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God And Devil World - Chapter 1083


Chapter 1083: Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King!

"Liu Kuo is dead!!"

"What do we do?! With his death, we're going to be buried with him!!"

"It's over!!"

". . . "

Seeing Liu Kuo's death, the remaining 4 Mech pilots turned pale with fear, their gazes filled with despair . Liu Kuo had a huge background, the son of one of the 12 generals back at headquarters . Now that he had died at Yue Zhong's hands, unless they killed Yue Zhong, they would die if they went back empty-handed . However, with their strength, it was impossible to kill Yue Zhong .

Having evolved to the peak of the Type 7 realm, Yue Zhong could control the atmosphere and strengthen himself to attack his enemies, protect his body, preventing physical as well as elemental attacks . He was almost like the gods of the legends . Even if the 4 of them charged forth together, he could slap them into pieces with a single slap .
The commander in the A-Grade Battleship stared at Yue Zhong below with fear, not daring to give the order to attack .

The difference between Yue Zhong and the Type 7 Mutant Lizard was that Yue Zhong could fly, in fact, his flying speed was terrifying . On this planet Galastar, his speed was already beyond the speed of sound . He could easily fly above the Mech and destroy it .

Yue Zhong's gaze was blazing, as he swept them a look . The pilots trembled, their hands slick with sweat and they stayed still, not daring to move .

Yue Zhong's gaze suddenly turned towards the distance, noticing the huge horde of aerial Mutant Beasts in the distance already flying over .


Seeing Yue Zhong's gaze being distracted, the next highest in command barked out once, piloting his Mech towards the Battleship in the sky .

The other 3 also quickly soared up, trying their best to flee .

"You want to flee? I'll make one of you stay!!"

Yue Zhong eyed the 4 of them, his gaze cold, as he grasped out with his Dragon-Catching Claw .

The dragon-shaped energy grabbed onto the lead Mech, pulling him directly towards Yue Zhong .

He then pointed at the Mech, and its frame was crushed and destroyed by an unseen force .

At the same time, the pilot was sucked towards Yue Zhong .

The helmet was wearing a grey helmet, and a black biomechanical enhanced suit and there were mounds at the chest area, while the waist was slim . This was obviously a female pilot .

"Female?"Yue Zhong swept the female pilot a look and did not care . He just wanted one alive, regardless of their gender .

A line of energy wrapped around the pilot, tying her up securely, dragging her about 5m behind Yue Zhong .

Type 7 powerhouses could control the atmosphere already, and it was a technique that only those with a flesh physique could comprehend . While the Type 7 Mechs had terrifying firepower and strong physiques, they did not have the ability to control the atmosphere .

An ordinary Type 7 powerhouse was enough to be a god-figure in the pre-apocalypse Earth, invincible and it would not be an issue to control the entire Earth .

Having reached the peak of the Type 7 realm, Yue Zhong was capable of doing all sorts of thing . With a thought, he could easily stare a Type 2 expert to death . If he were to execute his Art of Fear, with his overbearing aura, anybody of the Type 2 realm and below would be instantly frightened to death .

Seeing the humans intending to escape from the region, the leader of the aerial Mutant Beasts, with a wingspan of over 2km, a wyrm head, crocodile body, emitting an aura of a sky hegemon, roared out with a thunder-like voice, "Are you trying to escape, puny humans? You dare to hunt the subordinates of this Seat, the Wyrm-Crocodile King, today, all of you shall die!!"

The words of the Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King had just fallen, as it flapped its wings, causing a huge source of energy to shroud around it . It then disappeared and reappeared mysteriously in front of the battleship, slamming into it .


With a huge roar, the energy shield of the battleship was destroyed, and the entire battleship began to break apart under the assault of the Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile . It then exploded in a huge blast .

The explosion then consumed everything within the blast radius, and everyone in it was killed instantly .

The female pilot saw the battleship destroyed, and her face turned pale, her eyes filled with despair, "Type 8… Type 8 Mutant Beast… we're finished . There's no hope! We're going to die!!"

Hearing the voice of the Wyrm-Crocodile King, everyone within the command center had a look of despair .

Chu He's voice turned pale, full of despair, "Type 8 Mutant Beast!! Damn it!! We're dead, we're all dead!!"

Luo Zhi De's face was also ashen, as he muttered, "Type 8 Mutant Beast, how the hell did we provoke such a behemoth?!"

A Type 7 Mutant Beast was already almost undefeatable to humans . A Type 8 Type 8 Mutant Beast was 10 times more terrifying and had the intelligence not lower than humans . Every move of theirs was able to topple mountains and move the seas .

Although there were close to 10,000 elite soldiers in this desert, against the Type 8 Mutant Beast, even if all of them were killed, no one would be able to deal significant damage to the Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King .

After it had destroyed the battleship, the Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King flew out from the explosion, without a single injury on it .

It then turned around, staring at Yue Zhong as though it was staring at an ant, declaring in contempt, "Human, kneel, and submit to this Seat . Become my slave and you may live on . Otherwise, I will crush you like an ant . This merciful Seat can allow you to be my slave, it is your honor . "

The voice of the Wyrm-Crocodile rang out like thunder, causing the female pilot behind Yue Zhong to turn pale and spit out blood from the pressure .

Yue Zhong's eyes had a look of sarcasm, as he spoke back, "Just based on you, this huge flying cockroach? I'm just lacking some guard dogs, and you seem suitable . You can kneel yourself and plead, I can lower my standards to take you in . Otherwise, don't blame me later if I tear you apart and turn you into my puppet . "

The female pilot looked at Yue Zhong in disbelief, "Is this human insane?"

When the Wyrm-Crocodile heard Yue Zhong's ridicule, its eyes flashed with ferocity and savagery, "Good, good, good! It's the first time I've seen a human this arrogant!! When I capture you, I will tear you limb from limb and let you experience the pain that you've never felt before!!"

Under the enraged roar, the Mutant Beast then flapped its wings and channeled a strong current as it flashed forwards, slamming towards Yue Zhong viciously .

Slamming was one of its trump moves, as its body weighed over a few million tonnes . A single body slam was like an entire mountain, even a powerhouse of the same realm would be turned into a pile of mashed meat under such an attack .

The physique of a Type 8 Mutant Beast was its strongest weapon, with its body alone, it could cause earth-shattering devastation .
Facing that attack, Yue Zhong channeled his energy to send the female pilot towards the ground, while he stepped out, using his left hand to channel Yin, his right to channel Yang, and the atmospheric energy of a few kilometers around distorted, converging on his hands . He then slapped out, as a Level 6 Yin-Yang Palm shot out towards the Wyrm-Crocodile King .

After reaching the peak of Type 7, Yue Zhong's innate potential had risen once more, thus comprehending the 6th Level of the Yin-Yang Palm, raising its might to 64 times .

The powerful Yin-Yang Palm slammed out on the body of the Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King .


A mighty shockwave blasted outwards in all directions, as the Yin-Yang Palm broke apart, while the Type 8 Mutant Beast was sent knocked back over a few kilometers itself .

Being beaten back, the Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King had an incredulous look, as it roared out, "Impossible!! Impossible!! How can a mere human at the Type 7 level be able to push me back?!! Impossible!"

In terms of physique, a Type 8 Mutant Beast was usually stronger than even a Type 9 human powerhouse . Thus, the Type 8 Wyrm-Crocodile King was in disbelief, that it could be matched by a mere human .

In the command center, Chu He's mouth was agape, as he muttered, "Strong!! This… is this still… . Human? How could he be so strong?!"

Luo Zhi De was also shocked silent, "Forcing a Type 8 Mutant Beast back?! This is a human?! Could he be one of the gods of legends?!"

Everyone within the command center had similar thoughts as they stared at Yue Zhong in the sky, as though he was a god .


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