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God And Devil World - Chapter 1085


Chapter 1085: Invincible!

Yue Zhong took a step out, and disappeared from the God-Domain, reappearing on top the Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King in the next instant, slamming a fist into its head .


Following a terrifying explosive sound, the Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King shot down from the sky, slamming into the edge of the Domain, as its precious blood flowed out .

With a thought, Yue Zhong channeled his Blood Manipulation ability, as the huge amount of Type 8 Mutant Beast blood was absorbed forcibly, weakening the Wyrm-Crocodile King even further .

He threw one more punch to injure the Wyrm-Crocodile King further, before flying up towards its head .

"Fool, since you dare get close, you can go to hell!!"

There was a savage glint in the eyes of the Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King, as it opened its huge haws to fire out its tongue at a speed 20 times faster than that of sound .

The gravity of Galastar was 100 times more than Earth, even a Type 8 powerhouse would only be at about 2 or 3 times faster than sound here . It seemed impossible for anyone to be able to defend against that strike from the Wyrm-Crocodile King .

"The stupid one is you! In this God-Devil Domain, I am invincible!"

Yue Zhong laughed coldly, as he disappeared, and allowed the tongue to slice through his afterimage .

Within the Domain, Yue Zhong could teleport as he wished, appearing anywhere he willed .

In order to defeat Yue Zhong, it would require absolute strength, for example, the domain of a Type 9 powerhouse . Only then could it be possible to deal with him .
Within a short time, Yue Zhong reappeared atop the head of the Wyrm-Crocodile King, his right fists blasting out like shadows at its head .

The Mutant Beast was pummeled by over a hundred fists, its head slamming into the edge of the Domain, its precious blood essence being absorbed furiously .

Right at this time, the rest of the huge aerial Mutant Beasts arrived .

Seeing their king being suppressed by Yue Zhong, they all charged towards the Domain with sharp shrieks .

Unfortunately, the moment they entered the Domain, they were assaulted by the devilish energy, and anything below the Type 5 realm directly lost their consciousness and dropped to the ground . They were either torn apart or plummeted to their deaths .

The other Mutant Beasts of the Type 5 and Type 6 realms were likewise assaulted by the dark energy . Although they could barely resist, their strength was still reduced to barely 20% . At that moment, they were then assaulted by the demons .

The 2 leaders of the group were 2 Type 7 Mutant Birds, one a Type 7 Green-Scaled Falcon, with an innate ability of wind . The other was a Type 7 Red-Feathered Phoenix, its innate ability fire .

The moment these 2 Type 7 beasts entered Yue Zhong's Devil Domain, they began to channel their wind blades and flames, destroying many of the evil manifestations .

However, the creatures reformed and poured towards the Red-Feathered Phoenix, and the pitiful Type 7 Mutant Beast barely managed to struggle for 2 seconds, before it was reduced to a pile of bones .

Then the Type 7 Green-Scaled Falcon saw this, it drew back in shock, flapping its wings to beat up a hurricane of wind blades, trying to escape from the Domain .

At this time, there was a huge chain made out of ghastly devil energy, that shot out and wrapped around the Type 7 Green-Scaled Falcon, chaining it up tightly .

The Beast was flustered and panicked, as it urged its innate ability to try and slice through the chain .

Dang! Dang! Dang!

As the wind blade clashed against the devilish chain, it caused numerous clanging sounds, but it was unable to slice through .

Under the petrified gaze of the Type 7 Green-Scaled Falcon, numerous devils and monsters then pounced towards it, as they tore it apart, and it met with the same fate as its companion .

Seeing how the 2 Type 7 Mutant Beasts were easily annihilated by Yue Zhong's God-Devil Domain, the other Mutant Beasts outside began to feel a sense of fear .
Suddenly, there was a loud howl that emitted from within the flock of Mutant Birds .

The Mutant Birds changed their formation, no longer charging into the Domain, instead, they began to urge their innate abilities to attack the Domain .

Wind blades, ice shards, flames, lightning, all sorts of innate abilities were thrown at Yue Zhong's God-Devil Domain .

There were over 600,000 Mutant Birds in the skies, and with their joint attack, even a peak-Type 8 powerhouse would be heavily injured . When numbers reached a certain point, it would also be devastating .

The 600,000 Mutant Beasts threw all their attacks, if it were on Earth, it would be enough to sink an entire continent . Their innate abilities entered Yue Zhong's Domain, only to be devoured by the demonic manifestations, without harming Yue Zhong at all .

However, the combined force was enough was enough to shake the Domain a little, as though there was the inkling of damage .

The Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King roared out madly, "LET ME OUT!! Human!! If you let me go, I will take my subordinates and leave!! Today's matters will be forgotten . Otherwise, when my army destroys your Domain, all that shall await you will be death!!"

The life force of this Type 8 Mutant Beast was truly tenacious, even after being bitten and devoured for so long, it was still not dead .

Yue Zhong eyed the horde, before sweeping the Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King a look as he laughed coldly, "Wyrm-Crocodile King, today, you're definitely going to die . Even your subordinates would not be able to save you . Furthermore, they will all, become my nourishment . "

After that, he flickered from his position and brought the entire Domain to envelop the horde in the skies . The 2 sides of the Domain began to get agitated, one side holy the other dark, forming a powerful whirlpool that sucked in all the Mutant Birds . The moment they came in contact, they were ground away by the opposing forces and manifestations .

Yue Zhong soared around unbridled in the midst of the Mutant Beasts, waving his hands and channeling the Blood Manipulation ability, forming a long blood river of over 10km in length, exuding an evil stench .

The river coiled and wrapped up the Mutant Birds within itself, before wringing once, and countless corpses fell out of the skies . As it absorbed such an abundance of blood essence, it continued to evolve and expand .

Within the flock, there were a few Mutant Birds with flame-related abilities . However, their output was too weak . Although they managed to burn a few parts of the Blood River, they were still swept up and sucked dry of their blood .

Yue Zhong was like a death reaper, culling the Mutant Birds by the droves . A huge amount of life force continued to tunnel into his body, accumulating slowly .
Under his frenzied slaughter, the Mutant Birds were being culled at a visible rate .

"That is too sick! How is this human so strong? He's just a Type 7 powerhouse!! How is it possible?"The Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King saw its subordinates dying at Yue Zhong's hands and finally felt a sense of fear . It was clear, that if Yue Zhong continued like this, all 600,000 of the Mutant Birds would be slaughtered .
As Yue Zhong soared, he did not forget to assault the Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King, his right fist slamming into the head of the Type 8 Mutant Beast, the sounds of impact ringing loudly as though thunder was rife .
Having suffered over thousands of blows from Yue Zhong, the Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King could feel its life force ebbing away, and in fear, it could not help but plead, "Please, stop!! Any more and I will die!! I'm willing to submit!! Don't hit me anymore!! I will really die!!"

Currently, the Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King knew that if it fought on, it would only die . It had undergone numerous tribulations, climbing to its current stage after much difficulty . It had a long life, with monstrous strength, and had high prestige . It truly did not wish to perish .
When Yue Zhong heard this, he frowned and began to ponder, weighing the pros and cons . He was already at the peak of the Type 7 realm, barely half a step into the Type 8 realm . His God-Devil Body was unparalleled, his combat strength tyrannical, and it could be considered the perfect physique, even more powerful than Mutant Beasts . It had limitless potential . At the same time, it was truly hard to raise its strength and increase its level .

As he weighed his options, if he wanted to reach the Type 8 realm, it would require the killing of a Type 9 powerhouse, or at least 20 Type 8 Mutant Beasts, otherwise, it would be too difficult .

Seeing Yue Zhong's hesitation, the Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King hurried to pipe in, "Don't kill me . I'm the King of the Wyrm division, and there are over 1 . 5 million subordinates under me . They are all at the Type 3 stage and above . By subjugating me, you will have gained 1 . 5 million subordinates . Furthermore, the resources I have accumulated in these thousands of years will be yours . "

Yue Zhong pondered before making his decision, "Alright . This Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King is also something else, if it truly obeys me, I can use it to guard China, and summon it to work together in killing other Type 8 powerhouses . Killing it might not be a huge boost to my strength anyway . "


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