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God And Devil World - Chapter 104


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Chapter 104: Yue Zhong’s Transformation

Fang Wen looked at Xu Zhigang and asked: “What else did he say?”

Xu Zhigang immediately reported Yue Zhong’s words to Fang Wen.

Lei Cheng heard Yue Zhong’s words, and his brows wrinkled: “Yue Zhong, who is he?”

Fang wen analyzed: “I estimate he is a new survivor to the base. He had a problem with the Ice King association, and then the Ice King association used all their methods to force him out the base.”

Yue Zhong hadn’t been in Long Hai City for many days, and his reputation wasn’t known. Fang Wen didn’t know much information about Yue Zhong. He could only rely on some clues to speculate.

Lei Cheng commanded Fang Wen: “Carefully inspect his background.”

Lei Cheng couldn’t easily resolve this matter without clearly knowing his opponent’s strength. After all a person who can snatch away two IFVs is terrifying. Now Qingyuan county only has 7 IFVs left. If Yue Zhong continued seizing IFVs, they would lose their largest military intimidation power.

On the other side, Yue Zhong smoothly brought back the two IFVs to Always Bright Village.

As soon as the IFVs entered the village, they were surrounded by the villagers.

“Is that a tank?”A man who knew nothing about the military looked at the two IFVs and asked.

“Fool, those are IFVs!! Another survivor who knew about the military mocked.

“Haha!”The survivor ignorant about the military laughed. His eyes filled with warmth as he looked at the two IFVs

The defensive power of Always Bright Village just increased. Their lives became even more safe.

After Yue Zhong came into power, the survivor’s lives became much better than when Tiger was in power. At the very least everyone could eat gruel every day. If they worked hard, they could also go fishing in the brook. Their lives were extremely satisfying compared to the past.

When night fell, all the high level members of Always Bright villages were gathered by Yue Zhong into the Villa. Everyone has missions during the daytime, so they could only be gathered at night.

“What’s going on?”Chi Yang looked at Yue Zhong and asked.

Yue Zhong left Always Bright village a couple of days, and obviously he didn’t stay very long. Naturally something unexpected happened.

Yue Zhong de-emphasized the situation saying: “The Ice King Association in Long Hai City is shady. I lead everyone out of the base, and we conveniently attained two IFVs.”

Yue Zhong said in a deep voice: “Today I gathered you all to listen to everyone’s opinions. Always Bright Village isn’t a place for long term residence. Right now our current priority is to find a new place to call our base. That place should be easily defendable, and it should have various types of facilities and factories.”

There are several shortcoming in Always Bright Village, and the supplies are lacking. It didn’t compare to the Long Hai City survivor base in Qingyuan county. There were basically no prospects if they stayed in Always Bright Village. It would just be waiting to die. Yue Zhong always wanted to give Always Bright Village over to the survivors in the past, and he didn’t think much about it. But now Yue Zhong decided he can’t rely on anyone else, only himself. Right now the urgent priority is to migrate from here and find a new base.

Da Gouzi extremely energetically proposed: “What about Big Cliff Village? The population of Big Cliff Village isn’t large, and it has a small scale steel factory. There are several types of steel and heavy machinery factories. After recapturing that place and resuming production, we will have a large amount of steel products that we can use.”

Da Gouzi was the largest supporter of Yue Zhong. Da Gouzi was more energetic than Yue Zhong himself. He wanted to use Yue Zhong to put on airs. After all if he didn’have Yue Zhong, the powerless Da Gouzi would become nothing. If Yue Zhong grew more powerful, his position would continue to climb up.

Since Yue Zhong seized the weapons arsenal, it would be no problem to launch a small scale war. It would be no problem to seize the small town of zombies.

Yue Zhong considered a moment, then directly refused this proposal: “No! Big Cliff Village is too close to Lei Jiang City. And it is hard to defend. Lei Jiang city has over 100,000 zombies. If one day they decide to move and attack in that direction, we wouldn’t be able to stop them.”

Wu Guang also proposed: “What about Shanglin county? That place has a large granary. If we can solve the mutant rat problem there, we can attain the granary. We wouldn’t have to worry about food again.”

Wu Guang also energetically expressed himself in order to enter Yue Zhong’s powerful group.

“Shanglin County? Yue Zhong held his head with one hand and lightly tapped the table with another. Shaking his head he said: “No! If we capture Shanglin county, then Long Hai City base will attack us. In order to feed themselves, we could be extinguished.”

Long Hai City survivor base had already become a threat in Yue Zhong’s mind. He couldn’t take Shanglin County due to Long Hai City survivor base. He was unable to predict Long Hai City’s actions.

Other people proposed several counties and villages, but they were all vetoed by Yue Zhong.

“What about Stone Horse Village?”at this time, Guo Yu who always sat beside Yue Zhong without speaking, suddenly spoke.

Yue Zhong raised a brow and looked at Guo Yu.

Everyone in the meeting looked at Guo Yu.

The young and tender face of Guo Yu didn’t show a trace of nervousness being looked at by so many people. She stared at Yue Zhong and slowly explained: “Stone Horse Village rests against Dragon Flower Mountain. It is also surrounded by two rivers, a natural defense. We only need to defend one side.”

Guo Yu methodically explained: “If zombies break through our defense, we can also retreat and hide in Dragon Flower Mountain. The two rivers will also have lots of food, resolving our food supply problem. The only thing to worry about is Dragon Flower Mountain could have mutant beasts. But if we resolve the mutant beast problem, then we will have a safe place to live. Also, Big Cliff Village is to the right of Stone Horse Village. If we have strength in the future, we can recapture Big Cliff village, attaining their heavy machinery and steel. Stone Horse village is our best choice from a safety point of view.

Guo Yu continuously sought information on the villages near Lei Jiang City and Long Hai City after Yue Zhong took over Always Bright Village, and she selected a place sufficient for Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong asked Chi Yang: “Chi Yang, how is the terrain of Stone Horse Village?”

Chi Yang had been gathering supplies and rushing about all over the place these past few days. He knew the surrounding terrain.

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