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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 267


Chapter 267

The explosion happened so suddenly that the people such as Zi Jianlan and Jian Yi Sheng were all caught off guard.

And everyone's face changed almost instantly, from the just charming knot, to gloating, insidious and cunning. They all foreseen that the Hidden Immortal School would soon face a bloody storm of fighting for power!

’’Jian Yi Sheng brother, the current situation must have individuals stand up to dominate the overall situation, I think you are the most suitable!’’

Someone immediately took the lead. In the current situation, whoever stands in the best team would get more benefits in the future distribution of benefits.

’’Yes, the prestige and strength of brother Jian Yi Sheng are enough to take this responsibility. And brother Jian Yi Sheng have a deep affection for the young apprentice sister Jianlan. According to me, they will be married soon!’’

Some of the weaker disciples began to climb high, and soon the crowd formed several distinct factions.

Zi Jianlan listened to it in her heart, but her cultivation was not high. In this situation, she could not play any role. She endured the pain of the heartbreaking powder in her body, barely struggling, and walked toward the tower which was in a sea of ​​flames.


On the side the tall youth Jian Yi Sheng, saw it and his complexion changed. What does this woman want to do?

He followed Zi Jianlan in three or two steps and stopped in front of her.

’’You...... Makes way.’’

The voice of Zi Jianlan was very weak.

’’Jianlan, follow me, I will not treat you badly. When the fire goes out, I will send people to find the antidote to the Heart breaking powder!’’

Jian Yi Sheng was stunned by the heat, and he had wild beast's look almost like he could swallow Zi Jianlan into his stomach. In his eyes, this woman was already his!

Based on his prestige in the Hidden Immortal School, and his 30 years of cultivation, and he had faintly reach the realm of the ma­te­ri­al­ized inner qi, who dares to grab a woman from him?

’’You get lost.’’

There is a trace of disdain in Zi Jianlan's beautiful blue eyes at the unceremonious youth who rushed out. Her heart was not in order, she was thinking about Ye Feng in the fire!

„Snort, Jian Yi Sheng, you are too weak.’’

Another young man who looked handsome sneered, rushed out into the ruins of the tower that was covered all over with the sea of ​​flames ’’Whoever can help detoxification the poison in Zi Jianlan's body,is who she will belong to!’’

Said,the greedy youth who was full of desire when he looked at Zi Jianlan.

Originally, because Zi Jianlan was the adopted daughter of Qi Lin Zi, no one in the Hidden Immortal School dared to be disrespectful to Zi jianlan. But now that Qi Lin Zi died, their real nature was exposed.

In the face of being the head of the Hidden Immortal School and having the pure and beautiful Zi jianlan, they were prepared to do everything!

However, the handsome young man who just ran into the sea of ​​flames, it was estimated that he wanted to take out the antidote to the Heart breaking powder, and then there came a scream: ’’Ah,,’’

The screams came to an abrupt end, and a human head flew straight out of the middle of the fire and fell on the backyard square square in front of the tower.

Originally divided into several factions, the disciples of the Hidden Immortal School stopped their discussion and stared at the flying head on the field, all of them had a chill in their hearts.

What happened? Was there anyone in tower who was not dead?

Was it Qi Lin Zi? Impossible, they saw Qi Lin Zi cut by Ye Feng into several fragments!

Could it be Ye Feng? It was such a violent explosion, and Ye Feng was at the center of the explosion. How could he still survive?

The group of people were wary and looked up into the sea of ​​flames.

A handsome young man in a black shirt walked out of the sea of ​​fire, with a smile on his face. If it wasn't Ye Feng who would it be?

Ye Feng came out safely from the sea of ​​fire, and looked at the Hidden Immortal School disciples in the field with contempt.

These guys, was there only power and beauty left in their eyes?

Currying favor with pow­er­ful peo­ple, and flat­tery, re­ally was a com­mon cus­tom of gov­ern­ment peo­ple. Oth­er gov­ern­ment peo­ple in any case were more taste­ful and used secretive methods, but these Hid­den Im­mor­tal School disciples was ac­tu­ally open. Openly fight­ing for power and profit.

When the explosion erupted, his body's true qi was almost exhausted, and it was impossible to escape with Void Sword Art . Therefore, he took the initiative to take a de­fen­sive dharma tool from the storage ring of Su Shiying, the Pur­ple Spirit Bracelet!

The Purple spirit bracelet and the Jade spirit bracelet he to Long Wan'er were a pair of de­fen­sive dharma tool, but in this case it was suitable.

Ye Feng had pinched had pinched sev­eral law knacks,his only re­main­ing true qi slightly flowed into it and ac­ti­vated sev­eral de­fense law in the Pur­ple Spirit Bracelet in­stan­ta­neously.

In an instant, the purple spirit bracelet exuded a circle of lavender light screen, and protected Ye Feng in the center! This level of explosion, even the defense of one-tenth of the purple bracelet could not be broken, let alone hurt Ye Feng.

In the face of Qi Lin Zi, Ye Feng was in the air, and there was no time to activate the Purple spirit bracelet. What's more, if the purple spirit bracelet was activated at the time, Ye Feng couldn't get through the move of the Void Sword Dance...

’’Ye Feng!’’

Zi Jianlan saw Ye Feng's figure, and her face showed a touch of joy. She didn't think much about why Ye Feng could survive such an explosion. In her opinion, as long as Ye Feng was still alive, that was enough.

Sure enough, Ye Feng would not disappoint...

Zi Jianlan took a step toward Ye Feng, and when she reached half way, she suddenly turned purple and her whole body almost fell.

’’Eat the antidote.’’

Ye Feng grabbed her and took out Qi Lin Zi's carry-on sack.

Zi Jianlan stood up by Ye Feng's chest and barely took out a lavender medicine porcelain bottle from the sack. She poured out two purple pills and swallowed it.

Finally got the antidote...

Zi Jianlan felt in her heart that she could not imagine that Ye Feng, who she encountered in Linhai City, actually broke into the the Hidden Immortal School alone, killed all the high-level members of the Hidden Immortal School, and obtained the antidote to the Heart breaking powder.

When Ye Feng saw her Feng saw her swallowing the medicine, he put the small porcelain bottle away and prepared to bring it back to Long Wan'er.

He glanced around and found that since he had just stepped out of the sea of ​​fire, all the people around him were shocked, and their faces were incredible, including the tall Jian Yi Sheng.

’’Ye, big brother Ye Feng...’’

Jian Yi Sheng shuddered and shivered. He was now the closest to Ye Feng and Zi Jianlan. If Ye Feng wanted to punish one as a warning to others, it was none other than him! He does not think that he would be the opponent of Ye Feng who could effectively kill Qi Lin Zi.

This Ye Feng was too strong!

Strong enough that they can't produce any fighting spirit when they face him alone.

Ye Feng glanced at everyone around him. In the middle of the square, he finally raised his hand and stuffed the token that was also taken from Qi Lin Zi into the hands of Zi Jianlan. Then he announced loudly: ’’From now on, Zi Jianlan is the head of the Hidden Immortal School, and I will pass on the Wailing Ghost Knife Art rare book to her. All the Hidden Immortal School disciples will follow the command of Zi Jianlan in the future!’’

’’ I Pay respect to the leader!’’

Almost as soon as Ye Feng's voice just fell, Jian Yi Sheng on the side, immediately facing Zi Jianlan on his knees, screamed out loud.

As soon as he set an example, the rest of the people suddenly kneeled down and bowed down all the way, expressing loyalty to Zi Jianlan!

Zi Jianlan's fresh and elegant face was full of surprise, what was this?


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