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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 257


Chapter 257

After the matter was finished, Lin Shiqing left the first step. Before she left, she urged Ye Feng to be careful which allowed him to see that she was not thinking about money, but she was worried about his safety.

This made Ye Feng's warm heart, although she was a little unclear with him, but to be cared for by a beautiful woman like Lin Shiqing would make any man's heart warm.

After returning to the villa, Ye Feng and Long Wan'er carefully discussed through the night. The so-called confidant and knowing each other before the departure of Ye Feng, of course, he had to know as much information as possible about the Hidden Immortal School.

However, this school in the martial art world had always been in the dark in the martial arts world. Long Wan'er didn't know too much information on them. So far, there was no other martial arts school that had intruded into the Hidden Immortal School.

At the same time, Ye Feng left a ’’Jade Spirit Bracelet’’ for Long Wan'er and explained the complicated usage method to her. This was a defensive dharma tool. It was very common in Immortal Cultivator's World but if it was put in the modern city. It's not even afraid of the blue ray gun bullets, let alone the flying swords of the Hidden Immortal School throwing knife.

At least10 years of cultivation was needed to use this defensive dharma tool. Ye Feng had not prepared one for Su Menghan, he only let Long Wan'er take care of it.

A night of peace, occurred without any accident.

At noon the next day, Ye Feng set off for the Capital Airport to go to the Hidden Immortal School Entrance.

The old man, Ye Wentian, knew the where abouts of Ye Feng but did not stop him. Now he knows that Ye Feng's master was very resourceful and even Long Moran is her divine Yang Avatar. This is something he has never heard before.

This made Ye Wentian feel that Ye Feng was indeed a man with a chance to get a chance to run into such a beautiful master.

This made Ye Wentian sigh with emotion, Ye Feng indeed had a big destiny, with such a big chance, would have a luck be soo good to bump into such beautiful female master

In this case, since Ye Feng wanted to go to the Hidden Immortal School to make trouble, then let do it so the people all over the Martial arts circle know the consequences of threatening their family.

Ye Wentian was sure that Ye Feng would definitely kick up a big wave again in the Martial arts circle. It seemed that would not be difficult for him if he wanted to rise. This was far beyond his original estimation.


Linhai City was located in a small scenic city not far from the Cangshan Mountain.

In the evening, Ye Feng got off the plane and quietly came to the city. He just wanted to go to Mount Cangshan to take action and suddenly his divine sense swept around and his felt a little strange heart.

It's a very ordinary small restaurant. In the location of the window was sitting a beautiful woman wearing a purple skirt. Her pure and bleak temperament and the surrounding noisy environment were incompatible.

Many men in the small restaurant were staring at her and even the business of the whole small restaurant was booming because of the beauty of this purple skirt lady.

The beautiful woman was not more than twenty years old. Her black silk was like a waterfall. Falling from her head to her chest. Her water double pupil had the look of indifference and tranquility of standing standing aloof from the world, making the person who looked at her deeply remember this pair of beautiful pupil

The perfect clean and pure oval young face was fresh-looking, making the person who looked at her could not bear but want to nip one it. But after having looked at her eyes, you would actually recall to mind that pair of bright eyes, such as tranquil lake water, elegantly simple, fresh, as if not eat the world smoke and fire Fairy had descended to earth.

On the chest of her purple skirt, an adorable purple butterfly knot was hanging on a small wooden sign. He didn't know what it was.

She seems to be a little hungry and was somewhat envious of watching other people eating around her

Didn't she have money on her

Worse than this is that her face will appear slightly purple from time to time and look a bit painful. I don't know what is going on.

What was more awful than this was, her complexion slightly would turn once for a while purple,it looked a little painful appearance,he didn't know what's the matter.

„Beautiful woman, I asked you to go to the opposite hotel to eat a meal, are you willing to accept this invite?’’

An Audi business car slowly stopped at the window of the small restaurant. A handsome young man shook the window and revealed a kind of good-hearted smile that could not be hidden.

The purple skirt beauty seemed to be somewhat tempted, but in the end she still shook her head and sneaked a glimpse at the clock hanging in the small restaurant. The depths of her eyes were faint and anxious.

’’I am sorry this beauty is mine’’

At this moment, a handsome and overbearing man's voice rang from the small restaurant, and then a handsome man in a black shirt smiled and sat and sat opposite the purple skirt lady.

Ye Feng

His divine sense swept around and he found several throwing knives in the belt of the purple skirt, which caught his attention.

What did Ye Feng come here for? To find the Hidden Immortal School and course trouble.

This purple skirt beautiful woman waist wad hiding throwing knifes, which was suspicious and incompatible with the modern metropolis,because of this, Ye Feng immediately put his attention on her.


And Ye Feng's sentence suddenly caused public outrage.

This beauty is yours, then I can also say she is mine.

Immediately, there was a tough guy with a bare upper body coming over from the side and twisting his neck. ’’KA ka,’’ he was intimidating in a pair of small eyes under his bald head: ’’Kid do you know who's this site is.’’

As he spoke, he showed his majestic muscles and six packs of abs in the dim light of the small restaurant.

’’Get lost’’

Ye Feng lets somebody cool off or calm down pounds on the table, he lifted his foot, stepped on bald dauntless man directly „with a crash’’ on the floor!

In the small restaurant, there was a moment of chaos. No one knew that this black shirt youth was so fierce, and the bald head who was usually fierce was dealt with. And all of them did not know how Ye Feng did it.

’’Beauty, you are mine’’

The corner of Ye Feng mouth curled upwards


The purple skirt beauty licked her lips without talking and her pair of beautiful eyes was watching him.

Who are you?

The bleak and fresh eyes conveyed this meaning.

’’Zi Jianlan’’

Ye Feng glanced at the small wooden sign on the other side of the waist and knew that she must be a Hidden Immortal School member. No School member. No doubt remembered that when he killed the goddess Qin Ge in the East China Sea with the God Slaughtering Demon Hand, he also found such a recorded jade sign identity on Qin Ge.

The difference between the jade card that reads ’’Qin Ge’’ and the small wooden card that says ’’Zi Jianlan’’ should be the name and identity of the two.

When Ye Feng said the name, the purple skirt beauty looked at him and still did not speak.

The two were sitting opposite each other for a long time.

It was undeniable that even for Ye Feng, this beautiful woman wearing a purple dress had a fatal appeal and even made him intolerant to use such a beauty as a hostage and bait.

But for the safety of a few women at home, Ye Feng could only make a decision.

When the purple skirt beauty suddenly got up and wanted to go out from the door, Ye Feng's lightning-like shot came to the side of the purple skirt beauty and took a flying knife from her waistband to reach her slim boneless waist.

’’Don't mess around and obey’’

Ye Feng blinked and rubbed his eyes together and suddenly felt something: ’’Hey you are poisoned’’

This purple skirt beauty turned out to have a toxin in her body meridians, and sometimes broke out and gradually destroyed her body function. He was am afraid that as long as two days, this purple skirt beauty wouldn't be alive.

Of course, this does not prevent Ye Feng from taking her as a hostage and bait.

In the small hotel the other people seemed around saw Ye Feng's sudden action, the purple skirt beauty was in his arms and they were really imitate with each other.

’’Hey you stop’’

The handsome young man driving the Audi, opened the door and walked down.


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