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Go With The Flow Of Love - Chapter 22.2


Chapter Twenty-Two (Part 2)

Qin Song was shaking in the backseat, he buckled his seatbelt and his two hands gripped the side door handle. Qin Song personally confirmed that the Infiniti was a real race car, because Chen Yu Bai was the Infiniti's driver and Chen Yu Bai drove like a contender for first place in a car race.

An Xiao Li didn't dare to look ahead, she leaned back on the Infiniti death seat, her eyes were closed and she played dead.

Finally the Infiniti parked at the terminal, Qin Song's complexion was bleached white and his palms were pressed against the backseat car window. His breathing was weak as his shaky voice. 'On the way back... big sister Xiao Li, can you call a taxi?'

An Xiao Li's mouth was still gaped opened. Chen Yu Bai who was cranky replied to Qin Song first. 'Sixth uncle, what do you think?'

Qin Song looked at An Xiao Li resentfully. Ji Nan only kicked An Xiao Li once, but Ji Nan suddenly disappeared out of fear - Ji Nan's 'excuse' was that she was forced to have an arranged marriage by her family because they thought she was ripe for marriage. Whereas he was forced to be An Xiao Li's pretend boyfriend. After his pretend boyfriend act was done, it'd be a tragic ending for him, his third brother was going to tear his body apart!

Qin Song knew that An Xiao Li wasn't a beauty, but why was she more of a medusa than first brother's Gu Yan? Qin Song felt that meeting An Xiao Li was deadly, and pretending to be her boyfriend under his third brother's hawk watch sealed his fate.

The moment Miss Chen was picked up by An Xiao Li, Miss Chen grilled An Xiao Li in her fierce style. Miss Chen pulled An Xiao Li's ear hard and An Xiao Li cried out for mercy.

Qin Song laughed happily on the sidelines until Chen Yu Bai kicked Qin Song from behind. Qin Song knew what he had to do to appease Chen Yu Bai. Qin Song stepped toward Miss Chen to rescue the medusa.

'Hello aunty! I'm Qin Song. Qin from the Qin Dynasty and Song as in conqueror,' Qin Song joked.

Qin Song's joke wasn't appreciated by the medusa's mum and his cheeky smiling face turned to stone.

'Mum, this is my boyfriend. Mum can you let go of my ear... it's painful to death,' An Xiao Li said.

Miss Chen let go of An Xiao Li's red ear and Miss Chen's fierce eyes assessed Qin Song who was looking at Chen Yu Bai. Chen Yu Bai stood at a distance from them, his lips were pursed and he avoided eye contact with Miss Chen.

'Qin Song...' Miss Chen called. She looked away from Chen Yu Bai and cautiously grilled Qin Song. 'You... are Xiao Li's boyfriend? My An Xiao Li?'

Qin Song felt that death was within a hand's reach from him, he closed his eyes and nodded his head like he was waiting for death's hand to touch him.

Miss Chen was half happy and half worried, the little boy Qin Song was more beautiful than her daughter, if they were actually dating their looks weren't compatible. But Miss Chen's intuition made her glance at her nephew's eyes and knew the little boy Qin Song wasn't her daughter's boyfriend.

Qin Song was the type of person that was used to sucking up to adults and combatted Miss Chen with his charm. It was obvious Miss Chen was immersed by Qin Song's charm and didn't mention about dealing with An Xiao Li's soul again.

At night when they were eating peeled fruits, Miss Chen knocked on the table and laughed cheekily. 'You two are too sweet, I won't bother you two anymore. I'll sleep at Yu Bai's house instead.'

An Xiao Li's body stiffened and her mouth that was chewing watermelon choked. She coughed to spit out the choking watermelon. Chen Yu Bai who was frustrated with the situation, patted her back. He saw her neck turned pink and he became more frustrated and impatient.

Miss Chen wasn't as sympathetic toward her daughter and complained about her daughter in front of Qin Song. 'This little girl has no stamina.' She laughed with Qin Song. 'Take a look at her, she's not like me at all.'

Qin Song followed An Xiao Li's choking motions and jetted out tea from his mouth.

'Little Song, tell me about yours and Xiao Li's love story,' Miss Chen said. She gripped Qin Song's hands in excitement. 'Don't worry aunty is very easy going.'

Qin Song coughed. 'Aunty... rest assure Xiao Li and I have planned it all out.'

An Xiao Li secretly glanced at Chen Yu Bai's reaction and laughed awkwardly. 'Mum, you can stay at my house. It's been a long time since I got to sleep with mum.'

Miss Chen drank her cup of tea and smiled cheekily. 'Then you and I can both stay at your cousin's house, because I want to talk with my good daughter too. Little Song, you don't mind?'

Apart from the medusa, everyone at the table were intelligent people. Qin Song didn't need to hear anymore and realised the truth was already exposed. Qin Song shook his head helplessly and assessed his third brother' reaction. Chen Yu Bai was suppressing anger but Qin Song knew that Chen Yu Bai caught onto everything too.

Qin Song felt that An Xiao Li was indeed a dummy, but he didn't know what the two wicked belly oxen were calculating in their hearts. Qin Song scratched his head because he didn't understand why he was pulled into the wicked bellies' plan if the truth was exposed long ago.


It was a windy and a murderous night.

The moment Chen Yu Bai, Miss Chen and An Xiao Li entered his house, Seven Up charged toward a startled Xiao Li and she hid behind him. Seven Up kept chasing after Xiao Li and rubbing its paws against Xiao Li's leg. Chen Yu Bai wrinkled his forehead and scolded Seven Up. Seven Up whimpered pitifully, took back its paws and ran back to its delegated resting spot.

Miss Chen smiled slyly but didn't say anything about her nephew's dog who was familiar with her daughter.

Chen Yu Bai gave Miss Chen and An Xiao Li new toiletries. He told them that he was tired so he was sleeping first.

Miss Chen also vocalised her tiredness and ordered An Xiao Li to fill the spa with water for Miss Chen to relax. An Xiao Li followed Empress Miss Chen's order and went into the bathroom and prepared the spa for Empress Miss Chen. An Xiao Li received a second order, which was not to bother Empress Miss Chen for an hour whilst she was enjoying a spa bath. An Xiao Li retreated from the bathroom and rushed to Chen Yu Bai's bedroom.

Inside Chen Yu Bai's bedroom, An Xiao Li saw that he just finished taking a shower because his hair was still wet. He wore a bathrobe and was sitting on a chair near the window whilst he smoked a cigarette.

An Xiao Li found an ashtray and gave it to Chen Yu Bai, but he didn't look at her and flicked the cigarette ashes on the floor.

An Xiao Li knelt in front of Chen Yu Bai's chair and looked up at him. He ignored her, she pitifully pulled his bathrobe sleeve. 'Little Bai...'

Chen Yu Bai was still angry and didn't want to take any notice of Xiao Li. But he heard her call his name weakly and couldn't control himself and looked down at her. 'Cousin, what is it?'

An Xiao Li felt the resentment in the air weakened and couldn't hold back her laugh.

Chen Yu Bai squashed the cigarette onto the windowsill, stood and went to the bed. He crawled under the bed sheet and curled his body.

An Xiao Li saw Chen Yu Bai went to bed with wet hair and ran into his bathroom and returned to the bed with a hair dryer. She knelt on the bed and blow dried his hair.

Usually when they were together she took it for granted, but she felt the hour of freedom Miss Chen granted was extremely valuable. It made her realised that it was good to be together with her man that was cold on the outside but childish on the inside.

'I was in the wrong. Wait until Miss Chen goes back home, I'll call her and tell her about us, ok?' An Xiao Li asked and pressed her cheek against Chen Yu Bai's cheek.

'What did you say?' Chen Yu Bai asked coldly.

'I said... what you wanted to hear,' An Xiao Li teased.

Chen Yu Bai snorted, rolled over and Xiao Li was underneath him. He rolled the bed sheet around them then rolled them close to the edge of the bed and she clung onto him.

'Why don't you tell her now?' Chen Yu Bai asked.

'Mum will beat me to death,' An Xiao Li said.

'Aren't you scared if you tell her over the phone, she'll come back here again?' Chen Yu Bai asked.

'Mum's a lazy person, she won't come back. Wait until mum returns home and she won't be angry anymore. Besides, you wouldn't let her beat me to death, right?' An Xiao Li said.

'Um,' Chen Yu Bai said after a long time.

That windy and murderous night, An Xiao Li felt particularly at peace. In the past she felt she didn't see Chen Yu Bai clearly and that was why she was felt impatient and was suspicious of his intentions. But after a lot of time passed, finally she understood that with love she didn't need to understand everything about him. She just needed to be certain about one thing, her little Bai wouldn't allow anyone to hurt her.


End of Chapter Twenty-two (Part 2)


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