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God And Devil World - Chapter 1082


Chapter 1082: The Mighty Yue Zhong!

The eyes of the Type 7 Mutant Lizard flashed dangerously, as it pounced towards Yue Zhong .

"Get down!!"

Yue Zhong's eyes flashed coldly, and stepped forward, appearing on top of the head of the Type 7 Mutant Lizard in a breath . He then slapped down viciously, sending a powerful strike at its head .


With a loud sound, the head of the huge monster was sent into the ground with an earthshaking quake .

This scene was like seeing a small ant sending a huge elephant to the ground . It was truly shocking .

Liu Kuo saw this and his mouth opened wide, his eyes filled with disbelief, "How is this possible? How is this possible? How could a person treat a Type 7 Mutant Beast this way?! Is he still human?!"

What was a Type 7 Mutant Beast? It was an invincible creature, which even their battleships could not do anything against . Such a fearsome beast, which strength surpassed even some Type 8 powerhouses, and could easily destroy mountains, was actually defeated by a human, with a single slap at that . Yue Zhong's might was truly beyond what he could imagine .

"What the hell was that? Is that a human?"

Inside one of the Mechs, the beautiful female pilot looked at Yue Zhong's back, her eyes filled with shock, curiosity, and a hint of reverence, "That was insane! To think there's such an expert, who the hell is he?"

Chu He looked at Yue Zhong floating in the sky, his heart filled with shock, as he gasped towards Jin Tu, "Brother Jin Tu, is that your subordinate Yue Zhong? How is he so strong?"

"So strong!! This is definitely a strength above the Type 7 realm!! Our city lord is truly too powerful!!"Jin Tu eyed the state of the Type 7 Mutant Lizard, and his eyes were filled with fervent idolization and pride . Facing Chu He, he smiled mysteriously, not saying anything . He did not know what Yue Zhong was intending, thus, he did not take the initiative to say anything .

Luo Zhi De looked at Yue Zhong, his expression lost, "Impossible!! Impossible!! How could a human be this strong?! Without any external equipment or help, how could a human reach such a level?"

After sending the Mutant Lizard into the ground, Yue Zhong had an icy look, as his right fist formed countless afterimages, revealing over a hundred palms as he struck out at the Type 7 Mutant Lizard .

Under Yue Zhong's frenzied assault, the Type 7 Mutant Lizard was pummeled mercilessly, its brain almost disintegrating as it spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, slumping to the ground a dead corpse .

"Have I become so strong after my evolution?"

Yue Zhong stared at the corpse that was a result of his own flesh physique, and rejoiced in his heart, as he had a sudden urge to roar towards the skies in triumph .

When the Type 7 Mutant Lizard was killed by Yue Zhong, the huge amount of life force was absorbed into his heart .

Yue Zhong had taken a lot of natural resources, and his current internal strength was amassed to a certain breaking point . After absorbing the huge life force of the Type 7 Mutant Lizard, it caused the gold God-Devil Nucleus in his mind to release a huge amount of gold energy, coursing through his body, transforming him from within, strengthening his blood towards a godly state .

At the same time, Yue Zhong could sense a strange knowledge filling his sea of knowledge, containing some sacred, yet at the same time evil, strong force . Amidst the force, there was the wondrous sense of Domain .

After accepting the new profound knowledge, Yue Zhong comprehended a new Domain, one of a higher tier - God-Devil Domain . This was the Domain of someone possessing the God-Devil Body and it was the strongest Domain possible .

Currently, on the battlefield, almost everyone was staring wide-eyed with shock at Yue Zhong . He was stepping atop the mighty Type 7 Mutant Lizard, which was seemed dead and immobile beneath his feet .

It was an unbelievable scene .

In the air, Liu Kuo stared at Yue Zhong with a contorted expression, his heart filled with jealousy . He was a true favored of the heavens, and was the best Mech pilot, the future hope of humanity! To think there was someone even more outstanding than him, more radiant and eye-catching, he naturally could not stomach it .

At that moment, he gave a maniacal order, "Attack! Kill him for me!! He must be a spy from the Mech Kingdom!!"

As he was the commander of the human resistance, his orders had to be obeyed .

In an instant, the numerous beams shot down from the battleship .

Just before they struck, Yue Zhong opened his eyes, and with a thought, the atmospheric energy around him congealed into a shield .

A Type 7 powerhouse possessed the ability to manipulate the atmospheric energy, and even when Yue Zhong was at the peak of the Type 7 realm, he had already made use of the knowledge gained to control the energy, surpassing even some Type 8 powerhouses . Each of his strikes and movements carried an insurmountable might .

Under the rain of laser beams, the shield seemed to be struck with ripples, and barely after a second, it collapsed and disintegrated .
The beams then struck Yue Zhong, causing it to disintegrate as well .

Liu Kuo's eyes were filled with shock, as he twisted around to search, "That was an afterimage!! Where's his true body?!"

At that moment, Yue Zhong had already transcended space to appear in front of him, his gaze icy as he pointed at the cockpit, "You dare attack me, go to hell . "

A terrifying amount of atmospheric energy transformed into a line that pierced through the Mech, blasting towards Liu Kuo's head .

Watching his own Mech crumple under Yue Zhong's attack, Liu Kuo was filled with despair, and as the line of energy was about to pierce through his head, a bright light shone from his body, transforming into a white shield, blocking in front of him .


Following a loud sound, Yue Zhong's atmospheric energy strike was actually blocked by the shield .

Having barely escaped death, Liu Kuo screamed out shrilly with a pale face, "Who the hell are you?! Do you know who I am?! I'm Colonel Liu Kuo, son of General Liu Cheng!! You dare make a move on me?! You'll be going against all of humanity! If you were to surrender now and submit to me, I can recommend you to my father, and help you get a decent position!! This is a C-Grade Defensive Equipment, even Type 8 powerhouses will not be able to pierce through them . You won't be able to kill me!"

"Let go of the Colonel!!"


Seeing Liu Kuo in danger, the rest of the Mechs quickly shot towards them frantically .
One of them directly adjusted his cannons and aimed all 4 Grade-A Particle Cannons at Yue Zhong and fired .

The one with the wings also shot over, and appeared in front of Yue Zhong and slashed down viciously .

"Just die already!!"

Yue Zhong frowned, and slapped out casually, as the Catching-Dragon Claw grabbed out at the Mechs, directly crushing them with a squeeze .

An energy shield appeared, and the 4 beams slammed into the shield . Both sides met and clashed, without any way of hitting him .

"You think that you can block me with just this? Break!"

Yue Zhong glared at Liu Kuo, and his eyes flashed coldly . He reappeared in front of him, and his right fist brought with it a powerful might, enveloped with his Dou Qi as it slammed into the C-Grade Energy Shield .


Following an earth-shattering roar, the C-Grade shield became dented, as it started to vibrate, on the verge of dissipating . However, it was not a C-Grade shield for nothing and managed to withstand the Type 8 strength of Yue Zhong .

After reaching the peak of the Type 7 realm, Yue Zhong's physique had already exceeded ordinary Type 8 experts, and his combat strength was on another level .

Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang!

With a flurry of powerful blasts, Yue Zhong continued to slam over a hundred fists into the C-Grade shield, as it trembled violently, before finally breaking apart .

He then shot forwards, and shot Liu Kuo a glance, his gaze icy, as he pointed out with his finger . A beam of energy shot through his eyebrows, killing him immediately .

When Liu Kuo died, there was still shock and despair in his eyes . He had not imagined that he would die here .

With a wave of his hands, Yue Zhong then retrieved the white plate in Liu Kuo's hands and he took a good look at it, noticing that it there was a Type 6 Nucleus in it . Beside the nucleus, there were many runes engraved on it .

Yue Zhong's eyes widened in shock, "This is a strange treasure . "

Producing a shield capable of blocking a Type 8 powerhouse, with only the power of a Type 6 Nucleus, if more powerful nuclei were utilized, the shield would be of a higher grade .


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