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Global Evolution - Chapter 80


Chapter 80: Crystal Pea

Editor: Monika

’’Did they mention when they would start the trial planting?’’ Ming Yi asked, displaying strong


’’They planted some experimental fields, and although it was only a trial, the amount they

planted could be considered as a real production.’’ Qing Shui's knitted brows relaxed as he

spoke, though his tone remained high. He was still concerned. ’’Though, I am not yet sure if this

plant is genetically stable enough to resist mutation in the red fog environment.

’’However, this is good news overall. You can spread it to calm the riot,’’ Qing Shui said, smiling

with determination at Ming Yi. ’’But you don't need to feel obligated to do this. After all,

stabilizing the military is the institute's priority. It will inform the military soon.’’

’’Of course! The goal of the riot is to get food supplies, after all. So if the supply is guaranteed,

there is no more benefit in rioting.’’ Ming Yi grinned. ’’I shall leave now, can't wait to let my

friends know about this!’’

’’Talk to you soon!’’ Qing Shui said, sending him away with a salute. He then returned to the

computer immediately after closing the door.

His facial expression quickly changed once he made sure Ming Yi was no longer around. It

turned grave, and the smile vanished.

’’What's wrong?’’ Chang asked, knowing that Qing Shui had something on his mind when he

looked burdened. ’’Was it the food that they are working on?’’

’’Yes... I am seriously concerned about the food they are planting. Although they ’’branded’’ it as

a new type of crop, essentially it is a gene-altered horror.’’ The blue light emitted from the

computer screen made Qing Shui look extra upset. ’’They extracted DNAs from other plants and

animals that they considered desirable and inserted them accordingly. Besides that, they also

grew the crop with the aid of the red fog. I have to admit that the yield and the nutrients in it

are impressive, but the way they made the crop is insane. They are bargaining with a demon!

’’This just proves how they are the left-wings; they could have put more effort in finding

naturally edible food, instead of artificially modifying crops without knowing the

consequences.’’ Qing Shui was becoming more and more angry as he spoke. ’’Zhuo even

considered transferring genes from the mutated animals to human bodies to make super

humans; the idea is just too bold and risky!’’

’’Is it bad to consume this modified food?’’ Chang asked, since he wasn't too knowledgeable

about gene modification. His only issue with the food was its safety.

’’Sadly I can't tell you the consequences that eating it might have. In fact, the safety of

genetically modified food - acronymed as GM food - was highly controversial among scientists

even before the red fog apocalypse. All I know is that it will be too late to regret when it causes

severe harm,’’ Qing Shui patiently explained. ’’To illustrate my idea figuratively, the evolved

plants and animals look strange to us, but they are natural products of evolution; such change

isn't forced and didn't happen against their will. In theory, they are more natural than we

perceive them to be. They aren't monsters even if their images deviate from what we think is


’’But what Zhuo plans to do next is building a creature by modifying and transferring genes

from many different types of animals. It would then make this creature become the strongest

being in the red fog. Zhuo is prompt on sketching the blueprint for this creature, but he ignores

the potential of irreversible consequences.’’

’’What can we do about that?’’ Chang asked. This was the first time he'd heard such a strong

statement from Qing Shui.

’’There is nothing we can do; I am not in a position where I can dispute Zhuo. I can't stop

anything from happening right now. And what makes me feel even more powerless is the fact

that I have no time and resources to find something edible that could be consumed by the

masses. We'll just have to remain silent and keep to our diet,’’ stated Qing Shui, finally turning

to Chang and gazing at him with mixed emotions. ’’There must be spare food which is not

genetically modified. It will be left in the inventory when they make this new crop available to

the masses and the military. We'll have to keep eating it until I find a different solution.’’

Qing Shui was reluctant to confess the difficulties they were facing.

’’Don't worry about us, we'll do as you say,’’ Chang promised. He simply put his full trust in Qing

Shui. ’’I'll help you find those edible crops soon.’’

Qing Shui rubbed his tired eyes and thanked Chang, ’’I am really happy that you understand me.

I've almost finished reading the material they gave me. In another two or three days, I will draft

the new ecology theory so I can enter the top level of the research institute.’’

’’Sure!’’ Chang agreed easily. ’’I will keep up with the training while you're working on your


He quietly left the room to go to the gym with Jing to ensure that Qing Shui was not bothered.

Three days later, the research institute released news that blew everyone's mind.

The new crop was successfully built and produced in the experimental fields. It was named

’’Crystal Pea’’ by Zhuo because of its clear appearance. Being a crop that had a short growth

cycle, high yield and was rich in nutrients, its debut shocked the world. The Crystal Pea matured

in seven days and yielded 16 - 20 tons per hectare.

If the previous two features didn't sound exceptional enough during the red fog, the fact of

nutrient-richness was jaw dropping. According to Zhuo, the creator, 300 grams of the Crystal

Pea could easily fulfill the nutritional needs of an adult; this product alone might be capable in

solving the food crisis of all mankind.

’’This 100% purity is pure bullsh*t!’’ Qing Shui shouted out upon reading the announcement to

the public and cast the newspaper back on the desk.

At the same time, his door opened without a knock to reveal Chang and Jing.

’’They gave you a great office, didn't they?’’ Chang asked, feeling happy for Qing Shui from the

bottom of his heart. ’’It feels good to get promoted, right? You even have your own office now!

Did they also give you tons of work to do?’’

’’Not yet. What about you?’’ Qing Shui asked, noticing the shape of the muscles on Chang's arm

having become more defined. ’’Your danger index?’’

’’Approaching 6.’’

’’Be careful about your muscle growth. It will weaken your flexibility if they grow too big.’’

’’I know, that's why I've been limiting my protein consumption in my diet.’’

’’Good to hear that! How is the guy who had the unstable danger index in the gym? Is he dead?’’

’’His index has dropped gradually and now it's below 4. I think he'll be even weaker than an

ordinary person in a few days,’’ Jing answered.

’’That day will be his last one to live,’’ Qing Shui said. He might have added more but a series of

brisk knocks interrupted him. The door was opened before Qing Shui could give permission, as

if the knocking was merely a polite notice.

A smiling young man walked in.

’’Hello, Qing Shui!’’ the man greeted. He looked kind and harmless, and didn't forget to

acknowledge the others too. ’’And you family is here also!’’

’’They are passing by. What can I do for you, Zhuo?’’ Qing Shui asked, his face lighting up with a

barely noticeable fake smile.

’’Nothing in particular. I just wanted you to try out our new food, the Crystal Pea!’’ Zhuo said

with excitement, casually moving toward Qing Shui's desk. He took out a clear glass container

from his white lab coat and gently placed it in front of Qing Shui.

’’Thank you for coming by,’’ Qing Shui replied, keeping the grin on his face. ’’You saved the

whole Zhengzhou by creating the Crystal Pea, good job on solving the food crisis!’’

’’Hahaha... Don't make this into a big deal. I am pretty sure someone would have solved the

problem even if I didn't do it,’’ Zhuo said modestly, nodding. ’’Speaking of solving problems, the

paper you just published yesterday was extraordinary and brilliant! Your theory on Earth's

ecology accurately delineated the new climate and the biological systematics; I was thrilled to

read it! Especially the preliminary theory of food web! It really astonished all the research

groups! The establishment of the ecology theory helped to clear up the myths ahead of us; it is

truly a lighthouse of our field.’’

’’Hahaha... Let's not flatter each other.’’ Qing Shui took the glassware that was filled with the

Crystal Pea and placed it into a drawer. ’’You must have another reason for coming by, don't


’’It is really pleasant to talk with smart people,’’ Zhuo noted, his kind smile remaining on his

face. ’’I'll make it short then. The Lieutenant General has kindly asked me to invite you to join

Group Alpha.’’

’’I'll take your kind invitation into careful consideration,’’ Qing Shui said, interrupting Zhuo, and

making the promise without a second thought.

It was a clear denial from Qing Shui.

His attitude stiffened Zhuo's smile. ’’I see you do need some time to think about my proposal,

since this should be a careful decision as you said. I might as well just come by three days from

now.’’ Zhuo looked away as if he was disappointed. ’’I think I forgot to mention this, we will be

harvesting the Crystal Pea in three days. As far as I know, everyone will be switching to the

Crystal Pea since our food reserves are lacking. But Group Alpha is an exception from this

arrangement. I am pretty sure you understand what I mean better than anyone else.’’

’’You are threatening me,’’ Qing Shui said, not allowing any emotion to show on his face.

’’I'm just hoping that you will take my invitation seriously,’’ Zhuo said, slamming the door when

he exited the office. ’’I'll see you in three days. I am truly looking forward to hearing your final


’’How arrogant...’’ Chang vented his disappointment once Zhuo eft.

’’This is how the left-wing does things, no different from my expectations,’’ Qing Shui

murmured. ’’We need to accelerate the execution of our plan under their threat.’’

’’No problem, I was about to say that too. My plan today is to go out and find something edible. I

am positive that even though the wild may be dangerous, my ability has improved enough by

now. Hunting should actually be easier now that I have experience and my strength has

increased,’’ Chang stated with confidence. ’’Zhengzhou is less dangerous compared to Kaifeng, I

should be fine as long as I don't go into the jungle.’’

’’I like your enthusiasm, but you also need to keep in mind that Zhengzhou is more civilized and

many people reside in here. It means that there is less plants around here, and of fewer variety.

My goal for you is to find something reproducible. Otherwise hunting will occupy most of your

time every day. I need you more often than you think, so we shouldn't waste time getting food



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