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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 265


Chapter 265

Chapter 255: You Must Compensate Me

The eagle hook nose police Zhang Guocai received a call from Director Liu, and immediately drove the police car to cool breeze harmony park.

This guy was the eagle hook nose police officer that when Ye Feng was just reborn into the modern city had arrested him.

’’Zhu Zong, you can rest assured that no matter who hit you, our police will definitely give you an explanation.’’

The eagle hook nose police officer vowed solemnly.

’’That's him.’’

The middle-aged man in glasses quickly pointed to Ye Feng who came out of the villa and shouted immediately.

When Zhang Guocai followed his hand and saw Ye Feng in the direction of the villa, he immediately saw that this guy was the kid from last time. He was suspended for a week because of this kid.

According to Director Liu, this kid's backing seemed to be Yanjing's Lin Clan.

Zhang Guocai quickly thought about it and didn't pay attention to it. Even if this kid could rely on Yanjing Lin Clan, but Zhu Zong was the chairman of Flying Spirit Green Diamond Group? This time Lin Clan's jewelry fair one of the big sponsors was Flying Spirit Green Diamond!

Lin Clan would not dare to offend Zhu Zong absolutely to help a young fellow, Zhang Guocai though that in his heart and felt a little relieved.

However, the beauty by Ye Feng, who was blushing, looked so tempting...

Zhang Guocai's heart produced a hint of jealousy. When he thought that the two people had just come out of the villa he felt uncomfortable.

In his opinion, what they could do in the villa was of course being intimate and f...

’’YE Feng do you know who you sent flying is the chairman of Flying Spirit Green Diamond Group, the Lin Clan upcoming jewellery fairs largest sponsor’’

Zhang Guocai immediately pointed to Ye Feng and seriously said.

How could a small policeman like him recognize the identity of Lin Shiqing and that her status was even more scary than that of Ye Feng?

Lin Shiqing's words immediately surprised him: ’’Oh, this is Mr. Zhu Yiqun’’

Ye Feng heard this name and laughed directly at Zhu Yiqun.

’’Well, this beauty recognizes me.’’

He had been up against the police car, Zhu Yiqun suddenly was some unexpectedly surprised that this beauty actually recognised him.

Of course, this was a relatively normal thing in his opinion. After all,Flying Spirit Green Diamond Group was the country's largest diamond ring brand. It was deeply loved by women all over the country. As a chairman of Flying Spirit Green Diamond Group, of course, his popularity was very high.

’’Sorry, I don't know, just heard your name.’’

Lin Shiqing couldn't help but smile at the other's name.

Zhu Yiqun? a group of pigs

’’Since he is the partner of your Lin Clan, I will hand it over to you here.’’

When Ye Feng heard that the other party and Lin Clan had a relationship relationship he immediately did not want to manage the trouble.

’’If you hit someone, you will throw it at me.’’

Lin Shiqing felt helpless

When the two people talked Zhang Guocai and Zhu Yiqun on the side were stunned. This beautiful woman was a Lin Clan member.

’’Hello, Mr. Zhu Yiqun, I am Lin Shiqing, who is the person in charge of this jewelry fair.’’

Lin Shiqing turned her head to reveal a courtesy smile

’’Miss Lin, you can't think of how we can meet in this broken place.’’

Zhu Yiqun was suddenly stunned, no wonder this beautiful woman was so beautiful and attractive, it was the legendary Yanjing number one beauty.

Flying Spirit Green Diamond headquarter was located at Shanghai, but Zhu Yiqun the Chairman of Flying Spirit Green Diamond, had bought a Lin-hai Villa in Shanghai, compared,with cool breeze harmony park this villa indeed was not much, this was only for when he comes to a temporary residence in Yanjing.

So calling this place broken was normal for him.

He wanted to use this to devalue the side of Ye Feng. How could a top beauty like Lin Shiqing live in such a ’’broken place’’?

After saying that Zhu Yiqun was still very contemptuous, he hoped that Ye Feng would suffer a big loss in the society.

It seemed that Zhu Yiqun's meaning was clear to Lin Shiqing, so she smiled slightly and pulled Ye Feng on his arm ’’I would like to introduce to you my fiancémy fiancéYe Feng. If Mr. Zhu is not satisfied, then don't participate in this time Jewelry fair’’

Zhang Guocai and Zhu Yiqun, who were shocked before this, were once again shocked and the degree of this shock was far more than before

What was this situation? This guy is the fiance of Lin Shiqing.


They just wanted to make a sound, it was too frivolous.

When Ye Feng heard this, his complexion also changed, he could not think that Lin Shiqing really called him, her fiance? Obviously they were unmarried, both sides couldn't oppose it.

’’Mr. Zhu tried to harass me. My fiancédidn't seem to be wrong with him.’’

Lin Shi faintly said: ’’Mr. Zhu if you want to withdraw the investment in the trade fair. Even if you withdraw it, I will definitely stand by my fiance.’’

Her words were domineering

If the other people in the Lin Clan were responsible for facing this situation, it would be definitely a matter of pleading for Zhu Yiqun not to withdraw the capital. But Lin Shiqing's feelings were not like that. This Zhu Yiqun's eyes were too disgusting to her. If she chooses a partner, she would definitely not Pick this guy


Zhu Yiqun made three sighs and trembled, and he couldn't think that Lin Shiqing's feelings would be so simple.


Zhang Guocai was dumbfounded at this level of dialogue. He couldn't get it right.

’’Call Director Liu’’

Ye Feng said to Zhang Guocai

When Zhang Guocai heard this, it was this, it was as if awakening from a dream, he hastily pulled out the cell phone, and made the call, hid at one side to report matters here.

Shortly, Liu Lihui scolded a stream of abuse at him„You dare to annoy Ye Shao? Are you impatient to die! That Trivial Zhu Yiqun is not anything, hurry up and apologize to Ye Shao, finish up that Zhu Yiqun to a hospital!’’

Zhang Guocai hanged up the phone and then came back.

„Ye Shao, we did not act right, we did not recognize a superior perforated......’’

This was Zhang Guocai second time of speaking humbly with Ye Feng.

This time, Ye Feng did not hear the other person's thoughts and waved his hand: ’’No need for idle talk you can leave, no one is stopping you.’’

Zhang Guocai did not want to take Zhu Yiqun, who could not walk, to the police car and took him the black Mercedes. It was found that the door was knocked out of a shallow depression.

It seems like that Zhu Yiqun was injured heavily......

Lin Shiqing smiled and looked very happy.

’’Hey can you release me’’

Ye Feng felt that his arm was pulled by her white hands, which was somewhat awkward. He does not need to think to know that this was definitely being watched by Long Wan'er, moreover „fiance’’ this name......

’’Not enough, you have to compensate me.’’

Lin Shiqing elegantly smiled and brought his arm closer.

’’make up’’

What did he owe Lin Shiqing?


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