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Global Evolution - Chapter 89


Chapter 89: We all have intentions

Editor: Monika

As if it was an unwritten rule, the majority of the inhabitants awaited the arrival of the gangster

quitely. The leading members even prepared the portion of the Crystal Pea that was to be

handed over to the gangster.

’’Fifteen kilograms of the Crystal Pea, you can have it weighed on the scale.’’ The leading

member was the stout woman he saw in the office. She handed the container to a man who held

a semi-automatic rifle.

’’Why do they have firearms?’’ Witnessing the process so far, Chang turned his head, asking Rui.

’’You can see them with guns from here?’’ Rui was perplexed, standing in the crowd.

’’I guessed, the shadow seem like guns.’’ Chang answered ambiguously, adding, ’’Why do they

have guns? I thought only the military have them.’’

’’It's because they have connections in the military.’’ Rui dropped his question about Chang's

unusual vision. ’’The military would have confiscated them if they were not shielded.’’

’’I see.’’

The gang didn't leave yet as the man checked the container. He pushed the three girls who the

gang had taken away before to the stout woman.

’’These cuties are from your community, aren't they?’’ The leading gangster was a muscular

man with tattoos covering his body, and it was him, who carried a semi-automatic rifle. ’’Our

people are done using them, so we're returning them to you. We don't have extra food to keep

them around.’’

The leader commanded the inhabitants to line up in two rows and looked at their faces one by


’’I've returned your girls scot-free! I kept my promise already. Don't hate me on this, this is the

way the world should be.’’ The two lines slowly formed as the leader ordered them to do so. He

tilted his head to hint for another three gangsters to come from the gang and examine these

inhabitants' faces. ’’Let's search for some beauties.’’

As the tattooed man ordered, the gangsters scanned and examined the inhabitants one by one.

If they found a young woman, they would size her up to check her face and body. If it was a

man, what they did most of them time was just to glance, unless what they carried intrigued the

examining gangster.

Chang was unfortunate that his handgun gathered interest.

’’What is that thing on your shoulder? I can't tell if it's a gun or bazooka.’’ It was the leader who

checked Chang, his finger slight moving away from its usual place on the holster. ’’I want to see

it, take if off!’’

’’This is a fake gun, there is no point for you to waste time on it.’’ Rui cut into the conversation

before Chang could explain.

’’Who the f*ck are you? Go away.’’ The leader goggled at Rui then stared at Chang again. ’’I said

take it off!’’

’’...’’ Brows knotted, Chang refused to move even an inch. The handgun was his last chance of

survival if the gene-altered soldiers ever found him, he simply couldn't give it up.

However, if he didn't give away his handgun now, an argument could easily start between him

and the gang. If it came to that, they would be tangled in a bout of fierce fighting. Although he

knew that these autonomic groups were nothing to be afraid of, but since they had connections

with the military, it might get involved if he killed any of them.

The consequences of attracting military's attention was obvious - he might once again be

spotted by Zhuo. In this critical moment, he didn't want to cause trouble for Qing Shui.

Thus, after weighting the advantages against the disadvantages, Chang decided to turn in his

handgun to the gang leader.

It was at the exact moment he made a decision when the leader lost his patience. Perhaps he

was irritated by the fact that his scouting didn't work well, and that made him feel disgraced.

He lifted his right leg, kicking at Chang's stomach.

Chang clearly saw the leader's each move as if the gangster kicked in slow motion. Every inch

of the motion's curve was captured by his eyes, and the information entered his brain through

the retina. The world seemed static to him in this second. He could predict when and where the

foot would go up and down. It was all clear as day to him.

In a blink of an eye, Chang already knew what posture he should use to receive this attack and

at the same time how to kill this person in the most effortless way. He even had ample time in

that brief moment to assess how he could avoid the blood splashing on him by having the

dagger on his waist prick on his neck out of instinct.

This was Qing Shui's ability - micro observation, rapidly using analytical skills and observation

to cope with an attack while preparing for a precise counter-attack.

This wasn't a real fighting technique but more practical than any move. In combat, it was all

about strategy. However, humans weren't computers. They couldn't make the best moves by

calculation. The only way of improving strategic planning was through repetitive practice so

that it became an instinct.

Qing Shui's ability was different. He could employ a big part of his frontal cortex into rapid

calculation. He wasn't a super computer, but he was stronger than any calculation machine

when in crisis.

Chang was gifted this ability from the transgene operation. Therefore, he calmly waited for the

foot's impact with his stomach, even though he could kill the man in a flash.

Chang was thrown to the ground, but it wasn't painful at all. He didn't even feel that the

leader's kick held any power. If he didn't act deliberately, the kick couldn't have thrown him on

the ground. Chang decided to finish his act and wrinkled his face as if he had suffered from the


’’Please, I'll give it to you.’’ Chang pressed on his stomach with one hand and removed the

handgun from his shoulder. He pushed it forward to show his submission.

Picking up the handgun, the leader realized it was unusually heavy. His face betrayed his


’’It's a real gun, huh?’’ The leader flipped the cover of the holster to check the mechanics. He was

extatic when he realized he'd found a jackpot. The handgun was pointed to Chang's face, and

the man smirked. ’’An alteration, isn't it? Feels nice in my hand. Where did you get it, little


Chang didn't dare to loosen his guard as the muzzle was pointing right at his face and thought

up an excuse. ’’I found it on a corpse.’’

’’I see,’’ the leader murmured, distracted by the giant bullets in the cylinder. After a bit, he

casually asked, ’’I am taking this beauty away, what do you think?’’

’’Nothing that I want to say.’’ Chang shook his head innocently. ’’It is the rule that I must comply


’’Good.’’ The leader laughed, happy with his harvest, while pulling Chang up from the ground.

He carried the handgun the way Chang had, on his shoulder. The leader seemed overly

delighted when he dusted off the mud from Chang's shirt. He moved to the next person


Every witness, including Rui, had pity painted on their faces.

Among the crowd, there were only two people remaining calm, and both of them knew Chang -

Dr. Huang and Jing.

They didn't feel pity for the lost gun but the gangster.

The brief disturbance settled since no fight had happened. The people might even forgot about

it in a few hours.

At night, in the dining room where the community workers had dinner.

Dr. Huang walked away from the counter with two bowls of the steamed Crystal Pea in hand.

She sat down beside Chang, handing him one of the bowls. ’’This is your serving.’’

’’Thank you, Dr. Huang.’’ Chang held up his hand to stop the bowl in the air. ’’You can have


’’Wow, I didn't know you were one of those rebels who are against the Crystal Pea.’’ Dr. Huang

poured the Crystal Pea to one bowl, shrugging at his refused kindness. ’’What about Jing?’’

’’We have our own food,’’ Chang replied.

’’Well then, I'll have yours. I am a simple person, and treat each day as a gift, feeling lucky for

simply having the pleasure of waking up in the morning. I am pretty carefree in this mentality.’’

Dr. Huang knocked the bowl with her spoon. ’’Are you sure? A serving is only about 100 grams, I

absolutely don't mind having more.’’

’’Go ahead.’’ Chang nodded assently with his lips pressed firmly together.

He didn't speak anything until Dr. Huang finished her meal.

’’When are you going?’’ Dr. Huang asked, breaking the ice. She placed her unwashed bowl and

utensils on the shelf.

’’When everyone is asleep.’’ Chang stood up and leaned against a corner. ’’Do you think I'll be

suspected if I do it?’’

’’Nope,’’ Dr. Huang asserted categorically. ’’You thought your conflict between you and the

gangster was severe? You must have not seen how often this occurs. They are a notorious gang,

they kill people. They have foes everywhere to chase after them, who would think of you?’’

’’I am happy to hear that.’’ Chang waved to Jing to ask her to come over. ’’We need to get some

rest first.’’

’’Alright, I'll be waiting for your good news.’’ Dr. Huang left the room as she saw Chang close his


At the same time but different location - the research institute wasn't peaceful, either.

’’Qing Shui! I haven't seen your family for quite a while, where are they hanging out?’’ Zhuo

pretended to ask inadvertently while shaking the testing tube in his hand.

’’Well, I didn't want them to get involved with the ugly political turmoil, so I already sent them

to somewhere peaceful.’’ Speaking emotionlessly, Qing Shui poked a needle into an

experimental subject's arm. ’’I can't even guarantee my own safety here, so if I have a

misfortune, they will suffer with me. Thus, I've sent them very far away from here.’’

’’Oh come on! Who would dare to harm them? You're working with me now! We're on the same

boat, you have my word.’’ Zhuo laughed. ’’You don't trust me, do you?’’

’’It's not about trust, I just want them to live happier.’’ Qing Shui beamed. ’’I'm loyal to Group


’’Oh Qing Shui, I just love to hear what you've just said.’’ Zhuo nodded, grinning. His words were

cut off by a series of knocks on the door.

’’Let me check who that is, I think it's someone from the military.’’ Zhuo put down his test tube

on the lab racks and turned to the door.

It was a senior captain. The young man kindly invited Zhuo to an empty room. The lights

flickered as they struggled to turn on.

’’Did you find that person?’’ Abnormally, Zhuo wasn't smiling.

’’Yes, we did. An olfactory EM. Her nose is much more sensitive than a dog's.’’ The senior

captain smiled with confidence. ’’You only need an object that was used by your target, and she

can trace it down as long as he is still in Zhengzhou!’’

’’Good, I'll send a troop with the woman.’’ Zhuo revealed his bloodthirstiness. ’’This is a class-A

mission, and there are two targets - a boy and a little girl. I need them back here as soon as


’’Yes, Sir!’’ The senior captain gave a salute.

’’One more thing, the first approach is to kindly ask them to come with the troop. But if they

refuse, you know what to do next.’’ Zhuo once again put on the smile that he only showed to

Qing Shui. ’’And keep it low key. I don't want anyone outside of the mission to know about this.

They are my last weapons. Most importantly, they must be alive when they come here. I don't

care if they have some body parts missing or not, but if they die, it's meaningless to bring them

back, understood?’’

’’Understood!’’ The senior captain nodded.

’’Alright, your path in the military will be quick and easy when you get this done. Time waits for

no one, you should go now.’’ Patting the senior captain's shoulder, Zhuo left the room with his

gentle smile and returned to his lab.


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