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Glory To Earth Magic - Chapter 23


Glory for the Earth Magic! , By : Torimaru Karasuma/已己巳己

It was the day after Estrea-sensei's first class. I was trained by Landrik-san behind the dorm.

’’At first ...... do the gymnastics from my local land...... do not move violently......’’

Landrik-san says so then starts movements calmly and I imitate his motions . There are cases where Landrik-san moves slowly, but the movements are something that I can imitate without difficulty.

It was Tai Chi. Landrik says that it seems that blood circulation and the gentle flow of magic gets better which these techniques that are traditionally from the country it had come from.

Well, even I saw it from grandma and grandpa on Earth who did it early in the morning two times, I thought that is was Kung Fu so I bought a book to remember it.

By the way, it is said that Tai Chi is easy to remember because of its slow movements and strong feelings!

However, although Tai Chi for the health is slow, Tai Chi that is for fighting moves normally. I never saw it.

I would do Tai Chi like that for 30 minutes. Initially, I started doing this on Earth but was worried about its slow movements however I was starting to break sweat.

After that, I joined Jonand who had already eaten a meal dripping with sweat going into the shower room before having breakfast then prepare as usual and go to school with Yatsufusa.

’’How was it yesterday?’’

I see, this is probably about that magic class.

’’Apparently, I'm the only one in my grade taking it. Well, I'm thankful for it since I can get taught one-to-one.’’

’’Wow. I feel that wind has plenty of people in it. Speaking of which, have you decided your magic tool?’’

’’For the time being, I'm using a cane. From there I am going to give it plenty of thought on how to fight.’’

’’Yeah? I, I hesitated a little before I chose a bracelet. It's because I'm better in hand-to-hand combat since I'm a werewolf. I tend to make various movements towards the bracelet until I can get a magic tool with the help of the school.’’

Yatsufusa also uses the bracelet. Landrik-san also uses the bracelets, is it better for the accessory to be within the body group and attach to the body? Well, if you fought holding a cane, you could drop it or be robbed. The size of the cane is large, and the large it is the more mana stones you can add, and it is more convenient if the cane is a typical rear guard type.

I think I'd like to fight at any range for the time being, but it depends on what kinds of earth magic there are. Regarding earth magic, there was no book about it in the house either.

After that, Yatsufusa and I had the usual classes in the morning, then I normally go the classroom from yesterday in the afternoon to take a magic lesson.

’’Oh, you came.’’

Today, Estrea-sensei was not in a swimsuit and did not go into the sand but was standing. Well, it was not school swimsuit, but she was wearing a shortened Nikkazubon(which has the hem positioned like at ceremony's), a tunic with fusafusa hair, and a white coat over it.

Somehow ... whether it's due to the white coat, I can't seem to see this child as an adult. I do not say it because I am a child who can read the air.

’’It's the magic tool, it had just arrived a while ago. You should confirm it.’’

Estrea-sensei came and placed what looks to be a cane about 1.2m long on top of the desk.

The design was simple with a totally white straight stick and a rhombus shape red glass fitted at the head part. Since the stick was carved onto in many ways, this would be a magic amplification technique.

When holding it, it's a little heavier than its appearance suggests. I predict that there are probably mana stones in it. Although it is a mass-produced magic tool, I can't help but feel tense to my own magic tool and take a pose unintentionally.

’’Oh, I understand you're happy, but it would be nice to begin the lesson?’’

I noticed that Estrea-sensei was watching me with lukewarm eyes, I sit down while I felt my face was red. This is really embarrassing.

’’Well, I think I would like to teach you about full-fledged magic today since the magic tool has arrived.’’

Estrea-sensei says that then waits so I nod my head and she explains.

’’To say, you do not have any attack magic that can be used because you should know that earth magic has barely been researched. Well, that's quite there but this magic can be used in a relationship to building’’

’’Eh? Well, what do I do?’’

The duel is one month from no, having no attack magic is a bad idea. Estrea-sensei opens her mouth looking at the anxious me.

’’Well, do not worry. I am not an earth magic teacher for show. I do have an attack magic, but it is only within close range, my class is basically magic development and battle practice. After all, the number of students in earth magic is rather small. Other than you, it's your roommates Jonand and Landrik.’’

There were only three whole people there. Moreover, it's such a small world since both of them are people I'm acquainted with.

’’That...... either way I know they are my roommates. Do you mean only three people?’’

’’I do not narrow it down to acquaintances in this small world. Well, this is the state of earth magic. At least in this school, as long as curious guys come, they learn earth magic.’’

This may be more severe than I expected. I said that I would improve the status of earth magic, but it may be quite difficult while I'm only in school.

’’Ah, it is totally deplorable being a teacher of earth magic which is convenient...... there are only about two or three other people who major in earth magic like Estrea-san’’

I was surprised by the voice that I suddenly heard, there was a man with a white beard sitting next to me. He was a school head.

’’The school head teacher!? Why do you come to a place like this!?’’

’’Alba, he came out suddenly without any signs of people until a little while ago?’’

While I was shouting involuntarily due to surprise, Aldi tells me such information. Maybe he can you transportation magic or something? He is not the school head just for show.

’’I heard there was an admitted earth magician who applied for a duel with another student this early ja. I just heard a familiar name.’’

’’School head, don't you have work?’’

’’...... Break, it's a break. From the boring standing and just work.’’

Estrea-sensei pulled a straight man against school head, but the school head insists that it's a break to her question. Is that okay? You are the school head. ja

’’Gohon! So it's you? Alba-kun, your father is Mercurio Fontecium Lambert?’’

The school head cleared his throat with a ⌊Gohon⌉and turns his line of sight to me asking that.

’’Yes. It is so...... but.’’

’’Actually, that guy a student here from the time I was the school head ja. That guy was a wasted talent as a student since unmanageable problem student.... so it was a little awkward when he had graduated ja.’’ (EN: Apparently, it's the infamous ja.)

School head heartily says that in such an impressing way.

Father was like that? Well from looking at his character, it was almost impossible to guess.

’’So this time, it isn't possible to ignore his son right ja? Especially when you applied for a blood duel this early on jaro.’’

’’What...... you have barely learned any magic......’’

Estrea-sensei says in an amazed tone to the school heads words.

’’No... how should I say this, I propose the duel to fight so there would be no further trouble in the future since it was such a method.’’

’’So you signed up for it... oh well. Since you're going to have a duel, it's better to teach centered around fighting. When is the duel?’’

’’Only one month later.’’

’’Huh...... there is only one month of time.’’

Estrea-sensei to my worlds holds her hands to her chin with a cool face. It seems that they are thinking about my future curriculum.

’’So? Say, it was proposed by you but do you have any chance?’’

’’Well, there is... Oh! Do you know if it is all right for my to fight with the spirit I contracted with? This child is Aldi, my spirit who I contracted with.’’

’’Best regards shaggy! ’’

So Aldi called the school head with rudeness over 10 million once more, I try to correct it in a hurry, but the school head told me it doesn't matter.

’’Well, the contract with a spirit is also a part of one's talent ja. So you can.’’

Okay, so I can get cooperation from Aldi because I received permission from the school head directly.

’’Even so, your hair ......’’

’’Oh, this? It was from a little while ago since I was unconscious due to circumstances, by the time I woke up, the length of my hair and magic increased. Oh, school head teacher do you understand? ’’

School head to my question thinks while stroking his beard.

’’Hmm, so you were unconscious. The period? Do you remember how long it was?’’

’’It was about 3 years.’’

’’3 years, what the heck got you to be unconscious for that long?’’

’’Well, there are various things involved. Let's not go too much into depth.’’

Estrea-sensei curiously came but I deceived her with a fake smile.

’’Well, more or less it's expected to be.’’

’’Is that true!?’’

Finally, the mystery to my hair is revealed that I cried out in excitement.

’’It's a shame that I can not teach this.... it's also due to you who forgot why your magic power increased so much.’’

Something I have forgotten? Although I was about to ask the school head what kind of thing it was, the school head stands up.(EN: Not sure what he forgot.)

’’Hey hey, I'll be leaving now as to not get in the way and regret getting in the way of Eagle-san. I'm looking forward to your duel’’

The school head says that then soon turns into smoke and disappears as soon as it clears.

I wonder what he meant by forget......? I don't know what I forgot even though I looked through my memories, it feels like my heart tightened for some reason.

’’Yes yes, I'll continue teaching since the obstacle went away. Anyways, let's start practicing with the magic tool.’’

Declaring that the school head is obstructive, she moves to the middle. Perhaps this is the reason why she has no lover?

’’Did you say something?’’

’’Iienan nimo’’(EN: イイエナンニモ)

I went into the magic class while surprisingly be stared at sharply by Estrea-sensei.

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’’...... Break baby break. Work just as as you do.’’

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’’...... Break, it's a break. From the boring standing and just work.’’


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