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Go With The Flow Of Love - Chapter 6.2


Chapter Six (Part 2 of 2)

An Xiao Li was in the middle of having dinner with Qin Sang and Qin Song when her phone rang, it was Chen Yu Bai. An Xiao Li went to a quiet place to answer his call. 'Go find something to eat. I'm having dinner with friends. You can't order me to come to your place to cook for you.'

On Chen Yu Bai's end was silence. An Xiao Li felt triumphant. She realised the only way to defeat a boss was to act like a bigger boss than Chen Yu Bai.

'Where did you put the painkillers for stomach aches?' Chen Yu Bai asked weakly.

'You... have a stomach ache?' An Xiao Li asked gently. 'What did you eat last night?'

'I'm ok,' Chen Yu Bai said. He groaned softly. 'Tell where you put them.'

An Xiao Li gave Chen Yu Bai directions to find the painkillers. She heard draws opening and closing. She imagined his face was pale and sweaty, her heart tightened.

'Um, I found it,' Chen Yu Bai said weakly. He breathed heavily. 'Don't worry, I'm ok. Have fun having dinner with your friends. Be careful on your way back home.'

Chen Yu Bai hung up the phone after he warned An Xiao Li to be careful on her way back home. At first she thought there was no reason to care about him... but then she felt uncomfortable finishing dinner whilst he was alone and sick.

Qin Song elbowed Qin Sang to get Qin Sang to take a look at An Xiao Li. Since An Xiao Li came back to their table after taking a call, she looked lost. An Xiao Li stopped smiling and she didn't touch the fruit platter a waiter brought to their table.

Qin Sang passed the fruit platter to An Xiao Li. 'If something happened at home, you can make your escape.'

An Xiao Li picked up a piece of watermelon with her left hand and a piece of honeydew melon with her right hand. They were fresh but when she put it in her mouth she couldn't taste anything. She had trouble swallowing them and decided she couldn't stay any longer. 'I need to go.'

An Xiao Li picked up her bag and phone. Qin Sang chucked her car keys at An Xiao Li. An Xiao Li caught it and patted Qin Song's shoulder. 'Mr Wild, I'm taking Sang Sang's car home. You have to take Sang Sang home.'

Qin Song smiled and nodded his head. 'If you accidently crash into something on the way home, call me.'

An Xiao Li glared at Mr Wild, lifted up her chin and walked downstairs to drive Qin Sang's car to Chen Yu Bai's house.


An Xiao Li entered Chen Yu Bai's house, it was quiet and she thought Chen Yu Bai must be sleeping in his room after taking painkillers. She changed into slippers and walked to his room to check up on him.

Indeed Chen Yu Bai was sleeping on his bed, his face was bleached white, he laid so still that he looked half dead and he forgot to take off his shoes. An Xiao Li suddenly felt he looked really pitiful.

An Xiao Li knelt, took off his shoes and straightened his legs on the bed. She lifted the bed sheet and covered his body. She loosened his tie and put his arms under the bed sheet.

'Ah!' An Xiao Li cried out. Chen Yu Bai's eyes suddenly opened after she put his arms under the bed sheet. She took two steps back. 'Are you acting in a horror movie? If you were still awake you should have told me. Do you want to scare me to death?'

Chen Yu Bai's vulnerable eyes stared at An Xiao Li for a while. 'I didn't say I was asleep.'

An Xiao Li patted her chest to sooth her heart that throbbed. 'Did you take the painkillers?'

Chen Yu Bai curled his body into a ball under the bed sheet and closed his tired eyes. 'Not yet.'

Chen Yu Bai's worn out gestures softened An Xiao Li's heart. She wasn't going to argue with a sick person.

An Xiao Li went into the kitchen, cooked congee, searched for painkillers and poured a glass of water. She brought them into Chen Yu Bai's room.

An Xiao Li sat on Chen Yu Bai's bed. 'Are you asleep?'

'Um,' Chen Yu Bai said but he didn't move his body.

'Wake up and take the painkillers,' An Xiao Li ordered. She pulled his body up with too much force, he sat up but he pulled her into his chest so she wouldn't fall off the bed. 'Painkillers.'

'I'm ok,' Chen Yu Bai said. He smiled gently. 'I don't need to take the painkillers... I want to eat you.'

'Your stomach doesn't hurt anymore?' An Xiao Li asked.

'Which one of your ears heard me say I had a stomach ache?' Chen Yu Bai asked.

Chen Yu Bai only asked An Xiao Li where the painkillers for stomach aches were, it was her that assumed he had a stomach ache.

'Let me go. The bed's all wet,' An Xiao Li said.

An Xiao Li accidently lost her grip on the glass of water and it spilt on the bed.

'It's ok,' Chen Yu Bai said. He kissed An Xiao Li's nose and rubbed their noses together. 'Because later it'll be wetter.'

'Mmm... Chen Yu Bai, listen to me...' An Xiao Li said softly.

An Xiao Li was startled. It was as if Chen Yu Bai wanted to eat her for real.

'Shush,' Chen Yu Bai said. 'You don't need to explain you met up with Song Song in the afternoon, and you don't need to explain why you lied to me and said you went to eat dinner with friends. I know you had dinner with Song Song. But do you remember? I helped you to find Song Song's phone and you promised me you would thank me.'

Chen Yu Bai wrapped one of his arms around An Xiao Li's waist to keep her against his chest. His free hand that was burning hot slid down her pink cheek, her small chin, her collar bone and one of her soft breasts.

An Xiao Li gripped Chen Yu Bai's hand to stop his hand from sliding further down her body. Her face was bright red. 'I remember, I remember... but I didn't say I'll thank you in this way.'

'You didn't deny... you understood what you promised, accept it,' Chen Yu Bai whispered.

An Xiao Li saw the burning flames in Chen Yu Bai's eyes and it increasingly made her breathing more rapid. She felt a blazing sensation from his palm, her body became limp and motionless.

Chen Yu Bai gently kissed An Xiao Li's eyelid and she felt like she was under his spell. She closed her eyes and he kissed her lips. He nibbled everywhere on her soft lips then his tongue gently licked her lips to seduce her lips open.

Chen Yu Bai was satisfied An Xiao Li consented, his body pressed her body down onto the bed. The burning flames in his eyes burnt more intensely. 'After eating your meat, there's no reason to be scared you'll run around wildly again.'

Chen Yu Bai's breathing was burning hot like his palms and her whole body became completely limp...

After the 'chaotic battle' and 'landslide,' Chen Yu Bai and An Xiao Li were hugging each other, both in a dreamy state and didn't say anything.

An Xiao Li's body was drained and she breathed heavily. She punched Chen Yu Bai's lower back. 'Chen Yu Bai, you're a maniac!'

Chen Yu Bai laughed in a husky tone that was alluring, it echoed in An Xiao Li's ear and made her body tremble and stirred her desire. Their two bodies were very in sync, he could recognise straight away the moment her body was turned on and he chuckled teasingly. 'Oh? Not enough? Ok, let me rest a while. A man and a woman's stamina are different.'

An Xiao Li forced her limp body up and she shook her hand in front of Chen Yu Bai's handsome face. He gripped her wrist and tenderly kissed her hand.

'Are you that impatient? Ok, I'll force my body to meet your demand this time,' Chen Yu Bai whispered.

Chen Yu Bai's concept of forcing his body to meet An Xiao Li's demand could have turned the bedspread underneath them into a small football field, the forced moves performed were diverse, their bodies changed into various complicated positions, his body's physical strength was supple and his endurance lasted longer than a football match.

Finally An Xiao Li's tired body collapsed on top of Chen Yu Bai's body and her body couldn't move. All the bones in her whole body ached, sleep beckoned her, she gradually became unconscious and her heavy breathing became regular.

Chen Yu Bai gently stretched out one of his arms to grab the bed sheet and cover An Xiao Li's bare back, moved her head onto his chest and let her sleep on top of him. In the dark, his eyes were bright as his smile.

An Xiao Li thought if there was something that caused her to be angrier than having a phone ringing to wake her up then it was the persistent vibrations of a phone.

An Xiao Li squint her eyes, fumbled for the phone and pressed the answer button to take the call. 'Hello?'

'Mmm... is that you Xiao Li?' Qin Song asked suspiciously.

'Nonsense, if you called the wrong number then who are you looking for?' An Xiao Li snapped.

'Mmm... can I inconvenience you and ask you to see if third brother is awake? I'm looking for him,' Qin Song said.

An Xiao Li's anger melted away, she opened her eyes to look closely at the phone she was holding... it belonged to Chen Yu Bai. No wonder it didn't feel like her phone.

Chen Yu Bai lifted his arm that rested on the pillow and reached for his phone that An Xiao Li held. 'What is it?'

Chen Yu Bai saw An Xiao Li rushed to crawl under the bed sheet and he smiled.

'Hehe... hehe... third brother!' Qin Song said and laughed. 'Did you get to eat meat and drink enough?'

'Enough for now,' Chen Yu Bai said.

'Can I inconvenience you to drive third sister-in-law to the airport to send me off?' Qin Song asked.

'I know, this afternoon I'll drive her straight to the airport,' Chen Yu Bai said.

Chen Yu Bai hung up the phone. He sat up on the bed and pulled the bed sheet off An Xiao Li. Her hair was messy and her face was red like a steamed prawn. 'Wake up.'

An Xiao Li covered her face. 'You were awake, why didn't you answer your phone?'

Chen Yu Bai smiled slyly. An Xiao Li was too angry and embarrassed that she didn't realised he pulled the bed sheet off her body and she was naked on the bed. He didn't resist teasing her.

Chen Yu Bai's palm slid from An Xiao Li's bare back down pass her waist. She felt another chaotic battle was about to start, but the pain between her thighs made her decide not to give into the wicked ice glacier. She pushed him away from her, grabbed the bed sheet and wrapped it around her body. She jumped off the bed and escaped to the bathroom.

In the bathroom An Xiao Li found her spare set of clothes to change into for work that she usually left in Chen Yu Bai's living room. Her toothpaste, toothbrush, towel that she brought from home and left it in his living room was also moved to the bathroom - he had moved her belongings from the living room into the bathroom before she arrived to his house!

An Xiao Li felt like Chen Yu Bai had planned everything step by step from the start and everything progressed the way he planned it. It gave her a strange feeling, she was happy and unhappy at the same time.


At the airport's VIP room was full of people sending off Qin Song. Usually everyone in the room went on business trips on a regular basis and only their assistants drove them to the airport. But Qin Song wasn't happy to leave the district for six months and wanted to have a lively send off. From early morning he personally called each person in the airport's VIP room to come send him off.

Chen Yu Bai and An Xiao Li were the last to arrive at the airport's VIP room. She saw Qin Song's shady smile and blushed. She quietly hid behind Chen Yu Bai's back.

Gu Yan noticed An Xiao Li's shyness too. 'Tonight dinner's on me, except for Song Song, everyone else must attend.'

'After dinner will big sister Gu Yan want to play cards too? Call first and second brother to come too, we'll all play cards together,' Li Wei Ran said.

Li Wei Ran patted Qin Song's pitiful back.

Qin Song tucked his plane ticket into Li Wei Ran's shirt pocket. 'Fifth brother, I'm begging you to go instead of me. Whatever you want I'll give it to you. Last time the house that I won from you I'll give it back to you too. Deal?'

Li Wei Ran patted Qin Song's cheeks and Li Wei Ran smiled brightly. 'How much is a house worth? Can it compare to your pitiful state when I video call you six months from your departure date?'

Qin Song charged at Li Wei Ran and punched Li Wei Ran.

Chen Yu Bai felt his two youngest sworn brothers always gave him the most trouble. He led Xiao Li to sit at a sofa away from the two trouble makers.

Ji Nan smiled slyly and pulled Gu Yan to where her third brother and third sister-in-law were sitting to tease third sister-in-law.

An Xiao Li was curious about the mysterious Ji Nan since their first meeting. She felt Ji Nan was a different type of handsome compared to Mr Wild, it was a more feminine handsomeness. Ji Nan wore a black short sleeve shirt that showed off toned arms but lacked meat and the chest size was similar to hers. Ji Nan's jeans looked like the smallest size male jeans, yet it was still loose on Ji Nan. When Ji Nan smiled there was a dimple on Ji Nan's right cheek.

'Third brother, the girl next to you looks familiar,' Ji Nan teased and sat next to Chen Yu Bai.

Gu Yan sat next to An Xiao Li. 'Hi.'

Chen Yu Bai glanced at Ji Nan and leaned back on the sofa. 'An Xiao Li.'

'Hi,' Ji Nan greeted.

An Xiao Li smiled and shook Ji Nan's hand. 'Hello Mr Ji. I work for CEO Chen.'

Ji Nan stood and sat in between Chen Yu Bai and An Xiao Li. Ji Nan, An Xiao Li and Gu Yan all gossiped for a while. But An Xiao Li felt it was strange that Chen Yu Bai was pushed aside and didn't show any reaction.

An Xiao Li stole glances at Chen Yu Bai. He was resting with his eyes closed. Her excited heart slowly turned cold. She felt that his bed wasn't somewhere she should have impulsively laid on.


End of Chapter Six (Part 2 of 2)


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