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Global Evolution - Chapter 85


Chapter 85: Observation

Editor: Monika

’’70% to 90%?’’ Chang was cautious about the operation as well. After all, the fatality rate wasn't


’’How did you get the number? Do you know its side effects?’’

’’The number was from my rigorous estimation. As for side effects...’’ Qing Shui raised his left

forearm and rolled up the sleeve, a fresh stitched scar lay on his skin. ’’You are not my first


’’You did it to yourself?’’ Chang grabbed Qing Shui's hand, gazing at the terrible stitch.

’’Yes, I tested it on myself.’’ Qing Shui freed his wrist from Chang's palm and rolled down his

sleeve. ’’It didn't feel too bad. And I haven't find any side effect, temporarily.’’

’’What about in the future?’’

’’I don't feel anything strange now, and I believe that it is unlikely that the procedure will have

complications later on. The green liquid you saw is a promoter that is strong enough to place

the imported DNA sequence in the correct location in my genome and make sure the imported

DNA connects with mine seamlessly.’’

’’Therefore, you wanted to test it on me. Did you run into some trouble?’’ Chang asked, sensing

Qing Shui's implication. ’’If it wasn't a big trouble, I don't think you would only test it on you

and me.’’

’’You got me, indeed, I need your help.’’

’’Even so, you should not risk Chang's life for your experiment!’’ Jing burst out, letting out her

repressed emotions. With her skinny arms raised, she stood in front of Chang, blocking him

from Qing Shui. She shouted to him, ’’Why can't you use someone else? You can even test it on

me! I am an EM already, and that should allow the procedure to go smoothly. I don't care what

kind of considerations you're taking, I will not let you perform the operation on Chang. Not in

front of me!’’

’’Jing... I guess Mr. Li has his own difficulties. He can't trust anyone in the institute. We are a

family, right? You are too young, and I just happen to fit his criteria.’’ Chang hugged Jing


However, for the first time Jing refused to accept Chang's explanation. She didn't hug back but

raised her head, staring at Qing Shui obstinately. She even started to hate him. ’’You weren't like

this before, you've changed! I thought you were against radical procedures, why are you

insisting on this now?’’

’’I had a difficult time learning that being conservative benefits development, but being radical

can eliminate your competition.’’ Qing Shui heaved an unnoticeable sigh. ’’Aggressiveness will

make you more competitive, especially in short term.’’

’’That's your reason for harming people around you?’’ Jing continued to interrogate Qing Shui

desperately. ’’You are no different from Zhuo if you insist on doing so!’’

Qing Shui's pupil lost focus for a second. He was dazed by her question. The ponderous silence

filled the void in the room, but no one dared to lift it away. Until Qing Shui took a deep breath.

His voice was soft when he said, ’’Perhaps I was never different from him.’’


’’Hey... As I said, the biggest difference between Mr. Li and Zhuo is humanity.’’ Chang's fingers

combed through Jing's hair. ’’We went through everything and endure great pain together. If

Mr. Li wasn't compelled by the circumstances, he wouldn't ask that of me. Do you understand?’’

’’But...’’ Jing wasn't persuaded yet.

’’Qing Shui, I'll take the operation. As long as you don't make me into a monster, that is.’’ Chang

grinned to Qing Shui. ’’Do you use anesthetics?’’

’’For sure, it is a fine operation and I hope you will stay stable.’’ Qing Shui once again took

control of his emotions. ’’Are you sure? I have told you the consequences.’’

’’I've made up my mind. Without you, I would have died a long time ago, and I am not ready to

witness your death while I am alive,’’ Chang spoke with determination. He lied down on the

operating table and unbuttoned his shirt. ’’Do it, I hope I can help you.’’

’’Thank you... Thank you, Chang.’’ Qing Shui grieved with his eyes closed, his eyeballs trembling

behind the thin lids. He took a minute to calm his mind. Then, he turned away to change into

scrubs. Sliding his hands into a pair of medical gloves, he came back with a syringe that

contained anesthetic.

On the other side, Jing was already tearing up with her eyes as red as a rabbit's.

’’May I leave you some last words?’’ Fear gradually occupied Chang's heart as the needle slowly

approached to his arm.


’’If... If I don't make it to the end, please take care of Jing for me. And... my father's name is Hui

Liu, my mother is Hua Wu. If you see them some day, can you take care of them for me as well?’’

Chang looked to Jing. ’’Jing... it's all good, there's a 70% - 90% success rate, I may come back


’’But...’’ Jing wiped off her tears, sobbing. Her voice was almost a scream when she said, ’’I still

don't think you should accept this.’’

’’Don't worry, it's a short operation. Think of the good side, I'll be as smart as Mr. Li by the time

I wake up!’’ Chang tried to comfort Jing.

’’But you will not be the same.’’

Jing's words silenced Chang. Speechless, he decided to close his eyes to avoid answering her.

’’Let's begin, please.’’ He quit thinking about the changes after the operation and laid on the

table quietly. The anesthetic slowly streamed through his veins. The shadowless lamp above

him became dimmer and dimmer...

Chang didn't feel much different after the operation except that he was dizzy.

’’’’Can you hear me?’’ Qing Shui sprang up from his chair as he saw Chang's eyes open shakily.

’’...’’ Chang tried to say something but the effect of the anesthetic dulled his vocal chords.

’’Chang!’’ Qing Shui shouted out his name in excitement.

’’What.. time... is it now?’’

’’3:43 AM, about three and a half hours have passed.’’ Qing Shui held Chang's hand with concern.

’’Do you feel any changes about this world?’’

’’Changes?’’ His vision became clearer, the multiple shadows recentering to one. The dizziness

vanished as Chang slowly sat up from the table. He saw Jing's eyes were swollen from crying.

’’The sense of distance... it's so clear to me.’’ Chang gazed into Jing's pupils. ’’I can tell the

distance between me and her in millimeters.’’

When his feet touched the cold ground, he said, ’’Every movement I take, it's more accurate and

precise than ever.’’

’’Your observation and perception has improved,’’ Qing Shui replied, yet he was hoping for

something else. ’’What else? What else did you feel?’’

’’What else?’’ Chang flipped his palm over.

A moment after, he answered, ’’Nothing else, except for being able to precisely perceive


’’Nothing else? It doesn't make sense.’’ Qing Shui frowned, then he took a book from the shelf

and rapidly flipped its pages in front of Chang's eyes, asking, ’’Do you remember anything?’’

’’Nope, not even a single word,’’ Chang answered honestly. ’’I didn't even see a single word


’’You didn't acquire the ability of information collection and analytical skills from my DNA...

except for the perception,’’ Qing Shui murmured to himself. ’’It's impossible... is intelligence

that unreachable?’’

’’Was I a failure to your experiment?’’ Chag leaned against the table to support his weak body.

’’Well, as least not a 100% success.’’ While Qing Shui was glad for Chang's quick recovery, he still

felt it was a pity. ’’I don't understand why it failed, maybe the brain is just too complicated to

understand everything about it.

’’I intended to transform you into an EM in the same cognitive category as mine. In this way you

could help me defend against Zhuo... But I think the attempt failed.’’ He then added, ’’Therefore,

I think you guys need to leave here as soon as possible.’’

’’Why?’’ Chang was surprised. ’’Is the conflict already this serious?’’

’’Yes, it is too dangerous here.’’ He explained it more by saying, ’’The structure of the society we

live in is facing a rapid revolution, and a revolution simply means massacre.’’

’’Why? I don't see why it has anything to do with us.’’

’’You can name many reasons for this revolution but the main force is the isolation.’’ Qing Shui

avoided Chang's bright eyes. ’’As far as I can predict, the communication between cities won't

resume for at least a few years. The transportation is completely blocked due to the red fog. And

once the central has lost control over the cities for too long, the social structure will transform


’’The military and the governments are tempted to take over the control, and besides the

authorities, the research institute is also a huge concern. The conflict among the three is

endless,’’ Qing Shui said in calmly. ’’I am surprised that the society could run smoothly this

long. The food shortage was resolved while transportation and communications remained

blocked. Eventually, the structure of the society will return to city-state.’’

’’City-state?’’ Chang wasn't too knowledgeable about social structures.

’’Yes, a new form of city-state. If not restrained by the central government, a city can be an

independent country,’’ Qing Shui patiently elaborated his thoughts. ’’The military, the

government in each city, and the research institute - they all want to be the kings of a new

country. And that's why Zhuo took control of the food supply by making the Crystal Pea

impossible to reproduce for the habitants.

’’In the near future, the authorities in this city will combat each other more aggressively than

before. It will be more cruel than what happened in the jungle. I was hoping that you could help

me if you become the same EM as me, but you didn't gain the intellectual abilities... Therefore, I

am hoping that you'll withdraw from this war.

’’This will be a harsh and brutal combat, and sadly, you aren't smart enough to compete with

those sly old foxes. You are not valuable for any party and this, of course, leaves unprotected.

And they would even use you to threaten me... That's the last thing I want to see. Since the

experiment failed, it'd be safer for you to live on your own...’’

Apparently Qing Shui had a plan B for everything. He took out an altered handgun from a

drawer of his desk.

’’Until the revolution settles down, stay away from here. If I am not dead by then, the institute

will always be your shelter...’’ Qing Shui handed the handgun to Chang and hugged him and

Jing. ’’Stay alive, please. Don't let any of Zhuo's men find you.’’

’’...’’ Chang held Qing Shui tightly. ’’Stay alive, Qing Shui. But can't you just leave with us?’’ he

asked one last question.

’’If I were to go, none of us could leave this institute with our heads attached to our necks.’’ Qing

Shui smiled wryly, but at the same time, Chang saw how cold-blooded he could be. ’’Despite

everything, I'm also really curious as to who will become the center of power in Zhengzhou.’’


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