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Global Evolution - Chapter 117


Chapter 117: Qing Shui after Four Years

Translator: Letty Editor: DarkGem

Chang was surprised by the expression on Jing's face.

’’If I knew fatties were more fun and easier to interact with to you, I would have caught him earlier.’’ Seeing that Jing didn't have any anger toward Sanpang, Chang was delighted. ’’From now on, I won't keep you in the room anymore. You can go out and have fun, but you have to bring Sanpang with you.’’

’’Thanks, Chang.’’

Jing nodded as if the time had went back to four years ago when Pangzi was still alive. Her head turned between Sanpang and Chang, then she gave a toothy smile, seemingly returning to that harmless girl from four years ago, and lowered her head.

’’Alright, alright.’’ The burden in Chang's heart alleviated when he saw Jing's smile. He even squatted down to help tie her shoelaces. ’’Go, hang out! I heard that there is a supermarket that was newly opened, you guys should go there and check it out!’’

’’Chang, are you coming with us?’’ Jing turned with an expression of an earnest request. ’’Just like four years ago, we would go hunting and Pangzi would go searching for edible veggies. Then we would all come back together to share a pot of pungent soup... I felt really happy in those days.’’

Jing turned her smile at Chang, the scar on her face still glaring.

Jing's word reminded Chang of the old days. The day he had finished the college entrance exam, the day he had rescued Jing on the street, and the days they had all starved and gulped the pungent soup...

’’I wish I could, but I have to meet someone from the military today...’’


’’Leave all the affairs to that science geek, I only want you to hang out with us for a day,’’ Jing pleaded stubbornly.


’’Alright, Jing. This time only, my schedule is reserved for you today.’’ Chang messed her hair exactly the way he had done back in the days, the only difference being that her hair now was thicker and longer.

Even though Jing still looked a bit skinnier than her peers, the discrepancy was less apparent compared to back then.


’’Just us three, I'm not allowing Zhizhi to come with us.’’ Jing took Chang's hand, dragging him to the front. ’’She is seducing you every day, and I'm upset with her.’’

’’Alright, alright, just us three.’’

Chang put his arm on Jing's shoulder as they walked out of the bar with Sanpang.

The red fog was as dense as in those times of their memories.

In the span of four years, the density of the mysterious fog wasn't reduced even a bit. No matter if it were rainy days or windy days, the fog remained. It was even found that the fog could dissolve into water perfectly.


Something unknown was driving the species on Earth to climb the evolution tree eternally.

The city was dilapidated.


Even after four years, most of the tumbled-down houses weren't recovered, and the roadbeds weren't fixed, either. Due to the scarcity of resources and the limited vision, transportation tools were abandoned except for some bikes scattered by the side of the street.

Most of the recovery of the infrastructure was suspended due to the insufficient resources.


After all, a city was like a factory, the supply chains had to be maintained for smooth operation. Without the accessibility to resources, the factory would have to face closure.

Without steel and oil, without other natural resources, the city was left empty beneath its shell.

However, given this harsh condition, human didn't give up but thrived. Their lifestyle was half-modern and half-primitive.

The modern part was that the post-apocalyptic humans kept the habit of shopping in the supermarket.

The first thing inside it was the weapon counter.


The prices for weapons and ammunition were clearly labeled. The manufacturers came from individuals or the military, providing a full range of the product for the citizens.

Next to the weapon counter, there was the medicine one with an assortment of medicines placed neatly on the shelves. The supermarket also had armed soldiers stationed as safety guards, in the case of theft and robbery.

Medicine, weapons, and food.

They made up 80% of the products sold in the supermarket, for an obvious reason that they were the most needed goods in the city.


’’Boring, boring! Let's go upstair,’’ Jing said with disappointment. ’’The military operated supermarket is insipid. The packing is just so poorly designed!’’

’’Well Jing, people are lacking resources, so who would care about the packaging?’’

Chang laughed.


’’That's how I got tricked! I remembered those expensive liquors back in the days, which all had nice packagings.’’ Sanpang patted his head with nervousness. ’’Times have changed, I didn't know that the Baijiu we drank that had nothing on its clear bottle could cost this much. I should'ave asked first!’’

’’Oh come on, stop complaining for at least a day.’’

Chang shook his head, following Jing to the second floor.

The goods stored on the second floor were mostly hardtacks compressed with the latest techniques. From Crystal Pea biscuits to hardtacks that were made of other crops, the supermarket provided the widest selection in this community. The longest time things lasted could go up to half a month these were all practical products.

Except for shelves of essential commodities, there was a shelf stocked with goods that were seen most commonly before the apocalypse;it was placed at a corner where less light got to it.

There were clothes, beddings, some toys, and even dolls.


’’Who would have time to handsew this?’’ Sanpang picked up a handmade doll, but its face and body were absurdly squishy. ’’What is it?’’


’’It's a Jimi Worm! It's a harmless, photosynthetic species, perfectly safe as a toy material.’’ The Jimi Worm wore a pink dress that appeared to be handsewn. Jing made a snatch for it from Sanpang's hands. ’’I want this!’’

’’No problem.’’

Chang nodded.


The dusk wasn't to be stopped as the clock tick-tocked away.

They spent quite some time in the supermarket to purchase food that could be stored for some time and items that Jing was excited about. Then, the three hung out in the streets here and there, allowing peace to fill their hearts.


At dawn, they returned back to prepare for the bar's opening at night, but a man in a white lab coat waited inside.

He turned as soon as he heard the noise that the door made. He smiled.

’’Long time no see!’’


’’Wait...’’ Sanpang took a big leap to get in front of that person before Chang could even say anything. ’’You... you...’’ Sanpang rubbed his eyes to make sure he didn't mistake the identity of the visitor. ’’Your head is printed on the money...’’


’’Nice meeting you, I'm Qing Shui Li.’’ Qing Shui's smile was as benevolent as four years ago. Time seemed to have forgotten about his existence since he had no trace of aging. ’’You look like one of my old friends.’’

’’Re... really?’’ Seeing the legend standing in front of him, Sanpang stuttered out of excitement. ’’You're really him? Qing Shui on the currency bills?’’

’’What is it? They've got impostors down here?’’ Qing Shui made a light joke.

’’No... not at all. I'm just astonished. People say that you never step out of the lab zone and seldom make an appearance in the public. I believe I can count people who have seen you in person on my fingers...’’


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