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Global Evolution - Chapter 91


Chapter 91: Decisive

Editor: Monika

It was a short trip for Chang to run up one set of stairs. The top floor of this townhouse was

more spacious compared to the lower levels, and Chang assumed this was the gang leader's


Awakened by the sudden turmoil, the people who were sleeping on commodious leather sofas

sat up. They already had weapons in their hands, and one of them was even struggling with

turning on a flashlight.

There were eight gangsters residing in this lounge, two of them equipped with pistols. The

flashlight they had was nothing special. It was a household type. Seeing the whole situation,

Chang swiftly sneaked into a corner without a second thought. A bolt ejected quietly from the

crossbow, aimed at its fated destination. It effortlessly penetrated through the chest of the man

who was fumbling with flicking on the flashlight's switch.

At this moment, Chang was deaf to any screams. The flashlight dropped from an enfeebled

hand and rolled in a short curve before stopping. A faint and lonely light illuminated the

surrounding red fog.

The rest of the gangsters recoiled out of instinct. They then moved to stand back to back,

forming a circle to defend against the unseen threat.

’’What gang are you...’’ one man shouted to the air.

The poor man wasn't given a chance to finish his sentence. Chang was stingy with time. He just

wanted to get his handgun back as soon as possible. Therefore, the second bolt he fired

perforated the man's throat, bringing him and his question to the grave. The man' s handgun

dropped as he kneeled to the ground.

Chang's first unexpected attack didn't leave the gangsters too much time to attack, but from

the second one, the mechanic sound of the trigger left them an auditory hint. The only man in

the room who held a firearm hastily turned to the source of the sound and without hesitation

fired four or five times. The muzzle gave out lights from the combustion yet the dark corner

only returned the noise of bullets hitting against the wall, mocking him that he was off target.

’’I didn't get him.’’ The shooting person was agitated by his own failure. He was only able to

look around in terror.

A coldness of the blade informed the man about his fate.

The dagger performed just as well as when Chang had killed the four men. The process was as

smooth as a hot blade sliding into butter. Chang ran to the other man once the one before him


Clearing out the path didn't take long. He made a ninety degree turn to the door before the

bodies even stopped twitching. He knew his final destination, the master bedroom.

Perhaps because Chang wasn't challenged at all in killing all these hooligans, he was

overconfident and carelessly kicked the door open, only for a series of maliciouss bullets to be

shot from an assault rifle to welcome his arrival.


The wily gang leader had awaited Chang for a long time. He hid behind the door so that his prey

would come to him. As soon as the door opened, he pulled the trigger to release the raging


At the same time, as Chang kicked open the fragile door, he noticed the firing muzzle. His brain

performed automatic calculations before he was even aware of it.

Although he didn't see the trajectory of the bullets, his brain mapped out an imagery simulation

based on the sparks he saw from the rifle. He predicted that there will be seventeen bullets fired

before he could dodge to the side. He also judged from the frequency of the gang leader's arm

shaking that six out of seventeen bullets would hit him, and their exact location on his body.

Thus, he made a dodge before it was too late.

His thigh muscles contracted, and he lowered his head, bending down. He then took a leap to

get away from the door. Five out of six bullets continued on their journey to the far end but he

barely had time to evade the last one. It edged by the side of his waist, the abrasion emitting a

blazing heat.

Just as the eighteenth bullet left the muzzle, Chang rolled to the side so that he was out of the

shooting range. His palm covered the bleeding wound, which was burning painfully.

’’I was too careless...’’ Chang was soaked in cold sweat when he managed to hide beside the

door. He clearly understood that a man who might be ten times weaker than him could still

easily kill him.

In this moment, he was reminded of the millipede which was blown up by the bazooka. It was

possible for a level one human to slay a formidable organism with fine calculations and enough

luck. Without the protection of the spider silk bulletproof vest, the last gunshot could have been

a fatal wound.

Upon realising the cruel fact, Chang became more lucid and careful about the situation he was

confronted with.

It all happened in a flash, the holligan guards from the first floor arrived in a fluster. Before the

gangsters noticed him, Chang sprang up and gripped onto the lighting crown molding and

rested his feet against the wall as if he was a gecko.

’’Who is it? Who attacked us?’’ The hooligans had nothing but flashlights and wooden rods in

their hands. The light restlessly swung around, illuminating the red fog.

Chang carefully moved along the lighting crown molding, backed by the fine calculations in

hismind. None of the light beams spotted him.

Lurking in the corner, Chang hung himself upside down to free his hands so that he could

reload the crossbow.

’’Stay alert! I don't know how many intruders there are, but I get the feeling that there aren't

many. They must have gone through an advanced evolu...’’ The gang leader spoke again, but he

failed to give the complete warning to his followers.

Chang loosened one foot and kicked against the wall, landing with a nice backflip. He dashed

across the hooligans in the route he'd planned, reaching the bedroom door in two seconds. At

the same time as he entered the bedroom, he pulled the trigger to release the arched bowstring.

Before the gang leader even knew what had happened, the bolt had already punctured his

shoulder blade. As the result of damaging the bone and nerves, the assault rifle dropped.

Chang was fast enough the catch it before it touched the ground. The magazine of the assault

rifle was already replaced by the gang leader, so Chang made a 180 degree turn and scoured the



The power of the assault rifle was fully utilized in Chang's hands. The bullets were discharged

like fearless soldiers, chasing and slaughtering the gangsters.

Those people ditched their leader immediately to flee from the firearm. All of them had their

hands covering their heads as they hurried to the staircase. Nobody dared to risk their life to

come back again.

A stream of smoke rose from the muzzle. Chang discarded the heated assault rifle, staring at

the man who was nailed to the wardrobe by the bolt.

There was no else except for the gang leader in this bedroom.

Chang didn't kill him immediately. It wasn't because he was merciful, but he was concerned

that he might not find his handgun since the gang leader might have buried it somewhere.

’’Where is my handgun?’’ Chang searched the muscular man, but the handgun wasn't on him.

’’You are...’’ The gang leader gazed at Chang's exposed eyes, baffled. ’’Aren't you the one I met


’’My question is, where is my handgun?’’ Chang exhibited impatience.

’’Will you spare my life if I tell you that?’’ the muscular man begged.

’’Either way you are a dead man today. You are only choosing how you want to be executed, with

or without torture,’’ Chang ruthlessly replied. He searched the bedroom, worrying that the gang

leader might have traded his handgun to another gang.

Fortunately, the gang's collection time was late. By the time they received their ’’protection

fee’’, the sky had painted its canvas black. It was unlikely that any trading occurred after sunset.

Sure enough, his fingers encountered the handgun under the nightstand. He also found a few

grenades in the drawer.

’’Perfect! That's my handgun and none of the bullets are missing. This is my reward to you.’’

Chang was delighted, loading the bullets to the handgun. He pointed the handgun to the face of

the muscular man, one eye closed. ’’By the way, I wanted to test out this beast for a long time

but couldn't find a target. Thank you for being one today.’’


The gang leader's last word to the world was an inaudible cry, his face contorted and body

seized with terror. His head was blown up by a sizable bullet.

The head exploded.

Like a fish tank shattered, the head of the gang leader was blasted into indistinguishable pieces.

His brain strewed on the wall, dripping like ice cream melting under the hot sun.

Not only had the head exploded, but the shockwave had also blown a big hole behind it through

the wardrobe. Chang was impressed by the damage that this handgun could ditch out. The force

of it was comparable to a hand cannon, or even stronger.

Upon confirming its power of destruction, Chang unloaded its bullets and placed the handgun

back into the hostler. He carried the crossbow and the handgun on each of his shoulders. On his

way out, he left two grenades in the townhouse at the bedroom he first entered through. He

left by the entrance he made.


The grenades roared, and for a brief moment, Chang was deafened. A pillar of smoke and dust

blasted out from the shattered windows. Then a wave of orange flame gushed out, thirstily

shooting its tongues to the sky. Chang didn't linger around. The townhouse behind him slowly

collapsed, dust hovering over the rubble, concealing the merciless annihilation.

He backtracked to the community he resided and changed back into his original clothing. He

burned the navy scarf and the black outfit. When the last sparkling flame rose and then died

down, he spread the ashes with his right foot and returned to the dining room, where he found

Jing still waiting.

She hadn't fallen asleep for a moment after Chang's departure. Her fervent wish was fulfilled

when she saw him open the door. She moved aside, leaving the soft rug to Chang so that he

could rest.

’’Chang, was it dangerous? Are you scared?’’

Chang laid down beside her, and his eyes closed. She wiped off the sweat from his forehead with

her sleeve.

’’I wasn't scared...’’ Chang shook his head.

’’But I feel like you always become unhappy after killing someone.’’ Jing made an effort to wrap

her arm around his neck in a half hug like an adult, but her short and skinny arm made it

difficult for her.

’’I didn't feel anything in particular, perhaps it was because I killed bad people...’’ Chang stared

at the ceiling feebly, disguising his true feelings that would worry Jing.

’’But... Do you remember the time you saved me on the street? You killed bad guys then, too, but

I could sense your emotions, you felt terrible,’’ Jing murmured. Her facial expression softened

as she was reminded of how they met. ’’If I hadn't been kidnapped by them, I would have never

met you.’’

’’True...’’ Chang avoided her bright eyes. His heartbeat had resumed its original pace long before

he came into the dining room. ’’But I don't feel anything, neither sadness nor joy. I am just

calm, why?’’

’’Perhaps you've got used to it?’’ Jing seemed to only have a vague idea of what Chang was

talking about.

’’I don't think I've gotten used to it. I'm just emotionally numb...’’ His eyelids closed gently,

isolating his mind from reality.

Jing didn't reply. She only sat beside Chang, pondering his words.

Next morning, when Chang was awakened by the warmth of the sunlight, a hook-nosed woman

woke up in the research institute.

’’Madam, the higher ups have ordered us to depart as soon as possible. We don't have much

time left!’’

The soldier was agitated, but he didn't dare to wake up his immediate superior while she was

still sleeping.


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