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God And Devil World - Chapter 1086


Chapter 1086: 第一千一百零五章 驯服蛟鳄王!

Taming the Wyrm-Crocodile King!

 Yue Zhong barked out once, channeling his Beast Taming Technique, as a single rune entered the head of the Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King, "Accept this imprint, without resistance, otherwise I'll kill you . "

 With the terrifying might of the Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King, as long as it willed it, it could disintegrate the rune . However, in order to survive, it gritted its teeth, watching wide-eyed as the rune branded onto its soul, merging with it .

 At the moment the rune merged with the soul of the Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King, both sides immediately felt the connection form between them .

 In that instant, the Wyrm-Crocodile King also felt a sense of familiarity, respect, and admiration for Yue Zhong, whom it had hated previously, as it wagged its tail, "Master, I've already become your pet, and I will do my best to fight for you in the future . "

 "Very good, go out and subdue the army outside . "

 Yue Zhong laughed out in satisfaction, and retracted the Devil Domain from around the Wyrm-Crocodile King while sending it out of the Domain .

 The devilish energy was extracted fully from the body of the Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King, as it soared in the air, and took in a deep breath . The surrounding atmospheric energy within the region of a few li was sucked into its body .

 It then began to regenerate at an incredible speed with the help of the atmospheric energy . The small wounds quickly closed up and healed, while the huge wound due to the Heaven-Piercing Bow was regenerating at a visible speed .


 The recovery rate of Type 8 Mutant Beasts was truly shocking, as long as the assault was not imbued with laws, or its head or heart had not been destroyed, it could recover quickly . Of course, grievous injuries could also weaken their strength greatly .

 After escaping the Devil Domain, the Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King became lively, and its combat strength reached about 70% of its optimal condition .

 The Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King then let out a huge roar in the Beast language, "Stop all attacks!!"

 After hearing that order, the horde of aerial Mutant Beasts immediately ceased casting their innate abilities .

 "Let's return!!"

 The Wyrm-Crocodile King also did not explain, immediately giving the order and flapping its mighty wings, leading the rest of the aerial Mutant Beasts towards their base .


 Since it was the ruler of all the flying beasts, they had to obey its commands . Unless there were other Type 7 Mutant Beasts of other variants, otherwise, only humans would suspect and question its orders .

 "They're finally gone!!"


 Seeing the dense horde of Mutant Beasts flying off, the humans below all heaved a sigh of relief .

 Yue Zhong swept a glance at the direction where the Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King flew off, before turning around and flying towards the command center himself . The female pilot who had been tied up by him was also retrieved and dragged behind him about 10m away,

 When he stepped into the command center, the gazes of the people present were filled with respect, idolization, and awe . This man had killed Type 7 Mutant Beasts like it was nothing and chased away a Type 8 Mutant Beast as though it was a dog . In the history of the humans on Galastar, there had never been such a perverted existence before . They were naturally blown away .

 Chu He came up to Yue Zhong, asking respectfully, "Lord, may I ask, who are you?!"


 The rest also looked over in curiosity and awe, awaiting his reply .

 Yue Zhong surveyed his surroundings, as he emitted a powerful pressure, causing them to feel a shortage of breath, and a huge urge to kneel

 His gaze was cold as he asked, "I'm Yue Zhong, the new City Mayor of City 67 . Chu He, Luo Zhi De, will your bases submit to me, or choose death?"

 Chu He and Luo Zhi De had plenty of human survivors belonging to their bases, and it was considered a resource of sorts . Yue Zhong would would definitely not let them pass by, and if they did not know their place, he did not mind slapping them to death .

 With his current strength, just a finger was enough to squash the both of them .


 Chu He's mind whirred, as he quickly made a decision, getting down on a single knee, "Chu He is willing to serve you, Lord!"

 Luo Zhi De hesitated for barely a moment, as his gaze met Yue Zhong's, which was filled with killing intent and felt his heart clench with fear . He quickly got down on his knees and swore fealty, "Luo Zhi De is willing to serve you, Lord . "

 Yue Zhong then waved his hands, as 2 communication devices shot to the both of their hands, "Very good, go and organize your men immediately . Prepare to move at any moment's notice . The devices are for you, I will contact you with orders when the moment comes . "


 After he had settled matters with them, he waved his hands and brought the pilot in front of him . With a thought, a powerful coil of energy wrapped around the helmet of the pilot .



 With a loud, clear sound, the helmet of the pilot was crushed, revealing a beautiful face with a pale expression .


 Yue Zhong stared at the beautiful pilot and uttered coldly, "Where is the headquarters?"


 She shook her head and replied, "Sir Yue Zhong, I know your combat strength is unparalleled . However, if you want to obtain the information about the headquarters from me, it is impossible . In my brain, there is a chip implanted, as long as I am about to reveal the location to anybody, it will go off . You will not gain anything . "

 In Galastar, the human resistance could evade annihilation for countless years was because they had many methods to prevent any information leak . After all, the all, the brainwashing technology of the Mechs was widely known . Any captured human would become a traitor automatically, regardless whether they were willing or not . If the humans did not have any measures in place, they would have long since been tracked down and obliterated .


 Of course, another important reason was that the Mech Emperor did not really hold the humans in regard . Thus, he did not specifically target or suppress the humans . The Type 8 Mech Lords naturally did not bother about the humans either . If they were truly serious and expended their forces and resources to slaughter with the humans, then within a year, at least 90% of the humans on Galastar would perish .

 "Really? That chip in your brain, I'll remove it right now . "

 With a smirk, Yue Zhong pointed at the beautiful pilot, and a sharp energy shot through her brain accurately and precisely, revealing a small cut .


 A small smart chip then shot out from the wound with some blood .


 With Bai Yi's help, Yue Zhong easily sealed the self-destruct ability of the chip . With a finger, he then caused a lump of nano-mechanical cells to enter the wound, forming the shape of the chip as it replaced the original chip .


 All these happened extremely fast, in just a mere second, the beautiful pilot just felt a minor stab of pain and Yue Zhong had already completed the operation .


 After the smart chip was removed and replaced with some nano cells, it caused some minor discomfort to the female pilot, but nothing major .


 Yue Zhong laughed lightly, "I've already taken out the smart chip, you can talk now, right? If you don't, I can only employ some special methods to make you talk . But by then, you'd be no different from dead . "


 The pilot stared at the chip in Yue Zhong's hands, covered in her blood, and her eyes were filled with shock .


 She took a breath, before replying quickly, "I'm called Pova, a major of the human headquarters, and I'm a member of the elite Hunting Leopard Assault Force . I truly do not know where the headquarters is, the only thing I know is how to enter headquarters . At about a hundred kilometers west from here, there is a small mountain . In it, there is a small tunnel . By boarding the prepared track, we can return to headquarters . "

 Pova saw the chip that Yue Zhong had retrieved and knew that Yue Zhong was unfathomable . She was also clear that if she insisted on not saying, then Yue Zhong would have means to force her to say . In any case, she was not particularly loyal to headquarters anyway .

 Yue Zhong then frowned, "Not right, how did your battleship arrive then?"

 She replied swiftly, "We boarded the train out here, and followed instructions from headquarters to retrieve the A-Grade Battleship from some armory . We were told not to board the battleship on our return, instead, we are to board the prepared train . Furthermore, the train will ascertain our identity before going back . If there are outsiders, it will be impossible to go in . "

 "Oh? Interesting! Let's go, we're heading to headquarters . "


 Yue Zhong chuckled lightly, before turning around and shot towards the distance .


 At the same time, an energy chain wrapped around Pova, pulling her behind him .

As they continued on their way, within moments, Yue Zhong had already arrived at the mountain specified by Pova .

About 300m deep inside the mountain, there was a long track laid far into the distance, while a huge silver train of about 100m in length rested on the track .

 Near the track, there were over 50 soldiers dressed in silver uniforms and equipped with all sorts of weapons as they patrolled and surveyed their surroundings .


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