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Genius Sword Immortal - Chapter 256


Chapter 256

Lin Shiqing blinked her eyes.

’’Flying Spirit Green Diamond originally intended to invest more than 10 million in advertising in the trade fair and was also prepared to sell its products at a discount. If they withdraw their capital, then the traffic volume of the trade fair should drop to half of what you see.’’

As Ye Feng heard this, in his heart he couldn't help but think that Flying Spirit Green Diamond wanting to withdraw their capital had no relationship with him. Wasn't it this Lin Shiqing who forced them to withdraw?

’’You think?’’

Lin Shiqing saw his thoughts and said, ’’If I didn't say that, then Zhu Yiqun will find trouble for you everywhere. Now he will have to find our Lin Clan if he is looking for trouble.’’

Ye Feng also felt that what she said made sense. It was just...

’’How do you want me to compensate you?

Ye Feng had no choice but to smile.

’’What do you think? Elder sister is listening to you.’’

Lin Shiqing covered her mouth and smiled softly.

’’It seems that you can't get so much money. It doesn't matter if you owe your elder sister in this affair.’’

This fox finally revealed what she wanted. She wanted Ye Feng to owe her a favor.

Unfortunately how could Ye Feng give her a chance?

’’When does the trade fair begin?’’

’’After five days,’’ Lin Shiqing replied casually.

’’Good, when I come back from the Hidden Immortal School, I will pay you back. Money is not the issue!’’

Ye Feng smiled.

Lin Shiqing's beautiful face was surprised.

’’You want to rob them.’’

In her opinion, Ye Feng was going to the Hidden Immortal School to find a few disciples of the sect to secretly threaten him. However, he actually wanted to rob them.

’’Well, how can one of the top ten sects in the Martial arts circle not have a bit of stock?’’ Ye Feng answered naturally.

Although some martial artists were very poor, the assets of large sects would definitely be numerous. It was not a bad idea to get a few thousand from Cangshan?


Lin Shiqing was shocked by his thoughts for a long time.

This kid really wanted to rob the Hidden Immortal School. The people of the Hidden Immortal School were strong, but how could he dare to have such an idea when he was a fledgling kid? Even if he succeeded, he and the Hidden Immortal School would become enemies and it would cause public outrage in the martial arts circle.

What she didn't know was that when things passed a certain degree, their effect would change from public outrage to deterrence.

Ye Feng certainly didn't feel the need to elaborate his ideas with Lin Shiqing.

’’Sister Lin, looks like this is settled, when the time comes, I will come back to lend you a helping hand.’’

Ye Feng smiled and walked away from Lin Shiqing.

He himself was very eager to go on like this. The Top Grade Imperial elder sister Lin Shiqing was holding his arm and enjoying it. Unfortunately, Long Wan'er was not far away from Ye Feng.

’’Alright then.’’

Lin Shiqing hesitated and had no choice but to nod. When Ye Feng retracted his arm, she seemed as if she had lost a a little bit of something in her heart. However, she did not seem to consciously realize this.

’’Then remember carefully that I am waiting for you to come back.’’

Lin Shiqing cared about him.

Ye Feng looked at her and seemed a little surprised.

’’Where are going to for me?’’

Lin Shiqing smiled ’’I will wait for you to come back to pay me back for the trade fair.’’

In fact, if the other people in the Lin Clan were responsible for this exhibition, they would be offended. The Flying Spirit Green Diamond offer was already ruined. It would definitely affect their position in the Lin family for a lifetime, but Lin Shiqing's feelings were not so conscientious. After all, she was a girl. What would be the use of these things if she married?

After meeting Ye Feng, she had begun to change her mind on many things and began to reveal her personality. This gave her a feeling of freedom.

The two stood and talked for a while, and soon Lei Ming came with more than a dozen members of the National Security Bureau.

It could be seen that Lei Ming had come in a hurry, his stoic face had a hint of incomprehension. Why did Lin Shiqing ask them to move out the previous Lin Shiqing never did such a thing?

’’Disperse and guide around’’

When Lei Ming came to the cool breeze harmony park he immediately let the players spread to the community. They all have a variety of sophisticated instruments. Once any suspicious person appears, they could immediately discover him.

There />

There was absolutely no one in this world who could pass the blockade of the National Security Bureau as quietly as Ye Feng

What's more, even if the National Security Bureau could not stop him, there was Ye Wentian.Ye Feng would also leave a defensive device for Long Wan'er as multiple insurance, the person who attacked would definitely pay a painful price.

After commanding everyone Lie Ming ran towards Ye Feng and Lin Shiqing.

Looking at the two standing together, it seemed like they were intimate. Lie Ming felt some doubt.

’’Miss Lin, are you fine?’’

Lei Ming first concern was Lin Shiqing.

’’Do you see anything wrong with me?’’

Lin Shiqing smiled slightly: ’’I would have been harassed by a hooligan if Ye Feng hadn't helped me.’’


Ye Feng thought that if Zhu Yiqun knew that Lin Shiqing called him a ’’hooligan’’ he would vomit blood.

’’Thank you brother.’’

Lei Ming looked at Ye Feng's eyes and his doubt became heavier. He couldn't understand how Lin Shiqing's relationship with Ye Feng was so good.

To tell the truth, if Lin Shiqing had not strongly urged Lin Detian, he would not send Lie Ming to protect Ye Feng, it was not even Ye Feng but Ye Feng's villa.

’’Uncle Lei, you don't have to guess.’’

Lin Shiqing once again took Ye Feng's arm and smiled: ’’Now he is one of us so we have to protect him.’’

Seeing her action, Lei Ming's heart was bombarded by a nuclear bomb. a nuclear bomb. Did Miss Lin will like this kid, and willingly want to become a couple.

Ye Feng felt that the se*y and seductive fragrant body of the imperial elder sister once again clung to him and couldn't help but have some eccentricity. What kind of mischief was she up to? Was she intentionally seducing him?

’’What's with your expression?’’

Lin Shiqing looked at Ye Feng and complained: ’’You like me, are we not one people?’’

In Lei Ming's brain, there was tens of millions of grass mud horses rushing past. No, what happened to both of them ’’are we not one people ’’

This made Lei Ming react at once. From now on, he can't look at Ye Feng as he used to. This Ye Feng was probably the husband of Lin Shiqing. Even the things that happened should happen.

’’Miss assured that the brethren of this protection action will never slack off.’’

Thunder almost immediately changed his attitude. His face was dignified. After a military ceremony, he turned and left. He told the National Security Bureau members in the walkie-talkie.

’’Good little Ye’’

Lin Shiqing's face was finally sighed with a sigh of relief, and her red mouth was also seen. ’’This is no problem. Lei Ming will definitely do his best.’’

Ye Feng knew what she was doing.

It turned out that she was afraid of Lei Ming not doing his best. So to stimulate him. She made him think that this elder sister fell in love with him.


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