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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 266


Chapter 266

Chapter 266 Killing Qi Lin Zi


Void Sword Dance, when Ye Feng used this move, his whole body was in a distorted space, only the sword light really existed in the real world.

In other words, Ye Feng at this time was in an invincible state, and no one could attack him.

The dancing dark green sword light swept from all directions to the thin body of Qi Lin Zi. This move was an inheritance passed down from the Dragon Sword Ancient Ring, even if it was placed in the Immortal Cultivator's world, it would be one of the best sword arts in the world, let alone compared to Earth Martial arts.

’’ I was too naive!’’

Qi Lin Zi sighed and suffocated his body, once again condensing the inner qi shield outside his body! He was confident that under his tyrannical inner qi shield, the other's sword light would never break his defense.

However, he soon found out that he was wrong.

After exhibiting the move of the Void Sword Dance, each of Ye Feng's Sword Qi was much stronger than the simple Void Sword Art. Moreover, so many swords qi were swept together, so that Qi Lin Zi would not find the key points. He couldn't attend to one thing without losing track of another thing.

When he was completely resisting the sword qi swept over to his neck, several other sword qi took the opportunity to break through the inner qi shield on his legs and back, bringing out a fresh blood.

And Ye Feng's sword qi flowed wave after waves, like a dance.

Qi Lin Zi quickly couldn't hold on, his face was awkward, and he moved his foot to the side, and then he was broken by Ye Feng's sword qi, destroying the inner qi shield on his body.

Under the moonlight, above the high tower, the sword shadow danced, and blood shadows flew about!

The squat body of Qi Lin Zi was cut into several large pieces in an instant, and the eyes of Zi Jianlan under the tall tower were brightened. No way, Ye Feng was so powerful?

The Hidden Immortal School disciples who were ambushing around them also widened their eyes one by one. Some could not believe that their head Qi Lin Zi who had seventy years of cultivation, was killed by a young man inexplicably.

Too strong!

Strong enough that they could not react at all, and Qi Lin Zi was already in the same position.

The sword shadow gradually dissipated, and Ye Feng's figure finally reappeared on the three-story mahogany tower. Standing at the place where the original Qi Lin Zi stood, he received the true qi sword, and he closely gripped the Thousand Years Profound Ice.

This Void sword dance was too draining, and all the true qi in his body was consumed.

’’Ye Feng!’’

Under the tower, Zi Jianlan couldn't help but feel the joy, and shouted.

Ye Feng heard her with a happy voice and waved at her, but he did not forget what to do after killing Qi Lin Zi .

When his divine sense swept around, he found a sack near his foot, which was originally hung at the waist of Qi Lin Zi. There was several medicine bottles in the sack, and the antidote to the Heart breaking powder was in in one of the medicine bottles.

Ye Feng picked up the sack.

Outside, the Hidden Immortal School disciples saw that Qi Lin Zi was violently killed, they were one by one stunned and somewhat overwhelmed.


A brisk man's voice passed from the side, only to see a tall young man ran towards Zi Jianlan, wearing a black night dress, it was one of the disciples who just participated in the siege of Ye Feng.

The tall young man was about twenty-six to twenty-seven, with joy on his face, looking at Zi Jianlan with admiration. He ran and said: ’’Great, the old man is dead, you don't have to be forced to get married with him!’’

He was a genius disciple of the younger generation of the Hidden Immortal School. His name was Jian Yi Sheng. He loved and admired Zi Jianlan since childhood, and he had confessed more than once.

Only when Qi Lin Zi came out and announced that he would get married with Zi Jianlan, Jian Yi Sheng immediately pretended not to know Zi Jianlan, and never asked her a word. This was of course, coursed by fear of Qi Lin Zi. .

Now that Qi Lin Zi just died, this kid suddenly came out.

’’Jian Yi Sheng, you lost.’’

Immediately next to him someone began to laugh at him, and at the same time began to flatter Ye Feng: ’’Now Qi Lin Zi that thief is dead, the female apprentice sister Jianlan is of course the woman of the hero Ye Feng. You still want to get involved? Go and get lost.’’

Everyone knew that since Ye Feng could kill Qi Lin Zi so simply and neatly, and neatly, then the next Hidden Immortal School would be led by Ye Feng. Moreover Ye Feng had a just reason,he had the permission and Wailing Ghost Knife Art rare book of Senior Gu Ying. He Was here with his permission to take over the Hidden Immortal School, and the rise of the Hidden Immortal School was expected!


There was a trace of disdain on the face of Jian Yi Sheng, this group of guys were more shameless than him. However, he was also not a vegetarian. ’’Master Ye Feng rids the people of an evil, naturally is my Hidden Immortal School hero. However Master Ye had numerous female friends, how could he have a liking for our young apprentice sister Jianlan ?’’

After listening to this, many people immediately had the urge to vomit blood. Could Jian Yi Sheng not be so shameless?

For a time, everyone talked up and fought to express themselves in front of Ye Feng.

The poison in Zi Jianlan's body was still unresolved. Listening to this group of people made her bit sick, she was not the kind of girl who likes to advertise, just staying quietly and looking up at the tower to Ye Feng.

Now in her mind, Ye Feng was really a hero, but it was not the kind that Jian Yi Sheng talked off.

Ye Feng alone on the tower, picked up the sack with the medicine bottles, and wanted to jump off the tower and deal with the next thing.

However, at this moment, he suddenly realized that the tower seemed to be a bit wrong. How could it be shaken slightly? It seemed that he just that he just stepped on a mechanism before the death of Qi Lin Zi.

Ye Feng's heart was not good, he was just about to leave, but it was too late.

Just in an instant, a violent explosion came from all directions, and the flame soared to the heavens!

Before the death of Qi Lin Zi, he actually detonated a bomb that had been hidden in the tower!

The entire tower collapsed in an instant, turning into a sea of ​​flames, reflecting the cheeks of everyone around, surprised, sorry, gloating, sinister, sinister and other various looks, appearing in the eyes of everyone around.

The people who had just been screaming were silent and stunned.

’’Ye Feng!’’

Zi Jianlan felt a pain in her heart, and her pure and elegant face suddenly became sluggish. No, just after killing Qi Lin Zi, the entire tower exploded like this? Ye Feng, why didn't he use the same means as in the square to escape?

And Jian Yi Sheng beside her, a seemingly loyal Chinese character showed a gloating joy.

That Ye Feng was killed in the tower!


Now the entire Hidden Immortal School high level members were completely dead, and the hero Ye Feng was also killed. This was a perfect ending.

If the remaining Hidden Immortal School disciples were vying for the position of the head, it was very likely that he would emerge victorious! He never thought about this kind of thing in the past, but today's emergency has given him a perfect opportunity.

Once he became the head...

Jian Yi Sheng gaze slanted and glanced at the fresh and elegant Zi Jianlan next to him. Won't he have this woman in his bag?


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