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God And Devil World - Chapter 101


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Chapter 101: Breaking Through the Base

The distance between the place Yue Zhong’s group lived and the entrance to the base wasn’t far.

Yue Zhong took the lead wearing bone armor, charging to the base’s entrance.

“Who are you? Stop! Otherwise we will open fire!”

The four soldiers standing guard at the entrance shouted at Yue Zhong.

The soldiers standing guard had the Chinese produced type 89, 12.7 mm caliber machine guns that could pierce armored cars.

Yue Zhong sped along the road. As he was approaching the soldiers, his speed which was four times faster than an ordinary person, shot forward like an arrow moving in a zig-zag pattern.

The four soldiers guarding the entrance immediately grabbed their type 03 automatic rifles and spread fire at Yue Zhong.

Those soldiers weren’t worthy of the name, having never gone through strict training. Even though Yue Zhong was moving high speed, there were still several bullets that hit his body. Immediately the bullets were sent flying by the bone armor. Ordinary bullets couldn’t pierce through the current White Bones armor which had been only the strengthened several times. Only the 12.7 mm rounds could pierce through Yue Zhong’s bone armor.

“Monster!!!”The soldier’s eyes flashed with fright seeing bullets had no use against Yue Zhong. Knives and bullets were inferior to evolvers. This was their first time seeing one. Never before had they seen a monster that couldn’t be stopped by bullets.

Yue Zhong arrived before the four soldiers in the space of several breaths. He used his hand to chop at the four soldiers, knocking them unconscious.

After taking care of the four soldiers, he rushed up the stairs towards the top of the city walls.

There were two type 89, 12.7 mm heavy machine guns fixed on the walls. They could both threaten Yue Zhong’s life.

In a few moments Yue Zhong appeared on the city wall. Like an arrow he appeared at the sides of the two heavy machine gun operators. The two were knocked unconscious with two hand chops.

After entrance had been cleared, Liu Yan brought people to quickly secure the vicinity. He took the two type 89 heavy machine guns and placed them on a large truck.

He also seized an armed jeep near the entrance of the base.

Liu Yan pointed at the six soldiers knocked unconscious by Yue Zhong: “Captain Yue, what do you want us to do with these people?”

Yue Zhong looked at the six soldiers and said in a low voice: “Tie them up tightly and toss them in the truck! Prepare to leave immediately!”

Long Hai City base was nearly a military post. It would be very hard to match these opponents with military characteristics. Don’t even mention the opposition recovered a military base possessing moderns light and heavy weapons.

Under the orders of Yue Zhong, Liu Yan made people quickly gather various supplies and load them on the truck. They took a Dong Feng truck, an armed jeep, and two hummers, and they madly sped far away from the base entrance.

Yue Zhong sat on the armed Jeep and stared at the ever distant Long Hai City survivor base. In his mind he coldly thought: “Ice King Association! I will remember this! It seems everything tested my ability.”

This event with the Ice King Association at Long Hai City and every thing he saw at Long Hai City caused a great change in Yue Zhong’s thinking. It cut off his last trace of trust in the government.

Not long after Yue Zhong’s group left Long Hai City, two type 92 infantry fighting vehicles (IFV) suddenly appeared on the highway.

Seeing the two type 92 IFVs appear, everyone’s hearts became ice cold. On the type 92 IFVs were zpt90, 25mm round cannons that could easily tear apart the armor of their vehicles.

Yue Zhong shouted to Wang Shuang: “Don’t panic! They don’t necessarily know we are fleeing from the base. Just pass by!”

Wang Shuang’s body slightly shivered. He just kept driving by according to Yue Zhong’s plan.

“Stop the vehicle!”As two vehicles were passing, a voice broadcasted from an IFV.

“Stop the vehicle!”Yue Zhong said to Wang Shuang.

Wang Shuang let off the gas, and he immediately stopped the vehicle.

The armored jeep stopped, and the following vehicles all stopped behind.

Wearing a full set of military clothes, Yue Zhong and Wang Shuang got out of the vehicle. Everyone else got out of the vehicles one by one.

A young officer got out of the IFV and came over to the side of Yue Zhong’s group.

The young officer looked at Yue Zhong. His brows wrinkled, and he asked: “I am the 3rd company 2nd platoon platoon leader Xu Zhigang! Which unit do you belong to?”

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed a cold light, and he started the skill shadow step. His level of speed rose sharply, and he strode forward immediately overcoming Xu Zhigang. A knife-hand chopped Xu Zhigang on the neck causing him to knock unconscious.

Yue Zhong entered within ten meters of an IFV in the moment that Xu Zhigang was collapsing, and he immediately started the skill Art of Fear in the blink of an eye.

In an instant, an enormous baleful aura and spiritual power shrouded the area within ten meters. The soldiers in the IFV had no way to resist Yue Zhong’s sneak attack.

On the other side, White Bones who was disguised as a person grabbed its axe. Moving at the speed of three times a normal person, it crazily rushed in a zig-zag pattern towards the second IFV.

The second IFV stopped. The light and heavy firepower poured out like a torrent towards White Bones. Artillery and machine gun fire formed a frantic bullet screen that could easily tear apart a light armored vehicle.

Even though White Bones did its best to evade, it was still hit by some machine gun fire. The machine gun fire had no effect on White Bone’s body, only leaving a small impression, but the 25mm rounds could blow a hole in its body.

In the space of a few short breaths, White Bone’s chest and right arm were hit by the heavy rounds. It rolled nearby to the side of the road. This let it not be completely destroyed.

Taking advantage of White Bones drawing the firepower, Yue Zhong moved at peak speed like a demon. He already arrived at within ten meters of the second IFV after a couple leaps, and he started the Art of Fear skill.

The baleful aura of the Art of Fear skill invaded the IFV in a moment. It made all the soldiers in the IFV so afraid that they passed out.

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