "Yes, Master! Currently, the lord of the headquarters is Green Drake Emperor Ogg, he is a powerhouse at the peak of the Type 7 realm, the strongest person in all of the headquarters . At the same time, he is the most talented Mech pilot, possessing a Type 8 Combat Mech, the Green Drake Mech .

 Yue Zhong frowned, and interrupted, "Wait a minute, based on the intel I obtained previously, wasn't there only 3 Type 6 experts in your base? How come there's suddenly a Type 7 powerhouse?"

 Pova laughed and began to explain, "Sir . The Mech Kingdom has never allowed strong human powerhouses to exist . Once it is discovered that we have Type 7 experts, they would deploy their forces to deal with us . In these thousands of years, it is not that there were no Type 7 powerhouses, but they were exterminated by the Mech Kingdom . "

 "In order to prevent further exterminations, once there's anybody who reached the Type 7 realm, they would quickly hide within the deepest corner of our City of Hope, and no longer allowed to walk the surface . In truth, within these thousands of years, there are already 60 Type 6 and 3 Type 7 powerhouses . However, we have 'let slip'that there are only 3 Type 6 powerhouses . This is to prevent attention on us . "

 Yue Zhong finally understood, the humans were truly too weak on Planet Galastar . If the Mech Kingdom were to deploy all their forces, it would be sufficient to wipe out the resistance . In order to prevent such an such an outcome, those powerhouses that reached the Type 7 realm had no choice but to hide for the rest of their lives .

 He thought silently, "As expected, control cannot fall to other species . A Type 7 powerhouse would be a tyrannical force anywhere in the universe, yet on this Galastar, they're forced to live underground like rats . They have no way of moving on the surface, and it truly is pitiful . If the humans on Earth were defeated, the best case scenario would be like rats, no longer seeing the light of day . "


 Pova continued to talk about the situation in headquarters, revealing all she knew .

 In the City of Hope, the human population reached over a million . There were 3 rulers in the city, namely the Green Drake Emperor, the Red Tiger Emperor, and the Silver Fox Emperor .


 The strongest was the Green Drake Emperor who possessed a Type 8 Mech . This was also the only Type 8 Mech in the possessions of humans . The Red Tiger Emperor and Silver Fox Emperor possessed 2 peak-Type 7 Mechs, equipped with some Type 8 parts . If they went all out, they were able to injured Type 8 powerhouses .


 Other than these 3 peak experts, the other Type 6 powerhouses made up the cabinet and possessed some form of authority .

 The City of Hope was different from the other human underground cities, their technology advanced, not losing to any cities of the Mech Kingdom . At the same time, they had plenty of talented pilots and numerous powerhouses . Just the number of Type 5 experts numbered over 600 .

 The City of Hope was constructed with the countless accumulated wealth throughout the age, just to be on par with an ordinary Mech Kingdom city . If it were a frontal clash, the Mech Kingdom could easily annihilate this City of Hope .

 Pova then hesitated before asking carefully, "Sir, this time, what is your motive for going to the headquarters?"

 Yue Zhong laughed lightly, filled with confidence, "Of course, it is to bring it all under my control . "


 If it were in the past, he might be helpless towards this secretive human headquarters . However, he was already at the peak of the Type 7 realm and had comprehended the God-Devil Domain . He could even summon a Type 8 Mutant Beast to fight alongside him . His current strength was more strength was more than enough to deal with this human headquarters . There was nothing to fear .

 Pova's face changed and did not say anything in the end . The moment she thought of the God-Devil Domain that that had subdued even the Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King, she knew that no one in headquarters was a match for him .

 The train traversed for a long time, finally coming to a stop after a few hours, as the sweet voice sounded, "We have arrived at headquarters! We have arrived at headquarters! Please get off!"

 Yue Zhong and Pova walked out the train in big strides .

 Near the train station, there was a squadron of mech pilots, and when they saw Yue Zhong and Pova, they quickly surrounded them .


 The leader, a blond-haired, blue-eyed man with a helmet and a ray gun stared at Yue Zhong warily, pointing his gun at him as he barked out, "Who are you?! How come I've never seen you before?"

 With his lead, the rest of the soldiers also adjusted their aim, pointing at Yue Zhong with cautious and wary expressions .


 There were many sentient Mechs of the Mech Kingdom, and since they were electronic bodies, many sensors and scans were useless to them . Hence, within the City of Hope, many key locations were protected by human experts .

 Yue Zhong swept them a look, and barked out coldly, "Kneel!"

 At that instant, a powerful will radiated out, enveloping the human troops .

 The soldiers felt their bodies sinking, and there was an incomparable fear that arose in them, as they quickly got on the ground, afraid .


 At that moment, all of their faces were filled with shock and fear, they had never come across such a terrifying person before . Just a single sentence was able to subjugate all of them, dispersing their intent to fight, leaving only fear .

 This was a technique that Yue Zhong learned from the attack from the Type 9 9-headed Dragonhawk .


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