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Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss - Chapter 169


Chapter 169

Chapter 169: Devious Empress Rong (3)

Translator: DRZ Editor: Yukira

Yun Luofeng wickedly shot a glance at the incoming imperial bodyguards while the edge of her mouth curved before speaking insolently, ’’If you want him to die, feel free to attack! Of course, just a few of you aren't enough to be my opponent!’’


While she was speaking, Yun Luofeng's slightly exerted force on the leg that was stepping on Ye Luo's chest...

Immediately, sounds of bones breaking played into everyone's ears.


Immediately following, Ye Luo's bloodcurdling shriek circulated throughout the area. It was so terrifying that caused others to be absolutely horrified.

’’ mounted a sneak attack on me!’’ Ye Luo glared unwaveringly at Yun Luofeng, and a trace of hatred appeared within his eyes. ’’By relying on a sneak attack, what sort of ability is this? If you have the skills, have a fair showdown with me!’’

Yun Luofeng gave him a sweeping glance before speaking. ’’The winners crowned and the losers vilified. This is an eternal truth and losing means losing! If this was a battlefield, there's absolutely no leeway for you to retaliate! Ye Luo, the distance between you and Ye Ling isn't something small. Even if you obtain the country in the end, it's impossible to hold on to it.’’

Everyone became stunned by the overbearing statements of this young girl.

She appeared here brazenly and spoke unruly words while not even placing the royal family within her eyes!

However in the end, what sort of qualifications did she have to look down on the royalty?

That's right, from this young lady's gaze, these noblemen felt that she was looking down on them. This sort of disdain was as though even if the emperor was placed in front of her, she would refuse to look at him.

That being the case, what made them unable to understand was she was only an ordinary girl following Ye Ling, what had given her such courage to spout such words?

’’Ye Ling, let's go.’’

Yun Luofeng raised the corner of her lips and turned to face Ye Ling, while slightly smiling.

’’Okay.’’ Ye Ling was somewhat flabbergasted but did not speak any further and only nodded his head. His line of sight turned towards the imperial bodyguards and he coldly spoke, ’’Scram!’’

All the imperial bodyguards were hoodwinked by Ye Ling's shout and subconsciously yield a path.

Under their shocked gazes, these two left the courtyard without anyone's consent and had never turned back once from the start till the end, as if they only came to greet them.

Ye Luo only recovered his senses after these two figures had completely disappeared. He tightly clenched his fist and spoke fiercely. ’’Ye Ling, I'll never let both of you off!’’


Outside the estate.

Ye Ling could no longer endure it and raised the doubts within his heart. ’’Master, exactly for what reason did you come to the Second Prince Estate? Are we leaving just like this?’’

Yun Luofeng lightly chuckled. ’’After finishing my business here, naturally, I should leave.’’

’’...’’ Suddenly, Ye Ling was shocked while taking a while to recover before continuing to ask, ’’But I've always been at your side, and I did not see you doing other things. Unless what you wanted to do was to give Ye Luo a good beating?’’

’’That was him asking for it.’’ Yun Luofeng raised the edge of her lips. ’’I came here only to investigate the terrain here, and just a moment ago, I had already completed exploring the entire topography of the Second Prince Estate. In that case, I have no reason to stay any longer.’’

Ye Ling's gaze became even more surprised. ’’Master, when did you investigate the surroundings? Why wasn't I aware? I remember that you did not go anywhere.’’

Yun Luofeng looked at Ye Ling and spoke, ’’Ye Ling, you have to remember that sometimes, you don't have to use your eyes but instead your spiritual energy to observe your surroundings. Just now, I had expanded my spiritual energy to sweep throughout the entire estate, thus every terrain and room has been deeply imprinted within my mind. Do you understand?’’


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