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Ghostly Masked Prince Xiao: Pampering And Spoiling The Little Adorable Consort - Chapter 84


Chapter 84

Chapter 84 –Won't even give me a piece of shrimp

Because Xiao Xu was used to heading straight towards Chu Qing-Yan's room after leaving the study, he would always coincidentally come at meal time, therefore, the kitchen would always arrange the food in her room.

This time, Huang Yi followed this routine and let people carry the bowls of dishes and chopsticks over. Since Chu Qing-Yan had hurt her foot, Huang Yi specially prepared a small table to put on top of the bed to make it easier for her to eat.

Because she hurt her foot, Huang Yi took orders of what she needed to eat and foods to mend the bones were the main focus. So everytime, the dishes given to her would basically be some simmered pig trotters, steamed duck feet, honey glazed chicken legs, and all kinds of other animal limbs. Moreover, it was the same main ingredients with changes in cooking style, which were never repeated. And because her cooking skills were great, Chu Qing-Yan ate with gusto every time.

But always eating the limbs, there would come a time when one would get tired of it.

As a result, now, Chu Qing-Yan's gaze floated toward the dishes on another table, fragrant, crispy shrimp, chili chicken, clam with tofu…..

With one look, Chu Qing-Yan couldn't tear her eyes away.

And a certain someone just so happened to be eating it unhurriedly as if he hadn't realized the envious look shot towards him.

In reality, how could Xiao Xu not detect such a bright look? It was merely that he just didn't want to bother with it.

The more she looked at the dishes, the more Chu Qing-Yan felt that her own food was tasteless. In the end, she couldn't resist and opened her mouth.

"Your Highness, this pig trotter of mine is really good, do you want to taste it?" She threw out a brick to attract a jade.

"No need." Xiao Xu answered without even looking back.


The first move was to trade one food for the other. If he said that he wanted to try, then she could seize the opportunity to return kindness for kindness and exchange it for his fragrant, crispy shrimp. Unfortunately, it failed.

"Your Highness, that chili chicken of yours looks nice, smells nice. It looks really delicious in appearance oh!" She said as she took an indirect approach.

"It's passable." Xiao Xu picked up a chili chicken and paused before replying back lightly.


Chu Qing-Yan gnashed her teeth, at this moment, shouldn't he be gentlemanly and smoothly ask if she wanted to try it?

The second move also failed.

Just when Chu Qing-Yan was racking her brain trying to think of her third move, Xiao Xu's cold tone floated over.

"If you want something, just say it directly."

Chu Qing-Yan heard this and subconsciously lifted her head, wouldn't she lose face to say it directly? After all, Chinese girls must pay particular attention to being tactful.

But the next sentence came.

"However, this king will not agree to it." Xiao Xu coldly looked at her before lowering his head to resume eating.

Chu Qing-Yan's originally pleasantly-surprised and expectant eyes immediately became full of blame. This Highness, did you tell a corny joke just now? Teasing a person like this, is it fun? How despicable!

Miser, I hope you drink cold water (1)!

Chu Qing-Yan angrily bit off a mouth of the chicken leg, mumbling in her heart to herself. He won't even give me a piece of shrimp!

Hearing a "crunch, crunch" sound of chewing on bone, Xiao Xu's mood strangely became a lot better. He even ate half a bowl more of rice than usual.

Huang Yi who was attending at the side saw the two people's interacting method. She couldn't help but secretly purse her lips and smile.

After finishing their meals, Xiao Xu was originally going to stay in the room for a while longer, but a certain person was still full of hatred from the meal just now and just ignored him. Xiao Xu secretly laughed in spite of himself and left soon after. Just let this girl be twisted up by herself.

After her family's master left, Huang Yi ordered the servants to tidy up the dining table. She strolled in front of Chu Qing-Yan with a deep smile hanging from the corner of her lips.

When Chu Qing-Yan raised her head, she saw Huang Yi's smile harbored malicious intentions. She recalled that just now, the scene of her losing face was all seen by her clearly, so she pursed her lips and said, full of having been wronged feelings. "Not making me good food to eat and even laughing at me. In the future, I'm going to ignore you!"

Huang Yi laughed with a 'pufft' sound, after she received a certain person's gaze, she managed to hold back the laugh. "Actually, it's not that this servant didn't make those dishes for you, it's that Honorable Air Spirit had given me instructions, saying that for the time being, those spicy things or seafood are not suitable for you to eat. Otherwise, how could this servant dare to be severe with you?"

Chu Qing-Yan now recalled that matter, that at that time, in order to avoid those swords, her arm was slightly scraped. So she really shouldn't eat those or it would leave behind scars.

She had a moment of realization, no wonder Xiao Xu wouldn't let her eat those. Although his temper was cold and somewhat cheerless, he wouldn't have to go as far as to fight for food with a child ah! Having obtained an answer, Chu Qing-Yan felt a lot better, but she still showed a stiff face. She seized the opportunity to threaten Huang Yi, wait until she recovers completely, she'll make her cook a whole table full of good food to appease her heart.

Huang Yi wholeheartedly agreed.

Even Xi Ning at the side butted in, wanting to also seize the opportunity to act spoiled, saying that she also wanted to eat delicious things.

Chu Qing-Yan heard the happy voices inside the room and couldn't help but think of Chu Family's life back in the past. Compared with the time back then, she lived much more comfortably now, and all of this was provided by Xiao Xu.

If it wasn't for his care from time to time, she would probably be eaten by this bottomless abyss of a noble courtyard until even her bones weren't left!

Towards Xiao Xu, she wasn't as terrified as before, and he wasn't as distant or alienated towards her as before.

It seemed like sometimes, she couldn't help but want to be closer to him.

Although he was always ice cold and, it may be said, completely lacking any emotions.

However, he weird thing was, she could always sense a ray or two of warmth from him.

Don't know what the coming days would be like, but she was going to grasp today and that would be fine.

Sometimes, some unknown fears always originate from a person's own imagination.

She just didn't want to live such a dispirited life.

And the person constantly on Chu Qing-Yan's mind was sitting upright inside the study right now.

In the study, two long tables were set apart with ink slabs and paper placed on top.

The military officials and strategists who were preparing to have a good sleep in their respective manors received a secret order from their family's prince and they immediately rushed over to Prince Ying's manor at top speed.

Everyone thought that something big had happened, so they hurried over with extreme worry and in a great rush.

But when they saw the deja vu-like scene inside the study, everybody took a step back.

His Highness wouldn't ask them to write some classics of child rearing, or how to raise a child again, right? Or how to make a child listen obediently, such strange test, right?

Fire Spirit observed these military officials whose expression never changed on the battlefield looking terrified at this moment and he couldn't help but stifle back a laugh.

"Y-Your Highness, calling us so late in the night, is there an urgent matter?" The ever eloquent tactician was actually stuttering at this moment.

Xiao Xu indifferently swept them a glance and everybody immediately lowered themselves.

"Do the test papers."

The order was given.

Everybody looked at the papers on the table.

Discuss the kind of birthday present to give a child.

Everybody's eyes shrink back, where did His Highness get this topic from again?

"Y-Your Highness, this soldier suddenly remembered that his old mother had matters to discuss, I'm afraid I can't——"

"Your Highness, this official also has matters at home, my less than one month old child is still waiting for this official to coax him to sleep——"

Everybody started talking loudly and the study instantly became lively.

However, when they finished speaking, the person sitting had one hand propping up his chin as he played with the bookstone in his other hand with a relaxed expression. However, that faintly exposed, cold deterrence caused the people in the room to shiver.

Everybody stopped breathing.

"If you can't finish writing, then sleep in the study!" His tone was indifferent.

"Can finish writing, can finish writing!"

The people shouting that they had matters at home just now all rushed towards the long tables and started writing at a tremendous speed.

Fire Spirit shook his head, trying to shirk their duties in front of the master is simply courting death!

Xiao Xu fiddled with the stone, silently contemplating in his mind. Don't know what kind of good suggestions these think tanks could give. He never knew that sending someone a birthday present could be such a headache.

1) Drink cold water –to have bad luck


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