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God And Devil World - Chapter 100


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Chapter 100: Series of Traps

The middle-aged policeman stood up with a face full of blood, he said to Yue Zhong in a stern voice: “Yue Zhong! You are assaulting the police! You are making an enemy of the Communist Party and the government! If you don’t stop your savage act, you will be shot to death!”

Yue Zhong didn’t take another look at the middle-aged policeman. He shouted to the policeman who first intensified the conflict by drawing his gun: “Who made you come here! Speak honestly, and you may come back from the underworld.”

“Ice King Association’s Zhao Xiong! He came and reported a case. He said eight men of the Ice King Association died and you killed them! He made us come to grab you!! After grabbing you, we were to confiscate your weapons and kill you in jail!! We were going to get 50kg of food stamps and a beautiful woman after finishing the job!!”The man’s eyes were written with terror shrouded in the Art of Fear. Kneeling on the ground, he yelled everything that occurred behind the scenes.

Under the shroud of Art of Fear, the policeman’s thoughts were brought to another world. Ten zombies rotten zombies, eyes bulged, covered everywhere in boils they continued eating his body. The art of fear skill wasn’t something ordinary people could endure.  

“Pan Zhang, what are you saying!!”The middle-aged policeman roared like a furious lion upon seeing his colleague spill the beans.

Yue Zhong coldly looked down upon the three policemen, and he ordered a command to Liu Yan: “Truly ugly! You are considered policemen? You really give this job a bad name. Liu Yan, remove their guns and give them a slap!”

After Z-Age, the majority of original policemen were infected, becoming zombies. Very few of the policemen in Long Hai City survivor base were policemen before Z-Age. The rest of the policemen are temporary recruits. This made the police force become a mix of dragons and snakes, utterly corrupt.

Liu Yan sneered. He brought two men and removed the three police officer’s guns. Then he grabbed them up by the hair, and he ruthlessly slapped their faces until they swelled up.

The other survivors in the slum took joy in the misfortune of the three policemen. They didn’t have a favorable impression of these guys who liked to show off their little bit of strength in front of ordinary people.

Yue Zhong looked at the three policemen who had been slapped swollen and coldly said: “Scram! Don’t let me see you again!”

“Everyone, take cover!”suddenly, Yue Zhong felt an absolutely horrifying premonition. He immediately shouted. His image flashed, quickly hiding behind a house.

Almost as soon as Yue Zhong left his original position, a gun made a sound like thunder crashing, and bullet landed where he was standing.

Lu Wen, Guo Yu, and Liu Yan already sought cover at Yue Zhong’s command.

Hearing the gunfire, the surrounding onlookers became a chaotic circle. They fearfully fled in all directions.

In the chaos, an ordinary appearing person wearing tattered and soiled clothes approached the three policeman. He moved three times faster than an ordinary person, and he shot the heads of the three policemen at point-blank range.

Without any chance to defend, the three policemen lost their lives in a bloodbath. Their eyes were full of disbelief as they fell to the ground. They never thought they would suddenly be shot.

“What a fierce method!”Yue Zhong watched the three policemen collapse to the ground, and his eyes flashed a cold light. In order to frame him, the Ice King Association suddenly murdered three policemen in public. It was an extreme level of lawlessness.

Yue Zhong initiated his combined body defense skill, and White Bones condensed into a bone armor. Yue Zhong rushed like electricity out from his cover towards the Ice King Association evolver.

The agility type evolver of the Ice King Association saw Yue Zhong rushing towards him in bone armor. He immediately turned and ran from Yue Zhong. He already used a skill in order to assassinate those three policemen. He didn’t have enough stamina to use a second skill.

While rushing, Yue Zhong suddenly felt danger. He immediately started to move in a zig-zag pattern towards where the agility evolver was moving.

“So fast!”far away on the roof of a building, a sniper was holding a sniper rifle. The sniper had no way to lock onto the high speed image of Yue Zhong.

After a few seconds, Yue Zhong already cut down the distance between him and the Ice King Association evolver. Arriving behind the body of the agility type evolver, Yue extended a hand to grab onto the evolver’s body.

The evolver immediately rolled, fished out a type 54 pistol, and fired successive shots at Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong’s body slightly leaned. Yue Zhong maneuvered behind the agility evolver in the split second he aimed his gun. Using a knife hand he chopped into the evolver’s neck, causing him to faint.

A bullet sound thundered just at Yue Zhong moved to grab the evolver. A sniper bullet passed through the evolver’s head, splashing blood everywhere.

Yue Zhong looked at a distant location. Relying on his perceive danger skill, he could sense the sniper had already withdrew from his location after assassinating the Ice King Association evolver.

“So skillful!”Yue Zhong quickly rushed back to the residential area after grabbing the evolver’s equipment.

As soon as he returned to their place, Yue Zhong distributed to everyone the prepared ammunition and guns from his storage ring.  He commanded in a deep voice: “Immediately prepare to withdraw! If our path is blocked use force, completely destroy everything!”

The three policemen already passed death’s door. Dead men cannot tell tales. Due to the influence of the Ice King Association at Long Hai City, they would quickly be surrounded by the military and police. Staying here is a road to death.

With Yue Zhong’s power and equipment, there was hope he could escape a military encirclement, but he was afraid the other people would all be left behind in Long Hai City.

If Yue Zhong surrendered, the lives of his group wouldn’t be in their own control. Their lives would be completely in the hands of others.

Receiving Yue Zhong’s orders, everyone quickly grabbed type 79 machine guns and rushed after Yue Zhong.

Seeing Yue Zhong’s group carrying type 79 assault rifles traveling along the road. Everyone withdrew one by one and hid in their houses. They only peeped from the crack in the door at Yue Zhong’s group.

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