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Global Evolution - Chapter 76


Chapter 76: Chapter 76 Department of Biology & Genetic


Chang dragged Pangzi's body to the street, wandering around until he found an abandoned

vehicle from which he snapped a section of a tube. He then siphoned the gasoline from the gas

tank and poured the liquid onto Pangzi's broken body.

While Pangzi was gradually covered by the gasoline, Qing Shui finally woke the soldiers up, and

they walked out from the classroom together.

’’He is dead?’’ askedMing Yi, gazing at Pangzi's body and heaving a sigh.

Chang quietly asked for a lighter from Qing Shui, and a small flame was lit on the tip of the

lighter. It then quickly fell onto Pangzi's body.

The raging flame melted his body and burned the alien lives lurking in him.

’’Let's go,’’ Qing Shui said, after patiently waiting until the last bit of flame transformed into a

stream of dark smoke. ’’Fortunately, he didn't die in suffering.’’

’’You are right, this is the last thing I could feel happy about for him.’’ Chang turned away from

the ashes of his dead friend. ’’Where is our next stop?’’

’’The research institute.’’ Qing Shui gazed toward the northwest. ’’I am really curious what

human science and technology can do in this new world.’’

’’Where is the research institute?’’ asked Chang.

’’There was a small village within Zhengzhou, called Xu Zhai. It was completely rebuilt seven

years ago during an urban transformation project, and then they decided to use the land for the

huge research institute.’’ Ming Yi tried hard to recall what he had heard from the captain. ’’It

was for biology and genetic engineering. I had also heard that for the last seven years the

government had built a lot of these research institutes in the suburbs. It started when they

recorded the red fog for the first time. I think they must have known a lot about its secrets.’’

’’But they never foresaw that it would become a global phenomenon,’’ Qing Shui said, looking

fixedly at the red sky. ’’Let's see what they have in there!’’

The sorrowful emotions were deeply buried and covered in Chang's heart. He gently pinched

the finger bone in his pocket before picking Jing up and putting her on his back. With Ming Yi's

guidance, they headed toward the northwest of the city.

As they went further, the change along the path became clearer. And it was quite different from

what was in downtown Kaifeng.

The ecology around Xu Zhai was highly impacted by human activities; the plants seemed

sluggish, and the grass was much shorter. Mutated animals were barely seen in this area; they

even saw people wandering on the street to look for food. Apparently, it was much easier to

survive in here than anywhere else, and wanderers didn't seem to be worried about not having

military protection.

’’What a peaceful place!’’ Chang couldn't help but exclaim.

’’It is just different from Kaifeng, though, I feel the harmony here.’’ Qing Shui also kept

observing the surroundings and the wanderers. ’’But I don't know what they are living on; if

they rely on the plants, malnutrition would soon become a big problem. If I were one of the

researchers in the institute, I would propose the food problem as the very first thing’’

’’Well, you will soon become one of them,’’ Chang said, turning his head.

’’I don't think they will listen to a newbie, though.’’ Qing Shui lightly shook his head. ’’More

importantly, I don't know how many EMs they have in there.’’

’’You'll know that when you get there.’’ Chang also added, ’’In my opinion, I don't think there

will be many like you. If everyone there was an EM like you, then I would be fearless in this

apocalypse. The science and technology would soon overcome the struggle we are having now.

Getting back to the top of the food chain would be easy.’’

As he spoke, he noticed a human-sized cat walking toward them, but it fled at its fastest speed

as soon as it felt danger. ’’A clever little cat, perhaps you are an EM as well?’’ Chang praised the


’’What did you just say?’’ asked Ming Yi. He hadn't seen the cat but only heard Chang talking to


’’Nothing, just keep going.’’

They were faster than yesterday as they were well-rested now. It took them only one and a half

hours to cross the city of Zheng Zhou, and they finally arrived at the research institute that

Ming Yi kept talking about.

The institute was enclosed by high walls, the plaque on top of the gate implying its great

vitality. The place was heavily guarded by layers of armed soldiers since several military camps

surrounded the building.

It took a while for Ming Yi to negotiate with the guard at the gate until the soldier finally

loosened his guard and allowed him into the institute. The soldier entered with a quick and

steady trot. Soon, a person came out from the red fog, accompanied by Ming Yi; the three stars

on the stranger's epaulet hinted at his rank in the military - he was a colonel.

’’You must be Qing Shui Li!’’ The Colonel immediately came closer to Qing Shui to confirm the

person he was greeting; his face was painted with ardor. ’’Welcome! Welcome!’’

’’I heard from Ming Yi that you came from Kaifeng. Are you an EM?’’ the forty-year-old colonel

asked, while stepping forward to shake hands with Qing Shui.

’’As you said, I am from Kaifeng.’’ Qing Shui smiled.

’’You have come a long way; the journey must have been hard for you!’’ The colonel made a

pitying expression. ’’Unfortunately, we have lost connection with the cities around Zheng Zhou.

Otherwise, we would have sent troops to pick you up.’’

’’I understand the situation with the connection issues, don't worry,’’ Qing Shui said, nodding


’’All right, make yourselves at home as we will be working together soon; don't hesitate to ask

for anything you ever need help with. But by the way... I don't think I mentioned that I used to

serve in Kaifeng when I was younger, so we are fellows from the same place! My name is Hang

Xie, you can just call me Xie.’’ The colonel warmly introduced himself. ’’They are your friends,

right? There weren't many outsiders coming here before, so this is rather exciting for us!’’

Lead by Xie, Chang and his company entered the institute. The inside was not as fancy and

futuristic as they had imagined. It was just ordinary. But what they saw was just the offices,

they didn't know what was going on in the laboratories.

’’It cost five billion to build this place, it is almost as expensive as the National Stadium in

Beijing.’’ Xie continued on touring Qing Shui and the company. ’’Surprisingly, the government

was quite efficient in using the invested money; as far as I know, they have quite a lot of

ongoing cutting edge research projects in biology and genetic engineering. Though, our

institute is small if compared to the ones in major cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.’’

’’It sounds like our country has prepared for the arrival of the apocalypse from a long time ago.’’

Qing Shui and the company were led into a meeting room.

Xie put a smile on his face before leaving. ’’Please have a seat. Dr. Chen will be meeting you in a

minute, he is one of the person in charge of this institute. He has been looking forward to

meeting you since he heard of you!’’

’’Thank you, Xie!’’ Qing Shui thanked him for his kindness and gazed at his retreating back.

Chang leaned on the couch and relaxed. ’’Seems like they value you a lot.’’

Qing Shui also nodded with relief as he saw the colonel leave the room. ’’Their attitude assured

me of their professionalism, we just need to see how they will arrange us...’’ He finished off the

sentence with his brows knotted.

A moment after, the door was opened again. A fifty-year-old man with strangely dark hair

entered the room. Chang spotted his name tag before anyone else - ’’Xu Dong Chen, Biology

research group.’’

The clothes of this person were different from Chang's impression of a researcher's dress code.

Instead of a white lab coat, this man wore a regimental uniform. His rank was even higher than

Xie; he was a major general.

This was the highest rank that a researcher could attain in the Chinese military. Anyone ranked

above major general represented not only honor, but also military power.

As Dr. Chen walked into the room, Xie quietly turned around and closed the door. ’’Chen, this is

Qing Shui, don't forget that I brought him to you.’’

’’You can count on me,’’ Chen said, patting Xie's shoulder before sending him out of the room.

Chen's eagle eyes landed on Qing Shui.

’’You are Qing Shui Li?’’

’’Yes, I am.’’

’’Come with me.’’

Their first conversation was very brief. Qing Shui and Chang went out of the meeting room and

travelled through the building until finally stopping in front of a room with a strange looking


’’This is our testing room, which is equipped with instruments and ancillary apparatus. We will

test how far you have gone on encephalon mutation before we talk.’’

The door opened silently, and Chang carefully peeked from behind Qing Shui's back. For the

first time, he sensed a taste of futuristic from the equipment that he had not seen before in his


’’The young man with the kid, you shall wait here,’’ Chen spoke to Chang in a polite manner.

’’No problem.’’

Chang followed them with longing eyes. The door seamlessly closed without giving out any

clues of what was behind it. The only bit of information he could get was the buzzing sound of

the equipment and Qing Shui's calm voice when answering questions.

15 minutes later, the two came out from the room; the calmnesspreviously seen on Chen was

completely transformed into astonishment and ecstasy. Even Chang was aware of something

unexpected having happened.


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