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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 89


Chapter 89  A dead-end

When Su Menghan finally managed to complete one big heavenly revolution of Star Tomb Tactics, that gave a feeling of relief to Ye Feng. Henceforth, Star Tomb Tactics would work on its own automatically, it didn't need to constantly pay attention to it. Even more, it used to enhance one's Cultivation naturally.

He looked at the time, from the moment she began practicing to till now, altogether she had spent a total one and a half-hours of time, which was equal to almost three hours.

’’Although, your innate talent is inferior to me, but it's not that bad.’’

Ye Feng said that somewhat joyfully.

In reality, this kind of innate talent of her was already considered as top-notch talent in the World of the Immortals. There were many Immortals, who used to spend even a whole day, to complete their first big heavenly revolution, during the starting phase of their practice. From now onwards, if Su Menghan would ever want to practice any Immortal Technique in the future, then she would be definitely a lot quicker than any other average person.

She opened her beautiful eyes slowly, and felt that her body seemed to have become a bit different. Even more, her haggardness had also vanished all of a sudden without leaving a trace, and she had become very energetic out of the blue.

’’Ye Feng.’’

She softly shouted his name.

’’What happened?’’

Ye Feng loosened her soft and tender body, and smiled gently while staring at her pretty face.

’’Thank you, thank you so much for trusting me......’’

At the moment, her heart was overflowing with emotions: ’’This must be your biggest secret, right? I certainly won't say it out to anybody’’

’’Take a shower quickly, I'm going downstairs first, and will wait for you.’’

Ye Feng gently smiled, but didn't say anything, he patted her shoulder softly, and then set out to leave.

Since she had just completed one big heavenly revolution, the impurities within her body along with the drugs had been completely cleared out, leaving behind a thin layer of oil on the surface of her skin, making it very glossy. Her condition was like this, if she didn't take a bath, then she couldn't meet anyone in this condition.

Although Ye Feng asked her to shower, but that was not needed, since she could clearly realize her current situation. She was in an extreme shock seeing her oily skin, hence, she quickly jumped out of the bed, but suddenly remembered that, was there any bathroom upstairs in this building?

’’Come downstairs with your clothes, all right.’’

After saying that, he took one step down the stairs.

Downstairs, those two tall guys were still standing and guarding Su Xinchang, without even moving a half step. When Ye Feng saw them like this, he truly admired Heavenly Serpent Gang for hiring some pretty elites;after all, that was a whole three hours.

’’Come outside, lets have a talk there.’’

Ye Feng waved his hand, as he looked at Su Xinchang cold sweating, and then he took the lead and went out of the hall.

Standing continuously for whole three hours, had turned Su Xinchang's feet numb. But as soon as he saw Ye Feng coming downstairs, he finally heaved a sigh of relief. However, he already knew that when Ye Feng would come down, Su Xinchang's bad time would start then.

’’He took a long time, what were these two people doing upstairs?’’

Su Xinchang couldn't bear but think about this, in fact, he had this thought crossed his mind, countless times during these last three hours. And then he finally arrived at a conclusion that there could be only one thing, that could be given by Su Menghan to him, and was ......

Had his daughter finally become Ye Feng's woman?

These four people came in the courtyard, under the light of the moon and stars, Ye Feng lazily leaning against the wall, lightly asked : ’’Tell me, what happened in these last few days? And exactly how did you join hands with that kind of person Song Tianying ...... ’’

At present, Ye Feng was in a relatively more relaxed mood, after all, not only Su Menghan had been cured and was all right now, but he had also found the wondrous use of Ancient Dragon Sword Ring. As the matter stood right now, he could also make Long Wan'er an Immortal, which was awesome news for him.

Naturally, he wasn't in a hurry in case of Long Wan'er, because the relationship between these Clans was really ......

Seeing that Ye Feng's facial expression had improved a bit, Su Xinchang also slightly calmed down and changed his mood. Finally he started telling about his bitter experiences in these days.

Ever since that night in the Jingcheng restaurant, Xie family had started causing lots of troubles to him. But after seeing Old Man Lin there in the restaurant, the share of Su Xinchang in Su Sheng Group had gradually started eroding, a small portion was snatched away by other Xie people, while the majority of shares were sold to Lin Clan's Group, at an extremely low price.

Just like how Lin Clan's company, Lin Group had a huge number of shares in one big multinational corporation. Exactly like that, when Su Sheng Group's shares were being sold at such a low price, naturally they would love to accept this offer.

Therefore, originally from a billionaire, Su Xinchang turned into a bankrupt, who didn't have a thing left in the world. Moreover, Xie Min also asked for the divorce, because of two reasons. Firstly, because of his daughter Su Menghan, and secondly Lin Clan's snatched away his everything by taking hold of his Su Shen Group, wasn't this like courting death? Xie people were also assuming that Su Xinchang and his daughter surely would never have any good end!

Xie Clan was afraid of Lin Clan, rather than Ye Feng, therefore, they made such a choice, which was quite obvious and acceptable. Even his Secretary, Hu Meimei directly left him, so that she could replace Xie Min's uncle in Su Sheng Group.

Nothing left for him in this world, it was like a dead-end for him. Naturally, he was not at all willing to go on like this. By chance, he got an opportunity to join a mysterious organization.

This mysterious organization made him coordinate with Heavenly Serpent Gang's Song Hu. The plan was to get rid of Ye Feng first, and then take hold of Heavenly Serpent Gang! From his point of view, the condition was matchless and very attractive, which immediately stirred up his interest.

Thus, the intense planning started taking its dangerous form. As per their plan, initially they wanted to eradicate all the trusted subordinates of Scar, present in Heavenly Serpent Gang. Afterwards, the next step was to hire new professionals with the help of Su Xinchang, and soon all the assets of Heavenly Serpent Gang would fall under their control. Finally they would fix their prime focus on the rapid development of a group of loyal subordinates.

Today's plan was to attack Ye Feng when he would be outside the city Yanjing, in order to try avoiding any kind of trouble which might be caused anytime, by Lin Clan. After finishing Ye Feng , today's next plan was to directly put an end to Scar's life. Thus by this way, the total control of this gang would come in their grip.

Unfortunately, the series of plans made by them, one after another, was terribly devastated by Ye Feng.

Regarding Su Xinchang deceiving Su Menghan, and dragging her out of the villa, and letting her fall in the clutch of Song Tinaying, was completely a secondary matter. It was only to satisfy the desire of Song Tianying, and nothing more than that. It had nothing to do with their plan to overtake Heavenly Serpent Gang.

Su Xinchang had originally thought, if Su Menghan would develop a liking for Song Tianying, then in future, with the help of a mysterious organization, he could be able to jointly control Heavenly Serpent Gang along with its big Casino. Really, he didn't have expected that Song Tianying would inject drugs to his daughter.

’’Did any other mysterious organization contact you? Like Cai Shao ever contacted you?’’

Ye Feng pondered for a while, then asked that at once.

It appeared like nowadays he had two main rivals, one was that mystical organisation which was under the control of Cai Shao. And the second was undoubtedly Long Clan from the Martial arts world. But if he wouldn't come up with the identity of the masked man, then the threat of Long Clan could be considered insignificant, temporarily.

’’Cai Shao?’’

After hearing this name, Su Xinchang felt a bit puzzled, obviously he hadn't heard this name ever.

’’Never mind.’’

Ye Feng shook his head, it seemed like the opposite party didn't consider Su Xinchang as an important figure. Hence how could it be possible that Cai Shao would personally contact him.

’’Well, now tell me, how do you want to deal with this situation?’’

Putting on a calm and composed appearance, Ye Feng looked at him, while waiting for his reply.

Su Xinchang gawked, then with a sigh, he said: ’’Can I see Menghan?’’

’’No problem, right now she is in the bath, wait for a while.’’

Ye Feng said that, as he look towards him coldly: ’’But if you still want to cheat her, then don't blame me for being impolite.’’

Su Xinchang smiled: ’’Don't worry, she has become a drug addict, all because of me. As a father, I have gone too far, as long as she is willing to forgive me, nothing matters to me anymore.........’’

Su Xinchang's reply startled him, since it was totally unexpected. He felt that Su Xinchang's facial expressions was not falsely framed, was he really suffering from repentance and guilt?

Moreover, why was he so sure that his daughter had become addicted to drugs? Might be, he had known that recently several new drugs had entered the market, with a very strong addiction capability, so he was feeling sorry for his daughter.

Unfortunately, he didn't know that Su Menghan had started practicing Immortal Cultivation and had already removed all the toxins out of her body. For those, who used to practice Immortal Cultivation, the word addiction was a ridiculous term.

’’Drug addiction? What are you talking about?’’

At this time, after taking her bath, Su Menghan came out in good clothes, and just happened to hear Su Xinchang saying such things related to drug addiction, which aroused her interest and implanted doubts in her mind.


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